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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Adult Pin-Type Diaper (3 suppliers)
Adult Bibs (9 suppliers)
Admission Charts and Labels (3 suppliers)
Adult Breathing Circuits (4 suppliers)
Anesthesia Accessories (18 suppliers)
Anesthesia Face Masks (48 suppliers)
Anesthesia face masks have a top portion having an aperture, an encompassed side portion and an open bottom portion. These masks are located on the open bottom portion, which are inflatable sealing means. These also provide a pneumatic seal between the mask and the patients face. These masks are transparent and located around the nasal bridge.
Adult Manual Resuscitator (4 suppliers)
Anesthesia Extension Sets (3 suppliers)
Anesthesia extension sets provide needle-free injection with a simple luer lock. It comes with a normally closed dual manifold that offers low holdup volumes so that the intended dose goes directly in-line. These set includes a four-way stopcock and adapter with a back check valve.
Acne Treatment Patch (1 supplier)
Acne Treatment Patch is a part of salicylic acne treatment and can be used as immediate relief for pimple. This starts to work on contact to quickly reduce the size and redness of pimples. Invisible acne patch is also available.
Anti-Itch Patch (1 supplier)
Anti-Itch patch includes a flexible backing have a front and back side. A therapeutic formulation is positioned on at least a portion of the front side of the backing. The therapeutic formulation includes a medicament, useful for treating a condition associated with an insect bite, a rash, a skin irritation, poison ivy, poison oak, an inflammatory skin condition, or poison sumac and a pressure sensitive adhesive. The method includes applying to the skin surface of the patient in need of such treatment an adhesive patch of the present invention. The adhesive patch effectively treats a condition associated with the insect bite, the rash, the skin irritation, the poison ivy, the poison oak or the inflammatory skin condition.
A-scan/pachymeter (4 suppliers)
Access Security Control Systems (5 suppliers)
Air Filtration Units (12 suppliers)
Auto Refractor (10 suppliers)
Automatic Refractor Heads (1 supplier)
Automatic Perimeter (7 suppliers)
Automatic perimeter is a computer-driven instrument used during an eye examination to plot possible defects in the field of vision . During the procedure, points of light are projected to various spots inside a large "globe″ while the patient indicates whether or not the lights can be seen.
Astigmatic Contact Lenses (2 suppliers)
Optical Astigmatic Contact Lenses are used for regular astigmatism. The refractive error of the astigmatic eye stems from a difference in degree of curvature refraction of the two different meridians. Astigmatism causes difficulties in seeing fine detail and vertical lines appear to the patient to be tilted. The astigmatic optics of the human eye can often be corrected by spectacles, hard contact lenses or contact lenses that have a compensating optic cylindrical lens.
Automated Slide Staining Machine (4 suppliers)
Automatic Soap Dispensers (19 suppliers)
An automatic soap dispenser is a hands-free dispenser of soap. It can be used for other liquids such as shampoo and hand lotions. The touch-free design operates when a sensor senses motion under the nozzle, and dispenses the liquid.
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (76 suppliers)
The aneroid sphygmomanometer is a rugged, reliable handheld cuff inflator used for manual inflation of vascular cuffs. They pump fast and is symmetrical for easy operation with either hand. Precise deflation control is achieved with a trigger-type valve. It can also be used with segmental cuff selector.
Adjustable Sphygmomanometer (26 suppliers)
Active Stain Remover (2 suppliers)
Antibodies Stain Sets (3 suppliers)
Automated Stainers (1 supplier)
Automatic Steam Sterilizer (5 suppliers)
Air Suspension Vibration Isolation Tables (1 supplier)
Alpha Fetoprotein Microtiter Tests (2 suppliers)
Anti-thyroglobulin Antibody Radioimmunoassay Kit (1 supplier)
Advanced Tissue Arrayer (1 supplier)
Automated Tissue Arrayer (1 supplier)
Advanced Smart Tissue Processor (1 supplier)
Advanced smart tissue processor is a fully enclosed, stand-alone system for processing of cassette-embedded samples. It combines tissue processing with other useful features such as a user interface, color touch screen, powerful software, real-time remote application, and service support.
Anaesthetic Multiparameter Monitor (14 suppliers)
Anti-Myoglobin Detection Kit (10 suppliers)
Allergy Free Nitrile Gloves (5 suppliers)
Adjustable-Volume Pipettors (5 suppliers)
Adjustable-Volume Pipettors features autoclavable tip cone & lower section assembly, turn plunger for easy volume setting, click sound at each increment, ergonomic, lightweight design & soft plunger movement for user comfort and streamlined tip ejector designed for access to narrow necked containers & tubes.
antibiotic susceptibility plate reader (1 supplier)
Analyst HT Plate Reader System (1 supplier)
Advanced Modular System For Platelet Aggregation (1 supplier)
Automatic CoverSlipping Machine (1 supplier)
Automatic CoverSlipping Machine features exclusive mountant media dispensing system, which eliminates the formation of air bubbles under the coverglass, microwaveable slide baskets interface with most automated staining machines and available with semi-disposable.
Automatic Freezers High-Capacity CryoStorage System (1 supplier)
Automated Dispensing Systems (11 suppliers)
Automated Dispensing Systems are drug storage devices or cabinets that electronically dispense medications in a controlled fashion and track medication use. Automated dispensing systems provide access to medications on the patient care units. Automated dispensing systems combine the tight dispensing control of TPD with the head-placement accuracy of stepper- and servo-motor controls, resulting in highly accurate, repeatable & reliable dispensing processes.
Antigen (PSA) - Detection Kit (5 suppliers)
Anti-GBM Antibodies Test Kids (1 supplier)
Automotive Diagnostic Equipment (20 suppliers)
Automated Genetic Analysis System (1 supplier)
Automated Genetic Analysis System uses a fluorescent-based dye technology. This system automatically fills the capillary array with a linear polyacrylamide gel, denatures & loads the sample, applies the voltage program and analyzes the data.
Acrylic Glove Boxes (24 suppliers)
Acrylic Glove Dispensers (2 suppliers)
Acrylic Glove Dispensers feature lids to keep gloves clean & protected with each lid opening independently. Acrylic glove dispenser allow user to see the type and size of disposable glove that is available. It is used in medical, dental, food or industrial applications.
Automated Hematology Analyzers (38 suppliers)
Automated Hematology Analyzers are used to differentiate, count and estimate the size of the individual blood cells in the samples. Automated hematology analyzers have the capability of accurately measuring the value of MCV as part of the blood count.
Automated Hematology Workcells (3 suppliers)
Autoantibody Kits (3 suppliers)
2001 to 2050 of 2963 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 40 [41] 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 >> Next 50 Results
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