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Biodegradable Scaffolds (1 supplier)
Biodegradable scaffold is a key component in the orthopedic engineering. In addition to providing a boundary for retention of cells at the defect site, the scaffold is necessary because it acts as a temporary substrate for anchorage-dependent cells that can create the new tissue.
BR Type Endoscope Coupler (1 supplier)
Blood Collection Sets (14 suppliers)
A blood collection set is intended for blood collection and infusion procedures. It allows delivering exceptional patient care without compromising personal safety. It has translucent shield that provides visualization of flash back after needle penetrates vein.
Biliary Stents (14 suppliers)
Biliary stent is a plastic or metal tube, which is inserted into a bile duct to relieve narrowing of the duct. It is used to drain the bile from the obstructed biliary tree. It is also used to support a narrowed part of the bile duct and prevent the reformation of the stricture. The two most common methods that are used to place a biliary stent are endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography.
Bacteriostatic Colonoscopy Shorts (2 suppliers)
Breast Marking System (2 suppliers)
Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle (16 suppliers)
Bone marrow biopsy needle is a specimen-capturing needle that incorporates a tiny internal snare mechanism that coils around the tip of the specimen after it has entered the needle and thereby captures it.
Breathing Hose (2 suppliers)
Breathing hose is a flexible non-collapsible tube through which air or oxygen flows to the face piece of a respirator. It is designed to deliver air to a patient, with or without added oxygen, from a positive pressure respiratory therapy device such as CPAP and Bi-level device.
Bipolar Forcep & Cable (15 suppliers)
Burner For Cautery Unit (1 supplier)
Bowman Probes (1 supplier)
Basinless Bathing Wash Clothes (2 suppliers)
Basinless Bathing Shampoo Caps (1 supplier)
Bandage Scissors (61 suppliers)
Bandage scissors have a small foot on one of the blade tips, which allows them to be placed directly against a patient's skin when cutting bandages. These are mostly used to cut through medical gauze, custom-fit bandages, and through bandages.
Briefs (28 suppliers)
Bladder Control Pads (15 suppliers)
Bladder control pads are designed to attach to underwear or slip over and around the penis. These incontinence pads are designed to absorb small amounts of urine leaks/dribbles.
Baby Wipes (16 suppliers)
Baby wipes are disposable cloths used to cleanse the sensitive skin of infants. These cloths are made from non-woven fabrics similar to those used in dryer sheets and are saturated with a solution of gentle cleansing ingredients.
Baby Diapers (40 suppliers)
Bowl Brushes (1 supplier)
Bathroom Cleaners (5 suppliers)
Bathroom cleaner is specially designed to remove germs, viruses, fungi, mildew, mineral deposits, and stains & soap scum. It is formulated to clean stains and soap scum from bathroom surfaces.
Bottles & Sprayers (9 suppliers)
Bowl Cleaners (1 supplier)
Bandages (116 suppliers)
Bandage is a piece of material that is used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint, or on its own to provide support to the body. These are available in a wide range of types, from generic cloth strips, to specialised shaped bandages designed for a specific limb or part of the body. It is often used to mean a dressing, which is used directly on a wound, whereas a bandage is technically only used to support a dressing, and not directly on a wound.
Breast Form System (5 suppliers)
The breast form system provides enhancement of breast size and shape, as well as provide customization of breast cleavage and push-up enhancement.
Bench Top Refractometers (3 suppliers)
Bench top refractometers are designed to be highly accurate and provide reliable measurements while facilitating a simple measurement method for the operator. It is designed with a wide measurement range, measurement temperature range, and highest measurement accuracy, this instrument is suitable for multiple sample types; such as measuring oils and fats with high melting points, aroma oils of high refractive index and organic solvents, meeting demands for high accuracy measurements.
Barrier Cream (4 suppliers)
Barrier cream helps to improve the appearance, smoothness, suppleness and softness of skin without leaving a greasy feel. It allows skin to heal itself naturally, if it is used regularly. It forms a thin film on face, hands and body, which acts like a protective, invisible glove. It can help protect against physical agents such as too much heat, cold, solar radiation or pollutants.
Butterfly Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers (1 supplier)
Butterfly reusable adult cloth diapers are made from flannel cloth with a unique butterfly design for a comfortable fit with differing widths in the back and front. These adult diapers have 8 layers where it is needed most for maximum absorbency and protection. Cotton has much greater absorbency, it will keep drier and comfortable for longer.
Blood Pressure Cuffs With Screw-Type Connectors (51 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Cuffs With Bayonet Connectors (51 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Cuffs With Locking-Type Connectors (51 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Cuffs With Luer Lock Connectors (50 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Cuff With Inflation Systems (51 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Inflation Systems (5 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Cuffs and Neoprene Bladders (1-Tube) (50 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Cuffs and Neoprene Bladders (2-Tube) (49 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Accessories, Coil Tubing (2 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Accessories, Bulbs and Valves (5 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Accessories, Inflation Bulb (9 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Accessories, Air-Release Valve (4 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Aneroid with Adult Cuff (3 suppliers)
Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Aneroid with Large Adult Cuff (3 suppliers)
Bariatric Power Examination Table (7 suppliers)
Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer (3 suppliers)
Back-leg-chest dynamometer measures strength of back, leg and chest. Base provides sure footing. Chain length is adjusted to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application.
Bubble Inclinometer (4 suppliers)
Bubble inclinometer accurately measures range of motion. It is placed near joint to be measured. The dial is turned until scale reads zero.
Brite-Eye Spot (1 supplier)
Body Mass Index Scale (5 suppliers)
Body mass index scale measures body weight and body mass index. It has a remote head for easy reading. It is ideal for use as a wrestler scale. It is used in physician's office, health clinic, hospital, and gym or health club. It is built in height rod allowing the physician the opportunity to measure weight, body fat, hydration level, BMI or body mass index as well as the patient's actual height at one single location.
Binocular Microscope (20 suppliers)
Binocular microscope is a device that is used in surgery to provide a clear view of small and inaccessible parts of the body. It is fitted with double eyepieces for vision with both eyes. The purpose in dividing the same image from a single objective of the usual compound microscope is to reduce eyestrain and muscular fatigue, which may result from monocular, high-power microscopy.
Back Bubble r (1 supplier)
Back Care System (1 supplier)
Back care system is used for the prevention and rehabilitation of back, neck, and shoulder & knee problems. This system includes natural spinal decompression, stretching, traction, strengthening, relaxation, mobilization and toning. This system uses the natural healing powers of gravity along with a system of simple exercises to relieve and rehabilitate, as well as help in the prevention of chronic neck, shoulder, back and knee related problems.
Blood Warming Unit (1 supplier)
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