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Standard Direct Ophthalmoscopes (15 suppliers)
Straight Dressing Forceps (76 suppliers)
Small Excimer Laser Systems (5 suppliers)
Surgical Exophthalmometers (5 suppliers)
Soft Contact Lenses For Extended Wear (13 suppliers)
Extended wear contact lenses are a type of contact lens that attempts to deliver the convenience of being able to see without eyeglasses all of the time. Extended wear contact lenses soft lenses are made from highly oxygen permeable hydrophilic polymeric materials. These lenses allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea.
Surgical Eye Shields (6 suppliers)
Small eyelid implants (1 supplier)
Small eyelid implant is a small gold plate shaped to fit eye. It is thin, with smooth, tapered edges designed to make it fairly inconspicuous when it is implanted into eyelid. The weight of the implant is precisely calibrated to allow gravity to pull eyelid closed when relax the muscle that lifts upper eyelid. When tense the muscle again, the eyelid opens normally. Gold is the ideal material for these implants because gold does not corrode, it is heavy and it is virtually inert, making it very unlikely to irritate the tissues in eyelid.
Sterilized Eyelid Specula (2 suppliers)
A sterile eyelid speculum is used to hold the eyelid open. The injection is administered into the back and side of the eyeball by a syringe with a 27 gauge or 30 gauge needle.
Sensitive Farnsworth Panel D-15 (2 suppliers)
Surgical Instruments and Accessories, Flap Smoothers (7 suppliers)
Spectacle Indirect Ophthalmoscope (13 suppliers)
Spectacle indirect ophthalmoscope is ideal for office, hospital, and nursing home visits. It gives ophthalmologist a true stereopsis in small pupil exams from 2mm and up. Its leading edge design assures the ultimate in clarity (with illumination and image). It accommodates practitioners with smaller interpupillary distances, generally 49 to 74 mm.
Serrated Jaw Intraocular Forceps (52 suppliers)
Straight Iris Forceps (50 suppliers)
Stainless Steel Iris Scissors (85 suppliers)
Student Iris Scissors (80 suppliers)
Self-Opening Iris Scissors (79 suppliers)
Sterile Irrigating Solution (3 suppliers)
Sterile irrigating solution exerts a mechanical cleansing action for sterile irrigation of body cavities, tissues, wounds, indwelling urethral catheters, and surgical drainage tubes. It is used for washing and rinsing purposes that allow use of a sterile nonpyrogenic electrolyte solution.
Stainless Steel Jaeger Lid Plates (11 suppliers)
Stainless steel jaeger lid plates effectively protect the cornea and globe during eyelid procedures. It is made of stainless steel material. It provides ultimate protection during electrosurgical techniques.
Surgical keratometers (22 suppliers)
Two classes of surgical keratometers are commercially available. The first class of devices produces a keratoscopic image from which the surgeon must make a qualitative assessment of both the amount and location of astigmatism based upon distortion present in the keratoscopic image. The second class of devices quantitates corneal power at a chosen meridian providing the surgeon with either an analogue or digital readout. Usually it is up to the surgeon to identify the meridian of greatest corneal power based on qualitative alterations of the keratoscopic image. These keratoscopes are based either on the optical principles of the von Helmholtz keratometer, or on nonparallel electronic image digitization.
Silicone Lacrimal Intubation (1 supplier)
Straight Illuminated Laser Probe (3 suppliers)
Straight illuminated laser probe combines illumination and laser functions in one handpiece. It permits free hand to perform other surgical maneuvers. It improves peripheral endo laser capabilities, especially to the anterior.
Surgical scissors, Mayo (59 suppliers)
Stainless Steel Mayo Scissors (67 suppliers)
Stainless steel mayo scissors are made of stainless steel materials. It is ideal for cutting heavy fascia and sutures. It is designed for right- or left-handed use. It is available in many styles, and sizes.
Stainless Steel Mayo Stands (6 suppliers)
Stainless steel mayo stand is constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel material. It is designed for convenience during surgical procedures. It consists of U-shaped base that minimizes interference with other equipment or patient, removable stainless steel tray, two rubber wheel, and ball bearing casters.
Straight Metzenbaum Scissors (63 suppliers)
Sterile Mini Blades (3 suppliers)
Stainless Steel Mini-Blades (6 suppliers)
Strabismus Muscle Forceps (50 suppliers)
sterile occluders (2 suppliers)
Sterile occluders are indicated for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. It is designed to provide a simple, reversible means of long term punctal occlusion by reducing or eliminating tear drainage via the punctum. The occluder is easy to insert and comfortable for the patient after placement.
Sulfacetamide, Prednisolone - Ophthalmic Ointment (1 supplier)
Sulfacetamide, prednisolone - ophthalmic ointment is a medication used to prevent or treat eye infections and treat swelling in the eye. It contains an antibiotic (sulfacetamide) that stops the growth of bacteria and a corticosteroid (prednisolone) that reduces inflammation.
Sopamycetin Ophthalmic Ointment (1 supplier)
Sopamycetin ophthalmic ointment is a trade name for chloramphenicol, an antibiotic that binds to 5OS ribosomal sub units, inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. It is used to treat infections of the eye.
Sterile Ophthalmic Ointment (2 suppliers)
Sterile ophthalmic ointment is a sterile antimicrobial ointment formulated for ophthalmic use. This medication attacks gram-negative bacilli, including virtually all strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa and haemophilus influenzae species.
Small Incision Instruments (1 supplier)
Sodium chloride - Ophthalmic solution is used to reduce swelling of the cornea in certain eye conditions. It can offer effective temporary relief when the person suffers from corneal edema.
Silicone Punctum Plugs (9 suppliers)
Silicone punctum plugs are non-dissolvable and are considered semi-permanent as they can fall out or may need to be replaced in six months to one year. These plugs are used in semi-permanent closure of the punctum. It features a softer more flexible silicone that maximizes patient comfort.
smaller punctum plugs (9 suppliers)
Smaller punctum plugs are effective in treating moderate to severe dry eye that is unresponsive to artificial teardrops and ointments. It increases the comfort level and lowers the frequency of artificial tear use in most dry eye patients. It can be inserted either in the lower eyelid or in the upper eyelid or in both eyelids. These plugs are smaller in size.
Stainless Steel Stick Mounted Prisms (2 suppliers)
Lambda retinometer is a device used for assessing potential visual acuity of patients with cataracts and other opacities. It scans the pupil with the red light spot to find a window through which the patient can recognize the grating pattern and identify its angle.
Surgical semicircular blade (1 supplier)
Silicone Foldable IOLs (1 supplier)
Silicone foldable IOL is used in the early rehabilitation, earlier stabilization of refraction and reduction in induced astigmatism. It can be folded by the help of special instruments like forceps or cartridges and can be inserted through an incision smaller than its optic size.
Sinskey Lens Manipulating Hooks (2 suppliers)
Sinskey Hook (IOL Hook) (1 supplier)
Surgical Instruments and Accessories, Spatulas (13 suppliers)
semiautomated Specular Microscopes (34 suppliers)
Stab Incision Blades (3 suppliers)
Stab incision blades are designed for stab incisions. It is usually color coded for simple and accurate identification.
Surgical Scissors, Stitch (58 suppliers)
Sterile Marking Pens (3 suppliers)
Sterile marking pens are used on individual patients to minimize the risks of cross-infection. It provides non-toxic ink for marking on the skin. Ink remains visible after surgical preparations swabs.
Surgical Microscope Video Camera Adapters (64 suppliers)
Surgical Wound Care, Hemostasis Surgicel (7 suppliers)
Surgical wound care, Hemostasis surgical is used to control significant hemorrhage from life-threatening traumatic wounds. It also provides blanket protection against heavier bleeding. It is excellent for cardiac trauma, gastrointestinal, and gynecologic procedures. It is also suitable for heavy bleeding, endoscopic procedures and for any procedure where wrapping is required.
Straight Suturing Forceps (51 suppliers)
Surgical Tissue Forceps (96 suppliers)
Straight Tissue Forceps (80 suppliers)
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