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Absorbent Specialty Patient Drapes (1 supplier)
Absorbent specialty patient drapes provide a vertical barrier to keep the C-arm isolated from the sterile surgical field during hip/femur fracture or trauma procedures. It helps to make draping quick and convenient by eliminating the need to drape the image intensifier.
arthroscopic Suture Anchor (2 suppliers)
Active Tendon Implants (1 supplier)
Active tendon implant consists primarily of a woven polyester core covered with silicone elastomer that provides the necessary combination of inert qualities, firmness and flexibility as well as the smooth surface required to induce pseudo-sheath formation. It ensures ease of insertion and gliding through the finger, palm, and forearm.
Automatic Wire Twisters (18 suppliers)
Automatic wire twister is used in surgery consists of a 6-inch needle holder attached to a twisting mechanism. The major advantage of this device is that it twists wires significantly more rapidly than the manual techniques. It reduces the time needed for wire twisting without altering the security of the twisted wire.
Ammonia Inhalants (28 suppliers)
Ammonia inhalants are used for nasal inhalation in the prevention or treatment of fainting.
Antibacterial mouthwashes (1 supplier)
Antibacterial mouthwashes are liquids designed to kill the bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and bad breath. These mouthwashes are a mixture of detergents, colors and flavors, which may also contain some medicaments.
Antiseptic Mouthwashes (2 suppliers)
Antiseptic mouthwashes contain antiseptic to kill bacteria and help to freshen the breath. Some antiseptic mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine and are the most effective at preventing bacterial growth. These are recommended for some people with gum disease and for people with other mouth infections such as thrush. These are also used before and after surgery to avoid infections as these help to remove the bacteria in the mouth.
Anti-Snoring Throat Sprays (5 suppliers)
Anti-snoring throat spray combines a blend of pure essential oils to effectively help stop snoring.
Auditory Brainstem Implants (1 supplier)
Auditory brainstem implants provide stimulation of the cochlear nucleus and are used in patients with an auditory nerve dysfunction, a deformed cochlea which does not allow cochlear implantation, or traumatic auditory nerve injury.
Analytical X-Ray Equipment (21 suppliers)
Analytical X-ray equipment is an equipment used for X-ray diffraction or fluorescence analysis. It is a group of components utilizing x-rays to determine elemental composition or examine the microstructure of materials.
Advanced X-Ray Solutions (8 suppliers)
Ambulatory Urodynamic Monitoring System (2 suppliers)
Ambulatory urodynamic monitoring system is used to quantify abdominal pressure using bio-impedance. It is ideal for investigating lower urinary tract function.
Automated Urine Chemistry Reagent Strip Analyzer (2 suppliers)
Automated urine chemistry reagent strip analyzer is used to test and analyze bilirubin, color, glucose, ketones, leukocyte esterase, nitrite, occult blood, pH, protein, specific gravity, and urobilinogen. It uses a roll of reagent strips affixed to a clear plastic support. Urine specimens are automatically pipetted onto these strips. The instrument measures the pads' color using reflectance colorimetry. Specific gravity is measured using a fiberoptic refractive index method.
Automated Urine Cell Analyzer (4 suppliers)
Automated urine cell analyzer is a device used for the analysis of microscopic formed elements in urine specimens. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use in screening patient populations found in clinical laboratories. It analyzes many parameters in urine samples that include RBC, WBC, epithelial cells, cast, and bacteria.
Amplatz Renal Dilators (2 suppliers)
Amplatz Renal Dilators are used for dilation of a tract to the kidney for removal of stones.
Amplatz Renal Dilator Set (2 suppliers)
Amplatz Renal Dilator Set is used for progressive dilatation of the nephrostomy tract prior to percutaneous stone removal.
Amplatz Renal Dilators with Sheaths (2 suppliers)
Amplatz Renal Dilators are used for dilation of a tract to the kidney for removal of stones.
Automatic Needle Shielding System (4 suppliers)
Adductors Positioning Systems (10 suppliers)
Arm Boards (23 suppliers)
Aquatic Pool Therapy Kits (6 suppliers)
Accounting/billing Software (21 suppliers)
Association Service (9 suppliers)
Automobile Accessories (1 supplier)
Aluminum Forearm Crutches (16 suppliers)
Aquatic Therapy Kits (25 suppliers)
Assessment Equipment (48 suppliers)
Assistive Devices (30 suppliers)
Aids Of Daily Living (18 suppliers)
Advertising & Marketing (28 suppliers)
Acne & Blemishes Kits (49 suppliers)
Anti-aging Kits (62 suppliers)
Accreditation Service (16 suppliers)
Architectural Rental Service (1 supplier)
Asset Management Services (14 suppliers)
Application Service Provider Services (16 suppliers)
Angiography Equipment Spares (7 suppliers)
Angiography Equipment (45 suppliers)
ASP Consulting Services (46 suppliers)
Asset Management Services Consulting Service (48 suppliers)
Archiving & Storage Kits (115 suppliers)
Angiography Equipment Rental Service (4 suppliers)
Angiography Equipment & Systems (18 suppliers)
Angiography Equipment & Systems Accessories (19 suppliers)
Angiography Equipment Installation Service (8 suppliers)
Architectural Consulting Services (48 suppliers)
Architectural Installation Service (1 supplier)
Angiography Equipment Repair Services (7 suppliers)
ASP Service (7 suppliers)
Aerosol Therapy, Holding Chambers (17 suppliers)
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