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MEDICAL products beginning with : M
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Microscopes (69 suppliers)
Microscope is an instrument for viewing objects that are too small to be seen by the naked or unaided eye. The types of microscopes are optical microscopes, electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes and point-projection microscopes.
Miscellaneous Externals (41 suppliers)
Miscellaneous Deodorizers (31 suppliers)
Miscellaneous Injectables (42 suppliers)
Mouthguards (13 suppliers)
Mouthguard is a device that fits into the mouth over one or both arches of teeth to protect against injury during contact sports. Mouthguards prevent damage to the jaw, neck & even the brain helping to prevent the concussion and damage caused by a heavy blow.
Mouthwashes & Gargles (21 suppliers)
Multi-Purpose Containers (6 suppliers)
Multiparameter Monitors (31 suppliers)
Multiparameter Monitor is affordable, compact and features a large 10.4-inch color screen for exceptional data visualization.
Muscle Relaxants (10 suppliers)
Muscle Relaxants (5 suppliers)
Muscle Relaxant is a drug, which decreases the tone of a muscle. This effect is used to alleviate symptoms such as muscle spasm, pain, hyperreflexia and gastrointestinal overactivity. Muscle relaxants are very common among patients suffering from acute low back pain. Muscle relaxants are a group of medications that act in the brain and relax the whole body. This reduces stiffness, relax muscles and relieve pain.
Muscle/Tissue Stimulator (20 suppliers)
Medical Catheters (5 suppliers)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Universal Valve (1 supplier)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Pediatric/Small Adult Valve (1 supplier)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Standard Mitral Valve (1 supplier)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Mono Disc Valve (1 supplier)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Fitline Valve (1 supplier)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Standard Valve (1 supplier)
Mechanical Mitral Valve Type, Slimline Valve Size (1 supplier)
Mobile Cardiac Catheterization Labs, Short Term (2 suppliers)
Mobile Cardiac Catheterization Labs, Long Term (2 suppliers)
MD6 Operating Room Doppler (2 suppliers)
MD6 operating room doppler is a bi-directional doppler. It is designed for use in the operating room. The pencil style probe and extra long cable are detachable for easy sterilization. The speaker unit can be placed outside of the sterile field, to maintain safety for the patient. The MD6 operating room doppler's features include red and green LED's in the probe tip to indicate flow direction and buttons on the probe for easy operation.
Myocardial Heart Wires, Pin Adapter Set (2 suppliers)
Monitoring Systems (28 suppliers)
Medical Kits (6 suppliers)
mooth treadmills (24 suppliers)
Manual Treadmills (32 suppliers)
Manual Treadmills are fine for walking or light jogging. They offer speeds from 0 or 0.5 mph to 8-12 mph. Manual treadmills are those, which are not electrically powered. This treadmill is used of all indoor aerobic fitness equipment. It features dual-weighted flywheels, foam padded front & side rails, heavy-duty steel frame and skid-resistant rubber floor protectors.
Medical Treadmills (41 suppliers)
Medical Treadmills are an integral component of cardiac stress testing systems and cardiac rehabilitation systems. The treadmill easily handles the tough requirements of hospital wellness programs, physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation programs. Medical treadmills are created to diagnose and evaluate heart & lung conditions.
Microcatheter Technology, Thermal Catheters (6 suppliers)
Medical CT Scan (3 suppliers)
Medical Strips, Adhesive (10 suppliers)
Medical Patches (7 suppliers)
Monitoring Devices, Bispectral Index (3 suppliers)
Medical Blades (6 suppliers)
A medical blade is a blade that used to remove the mole and the surrounding skin as well as the underlying in the shape of an oval. The size surrounding the mole that will be cut out depends on the concern of the surgeon for the mole being removed.
Meniscus Blade (1 supplier)
medical calipers (15 suppliers)
Medical calipers are designed to be the most accurate calipers in radiology. It can be used for tabletop distances to determine central-axis and off-axis measurements. The reversing caliper orientation helps determine separations such as laterals, obliques, and off-table measurements.
Muscle Stimulators, Combo UltraSound (42 suppliers)
Microdiscectomy Curette (2 suppliers)
Micro Axial Curettes (42 suppliers)
Micro Epidermal Skin Resurfacing System (1 supplier)
Micro-dermabrasion machine (14 suppliers)
Micro Dermabrasion Machine is a hand-held sandblasting and vacuuming device. This device blasts dirt and dead skin off the surface of the skin with a powerful stream of fine table salt or aluminum oxide particles and then it sucks all of the loose dirt & skin back up into the device leaving the skin with a healthy glow.
Medical Needles (19 suppliers)
Medical Needles consists of a machined fitting, which is joined to a fabricated tube. A medical needle includes a first cylinder such as a shield that is extensible from a retracted position to an extended position for enclosing a distal end of a needle of a medical needle device. It is used in medical, surgical and research applications.
Medical Dressings, Gauze (45 suppliers)
Medical Accessories, Blades/Handles (6 suppliers)
Medical Hammer (6 suppliers)
Mini Sterilization Trays (6 suppliers)
Mestopore Island Dressing (1 supplier)
Markers and Corneal Marking Pens (4 suppliers)
Micro Surgery Instruments, Pneumatic Power Systems (6 suppliers)
Micro Surgery Instruments, Graspers (13 suppliers)
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