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MEDICAL products beginning with : H
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
High Density Trash Liner (1 supplier)
Handheld Sprayers (2 suppliers)
Herbicides (2 suppliers)
Herbicide is a chemical pesticide designed to control or destroy plants, weeds, or grasses. Herbicides tend to have wide-ranging effects on non-target species.
Hair & Body Shampoo (4 suppliers)
Hand-Cleaning Towels (2 suppliers)
Healthcare Soaps (2 suppliers)
Healthcare soaps are suitable for health care personnel who wash frequently but require mild cleansing agents, conditioners, and anti-irritants. It is ideal for all healthcare facilities, schools, nursing homes and offices.
Handheld Refractometers (6 suppliers)
Handheld refractometer is an optical instrument that is used to determine the refractive index of a substance. It can be used to determine the identity of an unknown substance based on its refractive index, to assess the purity of a particular substance, or to determine the concentration of one substance dissolved in another. These are used for measuring fluid concentrations such as the sugar content, blood protein concentration, salinity and specific gravity of urine.
Hand Drills (7 suppliers)
Iliotibial band brace provides targeted compression, stabilizing the lliotibial tract. It absorbs stress to the area and reduces friction and rubbing of the femoral condyle. It include compression pads, which provides effective and targeted compression. IT band compression wrap helps alleviate the condition of lliotibial band syndrome.
High Frequency VOR Test Equipment (1 supplier)
High frequency VOR test equipment is designed to provide information about the vestibular ocular reflex in patients with dizziness or balance problems. It offers researchers and clinicians a simple and inexpensive method to evaluate VOR gain, phase and symmetry. It utilizes a headband mounted angular velocity sensor. This patented solid-state sensor produces an electronic waveform that is proportional to head angular velocity.
Halogen Illumination Systems (4 suppliers)
Home Blood Pressure Monitors (12 suppliers)
Harvey r Stethoscopes (1 supplier)
Hearing Screener (5 suppliers)
Hearing Screener Label Printer (1 supplier)
Hearing Screener Carrying Case (1 supplier)
Hearing Screener Ear Probe Body Nozzle (1 supplier)
Hearing Screener Blue Infant Ear Tips (1 supplier)
Hearing Screener Pediatric Foam Ear Tips (1 supplier)
Hearing Screener Adolescent Foam Ear Tips (1 supplier)
Halogen Penlight (3 suppliers)
Halogen penlight is a convenient pocket light to fit hand perfectly. These are used in wide range of medical applications.
Halogen Exam Lights (7 suppliers)
Halogen exam light is a compact light that offers the option of maneuverability to make examining patients easier. It usually uses a 35-watt quartz halogen bulb, which provides 1,500 foot-candles at 24″ for an optimum amount of quality light. The 3,000K-color temperature provides a cool white light for optimum color recognition.
Halogen Wall Mount Exam Light (2 suppliers)
Halogen wall mount exam light is a flexible halogen examination light. It is suitable for use in a clinic or private practice. It is ideal for exam rooms, hospitals, and clinics.
Handheld Electronic Breast Pump (1 supplier)
Handheld electronic breast pump is intended to help gently stimulate a fast, natural milk flow. It has an electronic memory that learns and continues personal pumping rhythm. Once determine the most comfortable pumping rhythm, the one touch control button lets set precisely the most comfortable speed and suction, right at the breast. This infinitely variable control allows every pumping session to be a personalized session, just like baby.
Header bags (1 supplier)
Header bags are commonly used for packaging and sterilizing bulky devices or as a second barrier layer for trays. These are made of a polymer film with the required degree of toughness, and a coated header strip for breathability.
High Frequency Ventilator (2 suppliers)
High frequency ventilator is an automatic mechanical device designed to provide all or part of the work the body must produce to move gas into and out of the lungs. It is used to produce high frequency, low amplitude breaths. These are generally used on patients with respiratory distress syndrome. These are also on patients that have lungs that leak air.
High Vacuum Sterilizer (1 supplier)
Hypobaric, Altitude Chamber (1 supplier)
The hypobaric chamber supports training of personnel in altitude indoctrination flights. This includes pressure breathing exercises, combination flights, rapid decompression, oxygen equipment use, and emergency procedures.
Hemodialysis Concentrate Accessories, Acid Concentrate Adapter (2 suppliers)
Acid concentrate adapter is used to draw acid concentrate out of 1 U.S. gallon containers.
Hemodialysis Concentrate Accessories, Bicarbonate Concentrate Adapter (2 suppliers)
Bicarbonate concentrate adapter is formulated to use conjunction with renal systems and series sodium bicarbonate concentrate in a compatible 36.83x dilution three stream artificial kidney(hemodialysis) machines.
Hemodialysis Concentrate Accessories, Lutz Pump and Motor (1 supplier)
Lutz pump and motor is used to pump out 55 U.S. gallon acid concentrate drums.
Hemodialysis Concentrate Accessories, PVC Suction Hose (3 suppliers)
Hemodialysis Concentrate Accessories, Drum Wrench (2 suppliers)
Hinged Lid Microvial Storage Box (1 supplier)
Hinged Lid 1 Dram Storage Box (1 supplier)
Hinged Culture Tube Storage boxes (18 suppliers)
Hinged 2 Dram Storage Box (1 supplier)
Head Supports (34 suppliers)
Hypoallergenic Skin Barrier (2 suppliers)
Hot Box System (1 supplier)
Hot Box Accessories, Modular Incubator Chamber (1 supplier)
Hot Box Accessories, Flow Meters (1 supplier)
Hot Box Accessories, Static Hot Filters (1 supplier)
Hot Box Accessories, Exhaust Hot Filters (1 supplier)
Hot Box Accessories, Hot Chimney (1 supplier)
Healthcare Service (101 suppliers)
Hospital Dressing Drums (6 suppliers)
Hot Air Sterilizer (5 suppliers)
Hot Plates (3 suppliers)
Humerus Nails (1 supplier)
Hollow Mill (3 suppliers)
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