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MP Joint Implants (5 suppliers)
MP joint implant is a unique three-piece implant system for the primary reconstruction of the metatarsal phalangeal joint resulting from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis or revision of a previous arthroplasty. The implant is designed to achieve three goals such as pain relief, superior function, and longevity.
Meniscal Repair Systems (6 suppliers)
Meniscal repair systems are used to repair a torn meniscus by sewing the meniscus back together through an incision (outside-in). These systems generally comes with preloaded implants, a pre-tied, self-sliding knot, and an innovative pusher/cutter device, which enables surgeon to efficiently deploy two implants vertically or horizontally, tighten the suture, and trim the excess.
Mini Fragment Sets (3 suppliers)
Mononucleosis Antibody (MONO) Test Kits (8 suppliers)
Menopause and Fertility Impairment (FSH) Test Kits (6 suppliers)
Microalbumin Urine Test Kits (5 suppliers)
Microhematocrit Centrifuges (15 suppliers)
MRI Imaging (20 suppliers)
MRI Imaging is an imaging technique that employs radio frequency waves instead of X-rays. MRI imaging provides the best soft tissue detailing of all the diagnostic modalities. It is also helpful in determining the presence of cervical lymph nodes. MRI imaging can be used to assess the size of the hippocampus and to detect progressive cortical atrophy in AD. MRI imaging provides a unique view into the interior of the human body and has become an essential tool of modern medical imaging & disease diagnosis.
Monopolar Electrode Cables (23 suppliers)
Multiple Electrode Types (1 supplier)
Mini Lag Screw Systems (1 supplier)
Mobile Cardiac Catheterization Labs (4 suppliers)
Magnifier Lenses (5 suppliers)
Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy (10 suppliers)
Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy provides a detailed analysis of breast tissue abnormalities. This technique allows for a highly accurate diagnosis through 5mm (1/4 inch) incision without the need for open surgery. A minimally invasive biopsy allows the tissue in question to be removed through a needle attached to a vacuum device. Minimally invasive breast biopsy device allows doctors to biopsy suspicious tissue through a tiny incision in less than an hour with an immediate recovery.
Meniscal Repair Implants (2 suppliers)
MRSA Screening (2 suppliers)
Microtome Freezing Stages (2 suppliers)
Microscope Dust Covers (2 suppliers)
Microscope Dust Covers are made from polyester and cotton to keep dust off while allowing air to circulate and prevent fungal growth. They protect microscopes from collecting dust.
Microscope Filter Sets (29 suppliers)
Microscope Light Sources (4 suppliers)
Microscope Light Sources emit visible light that vibrates as a wave in all directions perpendicular to the optical axis of the microscope. Microscope light sources remove almost all of the non-visible portions of the light.
Microscope Objectives (6 suppliers)
Microscope objectives are used in machine vision systems that view small objects. These microscope objectives are ideal for use as focusing lenses for low power lasers such as HeNe and HeCd.
Microplate Incubators & Shakers (10 suppliers)
Microplate Shakers (ELISA) (5 suppliers)
Microplate Shakers are optimized for shaking microplates or microtubes. It features digital display for speed & time, microprocessor control, timer with audible alarm and holds 2 or 4 microplates. It is ideal for immunoassays and general microplate shaking. These shakers are used in incubators, CO2 incubators or cold rooms. Shakers include a 92″ detachable cord and 3-wire cord & plug.
Modular Incubator Conversion Kits (1 supplier)
Multi-Label Microplate Readers (13 suppliers)
Microcentrifuges (14 suppliers)
Microcentrifuges are designed to provide total control over operating parameters. It features microprocessor, brushless induction drive and powerful refrigeration.
Modular Cleanrooms (8 suppliers)
Muscle-Specific Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Auto Ab (MuSKAb) (1 supplier)
Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs (4 suppliers)
Multi-Length Urethral Stents (3 suppliers)
Minimally Invasive BPH Therapies (4 suppliers)
Measles (Rubeola) and Mumps Test Kits (3 suppliers)
Microwave Thermotherapy (TUMT) Systems (5 suppliers)
Microwave Thermotherapy Systems are used for benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment, which operate with urethral or rectal applicator. Microwave thermotherapy systems are intended to heat the prostate, resulting in the necrosis of periurethral prostatic tissue.
Molecular Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR) (23 suppliers)
Midstream Catch Kits (1 supplier)
Midstream Catch Kits feature a moisture resistant plastisol liner that minimizes chance of leakage, clear packaging and pneumatic capable with castile soap towelettes.
MRI Compatible (2 suppliers)
Medical Transcription Solutions (14 suppliers)
Mechanical Mitral Valves (3 suppliers)
Microvolt T-Wave Alternans Recording (1 supplier)
Mayo Scissors (18 suppliers)
Mayo Scissors are used for cutting heavy fascia and sutures. Mayo Scissors are cast & splint scissors designed for use in splint and brace fitting. These stainless steel scissors have curved blades for trimming braces and splints.
Metzenbaum Scissors (16 suppliers)
Metzenbaum scissors are surgical scissors designed for cutting delicate tissue. Metzenbaum scissors have a longer handle to blade ratio. They are constructed of tungsten carbide and its blades are curved or straight.
Mail-Away Containers (3 suppliers)
Marking Pens & Guides (8 suppliers)
Masks & Faceshields (43 suppliers)
Massage Aids (53 suppliers)
Massagers (83 suppliers)
Medicated & Treated Dressings (22 suppliers)
Medicated Bandages (13 suppliers)
Medicated Bandages are used to combat water retention. Medicated bandages are compounded to contain antibiotics, anesthetics and corticosteroids in a protective soothing covering that is appropriate for application to the skin or the lining of the mouth.
Medicated Shampoos (6 suppliers)
Medicated Shampoos contain salicylic acid to loosen flakes of skin, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole or ciclopirox to reduce the numbers of malassezia yeasts on the scalp. They are very helpful in dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis. They also help treat scalp psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
Microbiology Kit (38 suppliers)
Microbiology Kit includes microscope slides, sterile collection tubes, sterile pipets, sterile swabs, sterile splints and disposal bags.
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