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PET Imaging Systems (4 suppliers)
Punches (15 suppliers)
Pigtail Diagnostic Catheters, Standard Straight (2 suppliers)
Passive Closure Devices (2 suppliers)
Pull-Back Devices (1 supplier)
Peripheral Systems (1 supplier)
Peripheral systems are designed to permit repeated access to the venous system for the parenteral delivery of medications, fluids, and nutritional solutions and for the sampling of venous blood.
Pericardiocentesis Kits (1 supplier)
Pericardiocentesis kit is a pre-assembled kit for pericardial drainage procedures. It provides the essentials for pericardial drainage/aspirations, all in a single tray. It is designed to assist the clinician in draining fluid from the pericardial sac. Pericardiocentesis is a sterile procedure, which should be performed with fluoroscopy, two dimensional echocardiography, or electrocardiographic monitoring and guidance.
Patient Monitoring Systems (66 suppliers)
Patient monitoring systems are used for measuring continuously or at regular intervals, automatically, the values of the patient's important physiological parameters. It collects, stores, interprets, and displays physiologic patient data. It is found in various areas of a hospital such as emergency departments, operating rooms, general acute-care units, and intensive-care units.
Phonocardiogram Software (3 suppliers)
Pupillometers (Pupilometers) (7 suppliers)
Pupillometer (Pupilometer) is a hand-held portable electronic instrument that rapidly and simultaneously assesses, records and stores pupil size and reactivity to stimulus. It provides a rapid diagnostic aid for patients with suspected brain injury. It measures pupil reaction, speed and size in patients with suspected brain injury.
Photocoagulator Probes (2 suppliers)
Photodynamic Therapy (4 suppliers)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a treatment that combines a light source and a photosensitizing agent to destroy cancer cells. It works because the photosensitizing agent collects more readily in cancer cells than in normal cells. When the agent is then exposed to light, it reacts with oxygen to create chemicals that can kill the cell. As the approved light sources can only penetrate a limited depth through tissue, PDT is mainly used to treat areas on or just under the skin, or in the lining of internal organs.
Portable Fluoroscopes (4 suppliers)
Portable fluoroscopes utilize a hingedly mounted, light shielded, fluorescent screen positioned in front of a look-through radiation shield. A leaded glass eyepiece positioned within the radiation shield is used as a radiation resistant viewing port to observe the image produced on the fluorescent screen by an irradiated object. The use of a relatively small piece of lead-glass in the viewing port of the present device in comparison to the use of a lead-glass plate the size of the fluorrescent screen, which is immediately adjacent thereto in the prior art, has resulted in a substantial reduction in weight and cost for the same degree of radiation protection.
Power Equipment (4 suppliers)
Pelvic External Fixators (3 suppliers)
Pen-Strep (6 suppliers)
Plating Systems (12 suppliers)
Pupil Dilators (2 suppliers)
Pupil dilators are used to reduce inflammation and pain in front of the eye. There are several pupil dilators also available. These are made of different materials such as silicone, hydrogel, or polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).
Plasma Protein Analyzers (8 suppliers)
PCL Instruments (1 supplier)
PCL instruments are designed to reproducibly and accurately create the femoral tunnels necessary in arthroscopic double bundle PCL reconstruction. These instruments simplify guide pin placement for anterolateral and posteromedial femoral tunnel sockets drilled endoscopically from an anterolateral portal.
Passive Fixation Atrial Leads (2 suppliers)
Passive Fixation Steroid Eluting (1 supplier)
Pin & Wire Cutters (5 suppliers)
Pliers (26 suppliers)
Ptosis Slings (2 suppliers)
Punctal Gauges (1 supplier)
Punctal Dilators (1 supplier)
Probes, Hooks and Forceps (3 suppliers)
Passive Fixation Defibrillator Leads (2 suppliers)
Pediatric Retinal Imaging (2 suppliers)
Paraffin Embedding Stations (3 suppliers)
Portal Instruments (2 suppliers)
Pins and Wires (6 suppliers)
Pins and Wires are used as standalone orthopedic hardware or as components of larger hardware constructs. They provide less resistance to external forces than plates, nails or rods. These devices are used as standalone devices in the upper extremities and as adjunctive hardware in the lower extremities along with hardware that withstand the larger axial loading forces.
PDA Closure Devices (3 suppliers)
Pelvic Plating Systems (3 suppliers)
Pelvic Plating Systems offers a comprehensive, single set of instrumentation including reductions forceps, clamps and sciatic nerve retractors. These speciality reduction forceps & optimal bone clamp design offers improved visualization of the wound site. The set of instrumentation consists of basic instrument tray, reduction instrument tray, implant tray and screw rack.
POC Coagulation Analyzers (PT and INR) (11 suppliers)
POC Coagulation Analyzers are gaining preference in the critical care, surgery and home testing environments since they provide healthcare professionals rapid and accurate information for improved patient monitoring.
Point of Care Data Management (3 suppliers)
Pathology Workcenters (2 suppliers)
Personal Cooling Systems (4 suppliers)
Personal Cooling Systems produce a cool, refreshing, safely regulated temperature output of 55-60°F- regardless of ambient temperature or humidity level. Personal cooling systems reduce the risk of heat stress. These cooling systems are essential to mitigate the possible effects of overexposure to excess heat or overexertion. Personal cooling system is used with protective ensembles to reduce the effects of physiological and environmental heat stress. This system is used to alleviate symptoms of multiple sclerosis and to prevent increased core temperature during daily activities. The effectiveness of personal cooling systems depend on the metabolic rate, the body surface area that is covered, the capacity of the heat sink, the maximum gross rate of cooling and the environmental conditions. The use of personal cooling systems is popular in hot industries.
Paired Disk Electrodes (1 supplier)
Phakic IOLs (3 suppliers)
Phakic IOLs are powerful refractive tools with almost unlimited potential to correct refractive errors. It is able to correct high degrees of nearsightedness that cannot be corrected with other surgical procedures.
Patch Electrodes with Snap Connector (1 supplier)
Platelet Inhibition Assays (2 suppliers)
Phenytoin (Dilantin) (2 suppliers)
Phenytoin is the most commonly used drug of the hydantoin group. Phenytoin is an anticonvulsant drug, which is useful in the treatment of epilepsy. Phenytoin reduces the maximal activity of brain stem centers responsible for the tonic phase of tonic-clonic seizures. Phenytoin is used to treat various types of convulsions and seizures. Phenytoin is used to control arrhythmias and to treat migraine headaches & facial nerve pain.
Projector Slides (3 suppliers)
Pocket Tonometers (6 suppliers)
Portable Echocardiography Systems (4 suppliers)
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (12 suppliers)
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase is an enzyme produced by the prostate. It is found in increased amounts in men who have prostate cancer or other diseases. Prostatic acid phosphatase is used as a tumor marker. Prostatic acid phosphatase is a tyrosine and lipid phosphatase involved in endosomalsosomal pathway.
Pediatric Vital Signs Monitors (16 suppliers)
Plastic Gloves (6 suppliers)
Plastic Gloves protect hands from paint, ink, glue and other messy liquids. The plastic gloves are the most economical of the disposable gloves. They are powder free glove used for light situations. They are FDA approved and protect hands from skin-irritating tasks and keep foods away from germs, perspiration & skin oils. Its application includes materials handling, product inspections and food handling.
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