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MEDICAL products beginning with : B
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Blood/Fluid Warming System (2 suppliers)
Breast Shell Set (4 suppliers)
Breast shell set is worn inside the bra to protect nipples from chafing and to collect leaking breast milk. It protects sore or cracked nipples to help them heal more quickly. Its gentle pressure helps relieve engorgement. The holes allow air to circulate.
Baby Food Warmer (2 suppliers)
Bodies Container (1 supplier)
Bodies Retrieving, Chests (1 supplier)
Bodies Retrieving, Scoop Stretcher (3 suppliers)
Bodies retrieving, scoop stretcher is completely made of aluminum materials. It provides complete immobilization during the transport. It is equipped with a coupling/uncoupling system for separating the stretcher.
Biodegradable Chin Collar (1 supplier)
Body Identification Capsule (1 supplier)
Body identification capsule maintains contained materials and data to grant the identification of the mortal remains for genetic, biologic and sentimental aim. It is useful to identify the family ties, for researches regarding hereditary diseases, in order to conserve small personal objects of the deceased, sheltering them from the light and the atmospheric agents.
Bariatric Shower Gurney (2 suppliers)
Bariatric Shower Chairs (33 suppliers)
Bariatric Shower Stool (3 suppliers)
Bariatric Shower Chair Commode (24 suppliers)
Bed Control (3 suppliers)
Bone Densitometry System (17 suppliers)
Bandage Skin Traction (5 suppliers)
Butterfly Scalp Vein Set (1 supplier)
Bend Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail for Tibia (1 supplier)
Bone Plates, Quarter Tubular Plate For 2.7mm Screws (2 suppliers)
Bone Plates, DCP 2.7mm (5 suppliers)
Bone Plates, L Plate For 2.7mm Screw (3 suppliers)
Bone Plates, T Plate For 2.7mm Screw (4 suppliers)
Bone Plates, One Third Tubular Plates (4 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Reconstruction Plate (7 suppliers)
Bone Plates, DCP 3.5mm (4 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Small T (5 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Semi Tubular (7 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Straight Pelvic Reconstruction (3 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Hook (2 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Y-Reconstruction (5 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Cloverleaf (6 suppliers)
Bone Plates, LC-DCP (4 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Calcaneal (3 suppliers)
Bone Plates, Small Fragment Implants (5 suppliers)
Bone Cement Mixing Systems (14 suppliers)
Bladder Tumor Antigen (NMP22) Test Kits (3 suppliers)
Blood Bank ELISA Systems (4 suppliers)
B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) (3 suppliers)
B-Type Natriuretic Peptide is a substance secreted from the ventricles or lower chambers of the heart in response to changes in pressure that occur when heart failure develops and worsens. The levels of B-type natriuretic peptide are elevated in patients with left ventricular dysfunction. BNP levels correlate with both the severity of symptoms and the prognosis in congestive heart failure. B-type natriuretic peptide is a neurohormone secreted from cardiac ventricles in response to ventricular strain. B-type natriuretic peptide is a predictor of short- and medium-term prognosis across the spectrum of acute coronary syndromes (ACS).
Bar Electrodes (1 supplier)
Bar Electrodes are composed of pieces of different lengths joined together with dowels of the same substance as the electrode is made of. The bar electrodes are used to detect if water is entering the pump unit of the water-pump apparatus. Bar electrodes are non-ferrous and consist of two tin electrodes placed 30mm apart in a watertight acrylic bar.
B12 and Folate (1 supplier)
Biomedical Amplifiers (2 suppliers)
Biomedical Amplifiers are specifically designed to detect, measure and record biopotentials ie, voltages and electrical fields generated by nerves & muscles.
Biological Safety Cabinets (10 suppliers)
Biological Safety Cabinets are primary devices intended to contain and minimize exposure when working with biohazardous materials. These cabinets are designed to protect laboratory personnel against exposure during experimental procedures as well as protect experimental materials from contamination. They are recommended for manipulations of infectious agents that are likely to create aerosols. Biological safety cabinets utilize vertical laminar airflow to achieve a barrier of protection against airborne contaminants such as microorganisms. Biological safety cabinets are the most effective primary containment devices used in laboratories working with infectious agents.
Bench Chairs (14 suppliers)
Blot Transfer Kits (Capillary) (2 suppliers)
Blotter Aids (4 suppliers)
Blotters (Pressure) (3 suppliers)
Blotters (Semi-Dry) (6 suppliers)
Semi-Dry Blotters are equipped with corrosion resistant, long-lasting electrodes made from synthetic carbon. They are resistant to corrosion and built for homogeneous, fast and efficient transfer of nucleic acids & proteins. It is designed to produce an extremely uniform system for the transfer of proteins and nucleic acids.
Blotters (Tank) (5 suppliers)
Tank Blotters comprises of units, which hold up to 4 gel cassettes and transfer gels as large as 150x215 mm. All blotters feature an internal glass cooling base for temperature controlled runs and safety cover with power leads.
Blotting Trays (3 suppliers)
Blotting Trays are plastic trays designed for staining one or two criterion gels or performing western blot detection. The trays have a working capacity of up to 500 ml.
Bar Code Readers (5 suppliers)
Biopsy Forceps (81 suppliers)
Biopsy Forceps are premium quality, sterile, disposable biopsy forceps built with 1.7mm stainless steel alligator cups and sharp cutting edges. They are designed to be used with the ENT-2000 flexible nasopharyngoscope and the channeled EndoSheath® for in-office laryngeal biopsy procedures. The biopsy forceps are intended for use in obtaining mucosal tissue samples for microscopic examination via endoscopy.
1951 to 2000 of 2171 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [40] 41 42 43 44 >> Next 50 Results
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