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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Guide Catheter, Left and Right Coronary Bypass Curve (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, LCB Type, Coronary Bypass (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, LCB Type, Bypass (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, LCB-side holes 90 cm Guides (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Left Coronary Bypass, Type Bypass (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Left Coronary Bypass, Type Coronary Bypass (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Left Coronary Bypass, Type Bypass / Judkins (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, MUTA Right Curve Right Flex Curve MR2 FX (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, MUTA Right Curve MR3 FX (1 supplier)
Glucose Monitoring Systems (19 suppliers)
Glucose Monitoring (9 suppliers)
Glucose Monitoring is a measurement of glucose (sugar) in the blood. The test is done at any time on a portable machine. The test allows the person with diabetes to carefully monitor blood glucose levels to assure that they are within the normal range.
Guide Catheters (7 suppliers)
Guide Catheters are used in percutaneous myocardial revascularization (PMR) to deliver therapeutic catheters, which is difficult to reach heart chamber wall regions. Guide catheters include distal regions, which are under control from the proximal region of the catheter. Guide catheters are extremely conducive to scraping of aortic debris. Guide catheters are generally provided with one or more preset angles or radiused curves, which are customized to provide access to particular coronary anatomies.
Guide Catheter, Radial Curve (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Radial Short Tip (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Radial Flex Curve (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Radial High Take-Off Curve (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Curve Style RCB (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Right Coronary Bypass Curve (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Curve Style RCB, Side Holes (2 suppliers)
Guide Catheter, Right Coronary Bypass, Side Holes (1 supplier)
Gas Exchange Spirometer (1 supplier)
Guidewires, Fixed core (1 supplier)
Guidewires, Imovable core (1 supplier)
Great Vessel Surgical Patches (1 supplier)
Guide Catheter, Delivery (1 supplier)
Guglielmi Detachable Coil (1 supplier)
Gastroenterology, Capsule Endoscope (4 suppliers)
Guiding Catheter (8 suppliers)
Guiding catheter is a catheter that has an inner body for device passage and visualization. It is designed to provide a pathway through which therapeutic devices are introduced. The guiding catheter is intended to use in the coronary or peripheral vascular system.
Gastroenterology, Endoscopic Ultrasound system (15 suppliers)
Gauze Pads (39 suppliers)
Gauze pads are excellent general-purpose pads for covering and cleaning wounds. These are highly absorbent medical pad. It keeps out water, dirt, and germs. It prevents blood or wound fluids from soaking through.
Gauze Sponges (65 suppliers)
Gauze sponges are made of cotton. These sponges are designed to provide maximum absorbency. It provides optimal protection, comfort with highly absorbent soft sponges.
Gauze Bandages (94 suppliers)
General Surgical Dressings (37 suppliers)
General Hypodermic, Needles (13 suppliers)
Glass Syringes, Reusable (17 suppliers)
Genetic Analyzer (2 suppliers)
Genetic Analyzer is a fluorescence based DNA analysis system utilizing capillary electrophoresis. It offers continuous, non-attended operation with automated polymer loading, sample injection, separation & detection and data analysis. Genetic analyzer is a capillary electrophoresis based DNA-sequencing machine. It allows the automation of the gel pouring and sample loading. Genetic analyzer detects up to five different fluorescent dyes in a single capillary providing multicolor analysis.
Gamma Dab Ferritin Kit (3 suppliers)
Glucose and Fructosamine Monitors (6 suppliers)
Gamma GT KIT (1 supplier)
Gamma GT Reagent Kit (1 supplier)
Gamma Glutamyltransferase Assay Kit (1 supplier)
Gas Sterilizers Using Anprolene (2 suppliers)
Gastric Occult Blood and pH Point Test Kits (3 suppliers)
Gastric and Fecal Occult Blood Test (9 suppliers)
Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibodies test Kits (2 suppliers)
Glove Box Racks (21 suppliers)
Glove Box Racks are constructed of 3/4″ solid oak sides and bottoms with 1/4″ laminate front panels. All racks are predrilled and include wall mounting hardware for easy wall mounting.
Glove Box Holders (30 suppliers)
Glove Box Holders are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Glove box holders are mounted horizontally or vertically. They are simple to install on a wall or flat surface for easy dispensing of gloves and elimination of clutter in work area.
Glove Box System (21 suppliers)
Glove Box System is completely automatic, computer controlled glove box lines. They include multiple stainless steel boxes with pneumatic vertical lifting door assemblies, on shelf heated vacuum ovens, multiple gas purification systems, monitors and system controls. Its feature includes stainless steel construction, bolt on gasketed window frame, multiple stand styles, gas pressure control, leak-tight system and full-faced window with glove parts.
Glucose Monitors (16 suppliers)
Glucose Tolerance Test kit (5 suppliers)
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