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Antitussives (4 suppliers)
Antitussives are drugs that inhibit the cough reflex. Antitussives treats dry coughs caused by colds, flu and lung infections. This reduces sensory receptor activation or work by an ill-defined mechanism, depressing a cough centre in the brainstem.
Aprons (70 suppliers)
Arch & Turf Toe (4 suppliers)
Arthritis Treatments (2 suppliers)
Arthritis is a general medical term referring to signs and symptoms of inflammation of the joints, which is caused by wear & tear, injury or infection.
Arthritis Treatments (5 suppliers)
Arthritis Treatments (8 suppliers)
Athletic Cloth (6 suppliers)
Athletic Cohesive (3 suppliers)
Athletic Elastic (8 suppliers)
Audiometer/Tympanometer (18 suppliers)
An audiometer is a machine used for testing hearing. Tympanometer diagnoses middle-ear disease, which indicate eustachian tube dysfunction. The tympanometer consists of a probe that fits into the ear canal tightly enough to prevent an air leak, a sound generator, a microphone to detect sound in the external ear canal and a vacuum pump capable of altering the pressure in the ear canal.
Anesthesia Workstation (17 suppliers)
Anesthesia Delivery Unit (11 suppliers)
Anesthesia delivery unit is a pioneering approach to anesthesia delivery. It is designed to mix and dose respiratory gases and to ventilate the patient. The delivery unit is the basis for a flexible anesthesia system with full monitoring and data management capabilities.
Anesthesia Monitor (29 suppliers)
Anesthesia Monitor (AM) is a multiparameter monitor. It offers a flexible and upgradeable solution for routine to the most demanding anesthesia applications. It forms a comprehensive, integrated and ergonomic system helping to provide real value for patient care.
Anesthesia Ring (30 suppliers)
Anesthesia Software (2 suppliers)
Anesthesia Books (0 suppliers)
Anesthesia Billing Software (4 suppliers)
Automatic Defibrillators (64 suppliers)
Automatic defibrillators are portable automatic device used to restore normal heart rhythm to patients in cardiac arrest. It is used to treat cardiac arrest. It is a life-saving device because cardiac arrest is a sudden condition that is fatal if not treated within a few minutes.
Angioplasty Catheters (8 suppliers)
Angiographic Catheter, Angled Pigtail (14 suppliers)
An angiographic catheter is a thin plastic tube. It is inserted into an artery through a small incision in the skin. Once the catheter is guided to the area being examined, a contrast material is injected through the tube and images are captured using a small dose of ionizing radiation x-rays. Catheter angiography is used to examine blood vessels in key areas of the body, including the brain, kidneys, pelvis, lungs and heart.
Angiographic Catheter Amplatz Left 1.0 (14 suppliers)
Audiometric Cabinets (2 suppliers)
Automatic Ice-cube Machines (2 suppliers)
Air Mattress (17 suppliers)
Air mattress, also known as an airbed is an inflatable mattress, usually made of plastic or textile-reinforced plastic or rubber. The deflated mattress can be rolled up or folded and carried or stored relatively easily, making air mattresses choice for camping trips and for temporary bedding at home for guests. They are inflated either orally by blowing into a valve, or with a manual foot-powered or electric pump. Some are even automatically inflating (up to a certain pressure -- usually some manual work is also needed) just by opening the valve.The three main categories for use of air mattresses are camping, temporary home use and full time permanent use. Some air mattresses are specifically designed to perform both functions (camping and guest use) while others are specifically designed for one purpose alone(permanent use in the home or RV).
Air Splints (1 supplier)
Air splint is a hollow tubular inflatable cylinder used to immobilize fractured or injured limbs to promote healing. It was also used to stabilize the knee in patients who were unable to fully control their knees during standing.
Aluminum Massage Chair (1 supplier)
Adult Soft Cupping Applicator (1 supplier)
Adaptor Ring (1 supplier)
Air & Light Therapy, Mist Floor Lamp (1 supplier)
Air & Light Therapy, Salt Crystal Lamp (1 supplier)
Air & Light Therapy, Salt Crystal Aroma Lamp (1 supplier)
Air & Light Therapy, Salt Crystal Tea Light Lamp (1 supplier)
Air & Light Therapy, Air Cleaner with Ionizer (2 suppliers)
Aquatic Exercise Floatation Belt (12 suppliers)
Aquatic Swim Bar (1 supplier)
Aquatic Traditional Pull Buoy (1 supplier)
Adjustable Back Support (65 suppliers)
Air Neck Traction Support (4 suppliers)
Adjustable Ankle Support (61 suppliers)
Adjustable Arch Support (11 suppliers)
Air Ankle Support (39 suppliers)
Ankle Compression (1 supplier)
Achilles Tendon Strap (1 supplier)
Adjustable Wrist Support (43 suppliers)
Adjustable Knee Brace (16 suppliers)
Adjustable Shin Support (3 suppliers)
Adjustable Thigh Support (18 suppliers)
Air Adjustable Lumbar Back Rest (8 suppliers)
Automatic Wax Heaters (2 suppliers)
Aluminum Splints (2 suppliers)
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