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MEDICAL products beginning with : M
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Minerals, Zinc (1 supplier)
Zinc is a constituent of many enzymes. It is essential for the proper function of these various enzymes. It is necessary for the metabolism and structural stability of nucleic acids. The zinc content of the adult human body ranges from 1.4 to 2.5 grams, with the highest concentrations in the bone, liver, kidney, pancreas and muscle tissue. It is a constituent of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase. This enzyme is, in turn, a constituent of red blood cells and gastric juices, and plays an important role in the deposition of calcium salts in teeth and bones. It has been associated with a variety of bodily functions such as the healing of wounds, reproduction, growth, and maintenance of glucose tolerance in the body. All of these functions have been shown to be impaired upon prolonged zinc deficiency.
Male Urinals (15 suppliers)
Male urinal is ideal for use when it's difficult to get out of bed. The snap-on cap prevents spillage and odor, and it's easy to measure. These are designed to fit over the penis in men.
Medical Transport Box (2 suppliers)
Medical Sharps Containers (26 suppliers)
Medical ID Bracelets (5 suppliers)
Medical ID Watches (3 suppliers)
Medical Waste Collection (9 suppliers)
Mail Away Sharps containers (6 suppliers)
Multi Purpose Storage Containers (6 suppliers)
Micropore Tape (28 suppliers)
Micropore tape is a hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. It is excellent for repeated applications on sensitive skin, fragile skin and elderly patients.
Medical Tape (40 suppliers)
Medical tape is a form of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. It is used in medicine and first aid as a bandage to hold a dressing onto a wound. It is also known as surgical tape.
Medical Tubing (14 suppliers)
Medical tubing are used for oxygen, air, and fluid transfer; laboratory pipettes; swabs and pre-filled syringe packaging applications. It also designed for use in IV sets; catheter, and cardiac catheter packaging applications.
Mobile Radios (1 supplier)
MCP Anti-Aging System (58 suppliers)
Milk Thistle Moisture-Rich Face Cleanser (2 suppliers)
Micro Rongeurs (5 suppliers)
Modular Biomedical Amplifiers (1 supplier)
Modular biomedical amplifier is a high performance, low noise AC/DC preamplifier. It is well suited for conditioning a variety of biopotential signals, including ECG, EEG, EMG, EGG, ENG, and evoked potentials. It is applicable to a wide range of biopotential measurements.
Multiple Dissectors (8 suppliers)
Multi Channels Evoked Potential Testing Systems (1 supplier)
Mobile C-arm Fluoroscopy Systems (2 suppliers)
Multiple Ground Electrodes (1 supplier)
Magnetic Stimulator For Cortical and Peripheral Nerve (1 supplier)
Micro Dissecting Curette (6 suppliers)
Micro Needle Holder (164 suppliers)
MRI Penfield Dissectors (10 suppliers)
Multipurpose Skull Clamp (3 suppliers)
Multipurpose skull clamp is highly flexible and allows the user to determine the type of fixation exactly as required for the application at hand.
Metal Skull Clamps (9 suppliers)
Multiple Subpial Transection (MST) (1 supplier)
Multiple subpial transections is a treatment for epilepsy that may be an option when seizures begin in an area of the brain that cannot be removed; for areas associated with vital brain functions such as movement, sensation, language and memory. It stops the seizure impulses by cutting horizontal nerve fibers in the outer layers of the brain, sparing the vital functions concentrated in the deeper layers of brain tissue.
Miniature Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (19 suppliers)
Modified Watchmaker's Forceps (50 suppliers)
Manual Breast Pumps (14 suppliers)
Manual breast pumps are a good choice for moms who need to pump occasionally to relieve engorgement. The manual breast pump handle assembly eliminates the need for electrical outlets or batteries.
Mini Laparoscopic Equipment (1 supplier)
Metal-cup Vacuum Extractor (1 supplier)
Manual Vacuum Extractor (1 supplier)
modified bayonet Forceps (50 suppliers)
Microsurgical Bipolar Forceps (57 suppliers)
Modified Castroviejo corneal scissors (71 suppliers)
Membrane Spatula (3 suppliers)
Membrane Peeler (2 suppliers)
Multi-Enzyme Systems (1 supplier)
Monofilament Esthesiometers (1 supplier)
Mechanical-Type Esthesiometers (1 supplier)
Medical Eye shield (6 suppliers)
Medical eye shield are precision made of polymethylmethacrylate. It is a hard; clear plastic that is lightweight, inert and virtually unbreakable. It is designed for the patient's healing following bilateral or refractive-eye surgery. The lens and frames of these medical eye shields have venting holes, permitting air exchange that prevents fogging.
Metal Frame Readers (10 suppliers)
Magnification Glass (1 supplier)
Modular Incubator Chambers (4 suppliers)
Modular incubator chambers consist of lid, base, 3 trays, stainless steel clamp, O-ring, tubing clamps, and tubing. It is used for all types of tissue culture work. It enables creation and reliable maintenance of a wide range of gas mixtures. It allows isolation and propagation of stem cell lines and increases embryo success rates in IVF procedures.
Micro-Inoculum Broth (1 supplier)
Micro-inoculum broth is used for preparing the inoculum of lactobacilli and other microorganisms used in microbiological assays of vitamins and amino acids.
Manual Kinetic Perimetery (2 suppliers)
Manual kinetic perimetery is an interactive, flexible test that can be used to evaluate patients unable to comply with the rigors of automated perimetry. It permits evaluation of the entire peripheral field out to 90 degrees, and may offer more information, particularly in patients with extensive loss of the central 30 degrees of the visual field. It uses a moving stimulus of fixed size and luminance to map out areas in which stimuli are seen and not seen.
Mini-Lacrimal Probes (31 suppliers)
Microwaveable Bacterial Media (1 supplier)
Microwaveable bacterial media is a hassle-free way to prepare antibiotic media for E.coli. It is the fastest and easiest way to prepare E.coli selection media by using a microwave. It is available as microwaveable TB or LB based medium powder that allows the preparation of liquid or solid E. coli medium.
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