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Articulated External Ankle Fixators (2 suppliers)
Articulated external ankle fixators are specially designed for use in tibial pilon fractures. It provides minimally invasive, stable fixation of pilon fractures and allows early joint movement. It offers excellent stability and early joint movement with the radiolucent articulated ankle clamp.
Autoclavable Arthroscopes (7 suppliers)
Autoclavable arthroscope features single-hand control, allowing for seamless arthroscopy as the second hand can remain on the shaving or ablating device. It is an integrated illumination system, which provides 360 degree image rotation, and a direct coupling mechanism for rapid telescope exchange. All the components are fully autoclavable.
Adjustable Back Brace (10 suppliers)
Adjustable back brace provides firm, comfortable support to help relieve back pain. It is ideal for back strains and sprains, moderate disc and arthritic conditions, sciatica, muscle spasms, chronic unstable lumbar spine, and strains of sacroiliac area. It consists of a pair of spaced apart support members configured to extend circumstantially about a patient's waist. Each support member has a posterior portion and an anterior portion.
Acrylic Bone Cement (14 suppliers)
Acrylic bone cement is the primary load-bearing material used for the attachment of orthopedic devices to adjoining bone. It is used as a fixing device in total hip arthroplasty and it is based on polymethyl-methacrylate.
Assisted Reproduction Devices (4 suppliers)
Autoclavable Bed Pan (1 supplier)
Aluminium Surgical Box (1 supplier)
Autoclave Accessories, Sterilization Sticker (2 suppliers)
Autoclave Accessories, Electric Cord (2 suppliers)
Autoclave Accessories, Bakelite Wing Nut (1 supplier)
Autoclave Accessories, Pressure Valve (2 suppliers)
Autoclave Accessories, Pressure Gauge (8 suppliers)
Autoclave Accessories, Rubber Gasket (1 supplier)
Autoclave Accessories, Immersion Heater (4 suppliers)
Autoclave Accessories, Aluminium Container (2 suppliers)
Austin Moore Pins (3 suppliers)
Artificial Resuscitator, Adult (4 suppliers)
Artificial Resuscitator, Child (5 suppliers)
Artificial Resuscitator, Infant (7 suppliers)
Autoclavable Artificial Resuscitator (5 suppliers)
Arthroscopy, Basket Forcep (3 suppliers)
Arthroscopy, Dissector (1 supplier)
Arthroscopy, Grasper (3 suppliers)
Arthroscopy, Banana Knife (1 supplier)
Arthroscopy, Hook Knife (2 suppliers)
Arthroscopy, Rosette Knife (1 supplier)
Arthroscopy, Meniscutome (2 suppliers)
Arthroscopy, Smilie Knife (1 supplier)
Arthroscopy, Retrograde Knife (1 supplier)
Arthroscopy, Hook Probe (2 suppliers)
Arthroscopy Scissor (4 suppliers)
Atraumatic Clamp (1 supplier)
Aortic Aneurysm Clamps (6 suppliers)
Anastomosis Clamps (8 suppliers)
Autoclave Cleaning Brush (1 supplier)
Adult Laryngoscope Lamp (5 suppliers)
Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzers (1 supplier)
Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer provides a 12-test profile, including nine chemistries, specific gravity by refractometer, color and clarity. This benchtop analyzer operates with batches of 60 to 210 patient specimens with the addition of optional load/unload trays and has continuous loading capability. It functions as a stand-alone analyzer or as part of the automated urinalysis system.
Autoslide Slide Maker Stainer (2 suppliers)
Automated Chemiluminescence System (2 suppliers)
Antimicrobic Susceptibility Testing Device (1 supplier)
Absorbance Microplate Reader (12 suppliers)
Automated Blood Sampler (4 suppliers)
Automated blood sampler (ABS) is designed to collect whole blood, urine and feces over a long period of time from a single awake, freely moving rat. Each cart unit can house four rats each with its own cage and associated blood sampling apparatus. This system collects blood in sealed, refrigerated vials which are transferable to a 96-well plate. Urine is collected in chilled scintillation vials. Feces are collected separately on a stainless steel screen.
Automated Drug Infusion System (1 supplier)
Automated Drug Infusion System has plural pumping channels that operate independently for intravenously infusing drugs and fluid. The pumping channels are controlled by a microprocessor-based host controller that monitors each of the channels concurrently. It is suitable for identifying the particular drug that is to be pumped through a channel, preventing priming of a channel unless verification is provided that the channel is not connected to a patient and initiating the priming of each of the pumping channels independently.
Analysis Kits, Neurotransmitters (1 supplier)
Automated Plate Processor (1 supplier)
Automatic Flame Photometer (2 suppliers)
Automatic flame photometer is designed specifically for the automatic analysis of the 4 principal elements like sodium, calcium, potassium and barium relating to emission analysis. The instrument is capable of measuring all four elements from a single aspiration, corrections and linearising functions including both quadratic and linear. Its features include high sensitivity, integrated air flow controls, automatic analysis of four elements with a single aspiration, quadratic and linear calibration, electronic burner ignition plus options for portable use when connected to a suitable battery.
Albumin Marker (1 supplier)
Albumin Marker is bromphenol blue which binds to albumin. The marker is added to the normal human serum control so the control is used as a migration marker in immunoelectrophoresis procedures. The control is a stabilized liquid prepared from pooled normal human serum for use as a normal control serum for immunoelectrophoresis procedures.
Anaerobic Identification Kit (7 suppliers)
Anaerobic identification kit is a test kit for identification of anaerobic bacteria. It is reliable and permits identification of the clinically most significance anaerobic bacteria if it is supplemented with other tests such as gaschromatographic analysis, morphology, lecithinase, lipase and antibiotic sensitivity pattern.
Automated Microplate Assay System (1 supplier)
Adult Bibs (9 suppliers)
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