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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Patient Education, Books (27 suppliers)
Patient Education, Brochures (27 suppliers)
Patient Education, Newsletters (19 suppliers)
Practice Promotional Videos (25 suppliers)
Physical Evaluation Equipment (17 suppliers)
Portable Table (21 suppliers)
Practice Promotional Software (32 suppliers)
Premodulated Electrotherapy Kits (19 suppliers)
Patient Appointment Reminders (9 suppliers)
Plaster Casts (12 suppliers)
Pneumatic Adjusting Instruments (6 suppliers)
Patient Clothing (9 suppliers)
Patient Education, Demonstrators (8 suppliers)
Patient Gifts (9 suppliers)
Pipettes & Tips (25 suppliers)
Publications Service (39 suppliers)
Phlebotomy Needles & Tourniquets (31 suppliers)
Pregnancy Testing Kits (36 suppliers)
A Pregnancy Testing Kit utilizes hormone-sensitive pads which are stored in a package that permits the storage of the hormone-sensitive pads within its interior without exposing the hormone-sensitive pads to ultraviolet light, moisture or air. The kit comprises at least one pad being chemically sensitive to a predetermined hormone. The hormone-sensitive pads are stored in a package that is preferably formed from aluminum foil and paper and that is free from air. The hormone testing kit may test for the presence of one or more of the following hormones: Beta 'HCG', estrogen and progestrogen.
Petri Plates (5 suppliers)
Proficiency Testing (4 suppliers)
Point-of-care Testing, Blood Gas Kits (14 suppliers)
Printers & Labels (8 suppliers)
Phlebotomy Disposals (9 suppliers)
A Phlebotomy device for taking blood samples. This blood collection device can be either self administered or administered by a health care professional. The device includes a stand and a complete disposable proboscis set. The stand facilitates the stable retention of the blood collection tube holder at an angle which ensures accurate and expedient filling of blood sample tubes and the reduction of forthing or aerating. This stand has an open bottom providing a means to apply a needle adapter to the blood collection tube holder, to apply a snout to the needle adapter and to route the snout through a snout holder. The top of the stand includes a refillable needle disposal pit preferably comprised of hypochlorite clay. The needle adapter, having a needle insertable into a blood collection tube and the snout are incorporated in the proboscis set. the proboscis set further includes a mosquito needle insertable into a patient's blood vessel, comprising a needle guard, plastic wings with stilt adhesive attached thereon, and a hub to accommodate the connection of the snout. The plastic wings are foldable and attachable to the arm of the patient and maintain the needle at an angle to ensure that the needle penetrates only the upper portion of the vein being punctured, and thus keeps it steadily in place.
Power Surge Protectors Devices (3 suppliers)
A Power Surge Protector device is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to regulate the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground voltages above a safe threshold. A power strip has surge protection built-in.
Programmable Hearing Aids (84 suppliers)
Pre-wired Faceplate Kits (20 suppliers)
Packaging (146 suppliers)
Peritympanic Hearing Aids (16 suppliers)
Pediatric ENT Testing Kits (36 suppliers)
Pediatric Seat Cushions (16 suppliers)
Pediatric Wheelchairs (110 suppliers)
A Pediatric Wheelchair basically designed for mobility impaired children ages 2-6. The wheelchair is especially designed to facilitate the child's access to all objects and activities that would normally be available to a non-disabled child. The chair includes a power base, including large front drive wheels and small rear casters and a seat that is positioned directly over the drive wheels and that is readily detachable from the base. All components of the wheelchair are positioned inboard of the side edges of the seat and inboard of the front edge of the seat so as to maximize access to areas alongside of and in front of the wheelchair. The axis of rotation of the front drive wheels is generally vertically aligned with the trunk of the child positioned in the seat and the composite center of gravity of the child and wheelchair is positioned slightly behind the axis of rotation of the drive wheels so that the child can tilt the wheelchair forwardly about the axis of the front drive wheels by a simple forward rotation of the child's trunk. The wheelchair also includes a stowable footrest that readily retracts into the base of the wheelchair.
Pediatric Multipositioning Wheelchairs (93 suppliers)
Pediatric Sport Wheelchairs (92 suppliers)
Portable Oxygen Products (19 suppliers)
Portable Oxygen Cylinders (30 suppliers)
Pediatric Mobility Aids (14 suppliers)
Peak Flow Meters (32 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Calf Troughs (9 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Foot Supports (34 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Head Supports (20 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Lumbar Supports (21 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Positioning Systems (21 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Seat Belts (19 suppliers)
Power Wheelchairs (137 suppliers)
Portable Wheelchairs (102 suppliers)
Pouches (26 suppliers)
Portable Walkers (68 suppliers)
Pediatric Bathing Aids (13 suppliers)
Pediatric Commodes (11 suppliers)
Positioning Systems, Torso Supports (7 suppliers)
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