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MEDICAL products beginning with : D
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Deionization Water Purification System (13 suppliers)
Demineralizer (6 suppliers)
Desk-Top Chemistry Analyzer (3 suppliers)
Dual Chamber Implantable Heart Pacemaker (2 suppliers)
Dye Dilution Cardiac Output Unit (1 supplier)
Dye Dilution Pump (1 supplier)
Dissecting Pins (1 supplier)
Drills (24 suppliers)
Disposables (54 suppliers)
Direct Ophthalmoscopes (23 suppliers)
Direct ophthalmoscope is a hand-held instrument, which can be powered by battery or electricity, and is more convenient if portability is desired. It is used for the visual examination of the retina and ocular media. It uses the patient's eye as a simple magnifier by aligning its viewing and illuminating beams. This produces an erect magnified, well-detailed real image of the retina.
Dermatomes (6 suppliers)
A dermatome is a surgical device that is used to produce thin slices of skin from a donor area, in order to use them for making skin grafts. Its main application is for reconstituting skin areas damaged by grade 3 burns or trauma. It can be operated either manually or electrically. Electrical dermatome is better for cutting out thinner and longer strips of skin with a more homogeneous thickness.
Desmarres Lid Retractors (9 suppliers)
Dressing Forceps (147 suppliers)
Dressing forceps are designed for general use in dressing wounds, removing fragments of necrosed tissue, and small foreign bodies. It has smooth or smoothly serrated tips. It consists of a slender form of pincette, terminating in a series of transversely serrated teeth.
Drops (4 suppliers)
Dialysate fluids Meter (1 supplier)
Dialysis system Reference Meter (1 supplier)
Dialysis system reference meter is designed to measure the conductivity, pH, temperature & pressure of dialysate fluids from hemodialysis delivery systems, dialysate concentrates and water from water purification systems. It is used in clinic setting or calibration of hemodialysis delivery instrumentation.
Dialysate Hand Held Meter (1 supplier)
Dissecting Sink Station (2 suppliers)
Dissecting Tables (1 supplier)
Digital Colposcopy System (2 suppliers)
Dual-Incision Filshie Clip Applicator (1 supplier)
Dressing Trays (6 suppliers)
Drinking Cup (4 suppliers)
Disposable Nelaton Catheters (7 suppliers)
Disposable Endobronchial Suction Catheters (3 suppliers)
Defibrillator Service (4 suppliers)
Drainable Pouch with Microporous (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Consulting Services (35 suppliers)
Dual Compressor Cryostat (1 supplier)
Disposable Prostate Seed Needles (1 supplier)
Dual Temperature Sensors (6 suppliers)
Digital Panel Meter (1 supplier)
DICOM Workstation (9 suppliers)
DICOM Converter (1 supplier)
Digital Detector Units with Optional DICOM Compliant Software (1 supplier)
Detachment Eye Model (1 supplier)
Distance Chart Set (2 suppliers)
Double Fluid Administration Set (1 supplier)
Disposable Laparoscopic Scissors (7 suppliers)
Deep Dorsal Vein Ligator (1 supplier)
Dressing Pad (11 suppliers)
Disease Management Tools (1 supplier)
Desktop Nebulizers (2 suppliers)
Disposable Mouthpieces for Breath Alcohol Testers (1 supplier)
DPT Vaccines (1 supplier)
Diagnostic Imaging Workstations (3 suppliers)
Document Destruction Containers (1 supplier)
DNA-Infused Gels (1 supplier)
Diagnostic Appliances (1 supplier)
Data Analysis and Validation Services (1 supplier)
251 to 300 of 2311 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 [6] 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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