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Anterior Cervical Fusion Kit (4 suppliers)
Aortic Cross-clamp, Angled Jaws (1 supplier)
Aorta Clamp, Vascular Teeth (15 suppliers)
Aorta Clamp, Spoon-shaped Jaws (15 suppliers)
Aortic Aneurysm Clamps (3 suppliers)
Aortic Exclusion Clamp, S-shape (1 supplier)
Auricle Appendage Clamp (1 supplier)
A-v Fistula Clamp (2 suppliers)
Aorta Mini Clamp (1 supplier)
Aneurysm Clamp (2 suppliers)
Aorta Exclusion Clamp (2 suppliers)
Appendage Clamp (1 supplier)
Aorta Clamp (20 suppliers)
Air Warming Blankets (2 suppliers)
Angiography Systems (22 suppliers)
Angiography or arteriography is a medical imaging technique in which an X-ray image is taken to visualize the inside or (lumen) of blood vessles and organs of the body. With particular interest in the arteries, veins and the heart chambers. Depending on the type of angiogram, access to the blood vessels is gained most commonly through the femoral artery, to look at the left side of the heart and the arterial system or the Jugular or Femoral vein, to look at the right side of the heart and the venous system. Using a system of guide wires and catheters, a type of contrast agent is added to the blood to make it visible on the x-ray images.One of most common angiograms performed is to visualize the blood in the coronary arteries. A long, thin, flexible tube called a catheter is used to administer the x-ray contrast agent at the desired area to be visualized. The catheter is threaded into an artery in the groin or forearm, and the tip is advanced through the arterial system into one of the two major coronary arteries. X-ray images of the transient hiradiocontrast distribution within the blood flowing within the coronary arteries allows visualization of the size of the artery openings. Angiography is also commonly performed to identify vessel narrowing in patients with leg claudication or cramps, caused by reduced blood flow down the legs and to the feet; in patients with renal stenosis (which commonly causes high blood pressure) and can be used in the head to find and repair stroke.
Adjusting Tables (25 suppliers)
Athletic Shoes (12 suppliers)
An Athletic Shoe is a generic name for footwear designed for sporting and physical activities & is different in style and build than a dress shoe.The term athletic shoes is used for running in a marathon or half marathon, basketball and tennis but tends to exclude shoes for sports such as football (soccer) and rugby, which are generally known as boots or cleats. The shoes themselves are made of flexible material, that features a sole made of dense rubber. A specific example of this is the spiked shoe developed for track running.
Adjusting Benches (21 suppliers)
Advertising & marketing Service (25 suppliers)
Accounting Systems (9 suppliers)
Appointment Aids (14 suppliers)
Anatomical Kits (16 suppliers)
Acupuncture Kits (14 suppliers)
Automated Pipetter (10 suppliers)
Accreditation, Cd-roms (4 suppliers)
Autoimmune Test Kits (22 suppliers)
Allergy Kits Instruments (6 suppliers)
Allergy Reagents & Test Kits (7 suppliers)
Automated Genetic Testing Instruments (5 suppliers)
Accreditation, Dvds & Videotapes (2 suppliers)
Autopsy Equipment (1 supplier)
Assistive Listening Systems (104 suppliers)
Auditory Trainers (39 suppliers)
Acoustic Damping Systems (19 suppliers)
Audiometers & Accessories (112 suppliers)
Audiometer Repair Services (64 suppliers)
Audiometric Test Room Service (56 suppliers)
Audiometric Test Kits (46 suppliers)
Anechoic Chambers (17 suppliers)
An Anechoic Chamber is a shielded room designed to attenuate waves. Anechoic chambers are used to provide a shielded environment for radio frequency (RF) and microwaves. An RF anechoic chamber is designed to suppress the electromagnetic wave analogy of echoes, reflected electromagnetic waves, from the internal surfaces. Both types of chambers are constructed with echo suppression features and with effective isolation from the acoustic or RF noise present in the external environment. In a well-designed acoustic or RF anechoic chamber, the equipment under test receive acoustic, mechanical or RF signals from the signal source, not reflected from another part of the chamber. This ensures the integrity of the testing being conducted. Furthermore, the shielding of the chamber limits interference from equipment located outside of the chamber.
Adjustable Footplates (22 suppliers)
Abbreviation Expansion Systems (2 suppliers)
Automatic Door Openers (4 suppliers)
Amputee Stump Supports (9 suppliers)
Air Mattresses (26 suppliers)
Adult Scooters (18 suppliers)
Adult Bathing Commodes (16 suppliers)
Adult Crutches (29 suppliers)
Alternating Pressure Seat Cushions (4 suppliers)
Abductors Positioning Systems (14 suppliers)
Adult Bathtub Chairs (10 suppliers)
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