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MEDICAL products beginning with : M
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Micro Surgery Instruments, Scissors (65 suppliers)
Mystique Nebulizer (2 suppliers)
Mini Nephroscope (1 supplier)
Medical Oxygen (34 suppliers)
Medical Procedure Trays (29 suppliers)
Medical Syringes, Reusable (9 suppliers)
Medical syringes are used with needles to inject liquid or gases into body tissues, or to remove from the body. Injecting of air into a blood vessel is undesirable, as it may cause an air embolism; preventing embolisms by removing air from the syringe is the reason for the familiar image of holding a syringe upside down, tapping it, and expelling a small amount of liquid before an injection into the bloodstream.
Medical Scale (14 suppliers)
Monopolar Laparoscopic Scissors (58 suppliers)
Monopolar laparoscopic scissors are precise, smooth action sharp blades that keep on cutting. It has an extended insulation that covers the blade pivot points to reduce the chance of alternative burn sites.
medical adhesive (11 suppliers)
Medical adhesives are designed specifically to attach prostheses to human skin. Therefore, they will not cause skin allergies or irritation. It is used in medical process.
Medical Scrubs (67 suppliers)
Medical Sutures (22 suppliers)
Monosoft Sutures (7 suppliers)
Medical Vital signs Monitor (24 suppliers)
Medical vital signs monitor offers flexibility in multi-parameter monitoring. Core parameters and a host of options allow the monitor to be tailored to patients' needs, neonate to adult. It combines the intuitive interface, integrated carrying handle and high-resolution display with the optional rechargeable battery and dual trace printer to create a highly versatile monitoring solution.
Medical Aprons (21 suppliers)
Medicine Cabinets (43 suppliers)
Medical garage Cabinets (29 suppliers)
Medical Hats (4 suppliers)
Medication Carts (40 suppliers)
Medical Carts (54 suppliers)
Massage Chairs (31 suppliers)
Massage chairs are designed for positioning a person who will be receiving a massage, similar in function to a massage table. Massage chairs are easier for the therapist to maneuver than massage tables.
Metal bar Stools (2 suppliers)
Medical Jacket and scrubs (32 suppliers)
Medical Lab Coat (52 suppliers)
Medical Gloves (55 suppliers)
Medical gloves are medical safety accessories that ensure sanitary hospital conditions by limiting patients exposure to infectious matter. These are disposable gloves used during medical procedures. Medical gloves help prevent contamination between caregivers and patients. Some are designed to prevent contact with certain chemotherapy drugs. Medical glove includes examination gloves, surgical gloves, and medical gloves for handling chemotherapy agents.
Massage Couches (8 suppliers)
Massage Couches are perfect for aromatherapy and massage therapy. They are used for other holistic therapies such as bowen technique, reiki, hopi ear candle and reflexology.
Medical Exam Tables (90 suppliers)
Medical Exam Tables feature hi-lo adjustment for use by medical professional applications including chiropractic equipment tables and medical treatment tables. Medical exam tables are designed to reduce the child's stress in the hospital and pediatrician's office.
Medical Face Masks (74 suppliers)
Medical Garments (38 suppliers)
Maternity Gowns (15 suppliers)
Medical Headwear (6 suppliers)
Medical Headwear is made of highly durable non-woven, spun-bonded polypropylene.
Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein Test Kit (3 suppliers)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO), ELISA Testing Kit (1 supplier)
Myeloperoxidase IgG ELISA Testing Kit (1 supplier)
Middle-ear Analyzer Audiometer (4 suppliers)
Molecular Diagnostics, Automated Sequencers (6 suppliers)
MultiBlot Tray (1 supplier)
Mechanical Calibration Kit (1 supplier)
Mechanical Calibration Kit contains the precision mechanical standards required to calibrate the systematic errors of agilent network analyzers. This kit also contains flush short circuit, a precision shim and a fixed termination.
Manual Cryostat (1 supplier)
Manual Cryostat features open-top design that minimizes temperature gains, well-illuminated chamber and CFC-free refrigerant & foam insulation.
Medical Exam Lights and Lamps (34 suppliers)
Medical Examination Lights (17 suppliers)
Medical Examination Lights have weighted caster bases, plug-in transformers and vented shades.
Magnifying exam lights (17 suppliers)
Magnifying Exam Lights provide 22 watts of light and 3x magnification.
Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment (24 suppliers)
Multi-Hazard Glove Boxes (23 suppliers)
Multi Hazard Glove Boxes provide HEPA filtration and a physical barrier to protect the user from exposure to potentially dangerous materials. Multi hazard glove boxes provide a physical barrier to protect the user from hazardous materials such as low-level radioisotopes and carcinogens.
Moisture Controlled Glove Box (19 suppliers)
Multiple Handheld Dispensers (6 suppliers)
Multichannel Hematology Analyzers (29 suppliers)
Multifunctional Hybridization Ovens (8 suppliers)
Multifunctional Hybridization Oven features accurate temperature & motion controls, easy clean interior, stainless steel construction and variable speed & axis rotisserie.
Mini Hybridization Oven (1 supplier)
Micro Hybridization Oven (1 supplier)
Mini Hybridization Oven features precise temperature control and simultaneous display of real & set temperature.
Mouse IgE ELISA kit (1 supplier)
Mouse IgE ELISA Kit contains an anti-Mouse IgE sensitized 96-strip micro-well plate, 50ml diluent, 50 ml (10X) wash solution, anti-Mouse IgE conjugate, 12mL TMB substrate, 12mL stop solution and a mouse IgE calibrator.
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