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MEDICAL products beginning with : H
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Hyperinflation Bags (2 suppliers)
Hyperinflation Bag System is designed to provide controlled or assisted ventilation to neonatal and pediatric patients in NICU, labor & delivery or during patient transport.
Hemostatic Control Valve (2 suppliers)
High Flow Humidifier (1 supplier)
Head Cannula (1 supplier)
Head Cannula Child And Infant (1 supplier)
High Three-Mode Continuous Vacuum Regulators (11 suppliers)
Hose Barbs (1 supplier)
High Temperature Boiling Water Baths (2 suppliers)
High Temperature Circulating Water Baths (2 suppliers)
Heat Exchange Coil for Circulating Water Baths (1 supplier)
Heat Exchange Coil is a stainless steel coil. It is mounted to the bottom of the motor unit and is connected to two black colored posts. The coil is tied to the posts using two pieces of wire. Heat exchange coil is mounted within the heat exchange chamber such that a coolant inlet portion and a coolant outlet portion are disposed exteriorly to the main body.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Reusable Ice Packs (20 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Cold Pack Wraps (26 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Cold Pack Freezer (20 suppliers)
Cold Pack Freezer features adjustable thermostatic control and drain for defrosting. Cold pack freezer maintains cold packs at treatment temperature and holds up to 24 standard packs.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Moist Hot Packs (23 suppliers)
Moist Hot Packs relieve muscle spasm & pain, aid in the absorption of inflammatory products, produce relaxation and increase perspiration. They are used effectively on sprains & strains, prior to chiropractic adjustments and in cases of low-back pain associated with arthritis & muscle spasm.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Terry Covers (1 supplier)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Vinyl Terry Covers (1 supplier)
Vinyl Terry Covers are made from terry knit weave on one side and incorporates a vinyl pad on the other to prevent moisture from reaching clothing or bedding.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Hanging Lotion Warmer (2 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Terry Cover Rack (1 supplier)
Terry Cover Rack is designed to hold up to six terry covers for quick drying. It is made up of stainless steel.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Cold Spray (3 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Inflatable Cold Packs (19 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Paraffin Bath Boot & Glove (17 suppliers)
Paraffin Bath Boot & Glove is designed to wear over the feet and hands to prolong the therapeutic heat generated by paraffin treatments.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Moist Heat Pack (26 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Microwaveable Moist Heat Packs (20 suppliers)
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Paraffin Warmer (1 supplier)
Paraffin Warmer features two separate heat chambers with independent thermostats, on/off switch with indicator light and multiple temperature settings.
Hot & Cold Therapy Products, Paraffin Wax Refills (10 suppliers)
Hot/Cold Therapeutic Pillow (4 suppliers)
HOCL-Based Disinfectant for High-Level Disinfection (1 supplier)
Hypoallergenic Pillows (2 suppliers)
Hearing Aids (496 suppliers)
Home Therapy Equipment (1 supplier)
Hemo Dialyzers (3 suppliers)
Human Subject Illuminator (1 supplier)
Hot or Cold Sport Wrap (2 suppliers)
Handheld Capnograph (3 suppliers)
Handheld Capnograph with Pulse Oximeter (36 suppliers)
Halogen Headlight (9 suppliers)
Halogen headlight is a type of headlight that produces more light than an ordinary headlight. A halogen bulb burns brighter because it has a thinner filament. It is mainly used in medical field.
Handlight (2 suppliers)
A handlight is used to check the pupils' reaction to light. A poor light reaction suggests that the visual loss is due to a problem in the ipsilateral retina or optic nerve. The light is shone into one eye and then swung briskly to the other eye. The normal pupillary reaction is initial constriction or no change in the pupil size on swinging the light to the second eye. Pupil dilation on arrival of the light from the normal eye to the involved eye is an afferent pupillary defect.
Huber Infusion Sets (2 suppliers)
Huber Needles (6 suppliers)
Huber needle is a hypodermic needle used to administer chemotherapy drugs and other such intravenous fluids to cancer and chronic hematology patients. It is inserted into a surgically implanted, subcutaneous port. This port allows access to chemotherapy drugs.
Hip Joint Implants (8 suppliers)
Home Phototherapy Equipment (12 suppliers)
Hearing Aid Analyzer (4 suppliers)
Hearing aid analyzer is a fully portable, two-in-one instrument, which combines a sophisticated hearing aid test box with a comprehensive real ear measurement system.
Hygrometers (2 suppliers)
Hearing Instrument Restoration System (1 supplier)
Healthcare Labels (3 suppliers)
Hyfrecator (4 suppliers)
Hyfrecator is a versatile diathermical medical instrument that is used in electrosurgery. It works by emitting low-power electrical pulses via a probe directly to the affected area of the body. The amount of output power needed is adjustable, and the device is equipped with a myriad number of tips, electrodes and forceps depending on the electrosurgical requirement.
Handheld Cryotherapy Device (25 suppliers)
Huber Needles With Y-injection site (1 supplier)
Hair Follicle Transplant Punches (2 suppliers)
Handles & Braces For Broom (2 suppliers)
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