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Single-use Urine Drainage Bag (3 suppliers)
Soft Tissue Allografts (10 suppliers)
Software Based Arthroscopic Shaver System (2 suppliers)
Software based arthroscopic shaver system is a software based device, which provides aggressive tissue resection and rapid bone debridement in arthroscopic procedures. Shaver hand piece combines power with precision cutting to offer maximum performance for surgeons.
Surgical Instruments, Bone Awls and Probes (11 suppliers)
Simplex Tobramycin Bone Cement (14 suppliers)
Simplex tobramycin bone cement is an effective and safe means to deliver antibiotic for patients with renal dysfunction who undergo total hip replacement. It delivers very high local bactericidal concentrations of tobramycin. It has minimal systemic absorption with rapid urinary excretion, even in patients with moderate renal dysfunction.
Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps (52 suppliers)
Surgical Bone Holding forceps (68 suppliers)
Surgical bone holding forceps are used to hold, stabilize, rotate, reduce, and compress bone. These forceps are also used when positioning bone screws and plates and insert K-wire. It is used during orthopedic surgeries to correct fractures.
Surgical Instruments, Bone Hooks (15 suppliers)
Bone hooks are used to chip away flakes of the remaing bone. It is placed to retract and stabilize the hyoid during the dissection. It is also used to pull the distal fibula in a lateral direction.
Specialty Surgical Instruments (38 suppliers)
Surgical Bone Staples (6 suppliers)
Surgical bone staple comprises two parallel legs connected by a cross member. A cross member has apertures dimensioned to tightly receive the legs. A ligament placed between the securing member and head of the staple is securely retained after the stable
Strain Gauged Bone Staples (6 suppliers)
Self-tapping Cannulated Screw (2 suppliers)
Self-tapping cannulated screw is useful in the cervical spine to stabilize odontoid fractures and to treat atlantoaxial instability. It has several distinct advantages including the K-wires guide the screw position into the bone, the K-wire trajectory can
Silicone rubber carpal implants (1 supplier)
Silicone rubber carpal implant is used for the replacement of the carpal scaphoid and lunate bones.
Synthetic Casting Materials (43 suppliers)
Sterile Medical Grade Casting Material (40 suppliers)
Self Retaining Cervical Retractors (43 suppliers)
Self retaining cervical retractors provide superior retractor blade stability and image friendly visualization capabilities for all cervical spine retraction objectives. The image-line's color-coded sizing system allows for rapid and accurate blade size d
Surgical Chisels (6 suppliers)
Surgical chisels are also be classified as cutting instruments. Chisels are used to remove bone and to split it. It is usually used with mallets. These are constructed of stainless steel material, made from an inclined plane attached to a straight handle.
Stainless Steel and Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum Compression Hip Screws (2 suppliers)
Single-portal Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (4 suppliers)
Single-portal endoscopic carpal tunnel release is a surgery procedure that helps to relieve the pain and numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The goal of endoscopic carpal tunnel release is to release the tight ligament over the median nerve to reli
Swiss Ball (1 supplier)
Swiss ball is a ball made of elastic rubber with a diameter of around 55 to 85 cm. It is used in physical therapy and exercise.
Stable Femoral Components (10 suppliers)
Stack Finger Splints (36 suppliers)
Slip In Insoles (1 supplier)
Slip-in insoles provide long lasting heel-to-toe comfort. It absorbs shock, reduces friction, and improves overall foot comfort.
Surgical Large Bone Power System (2 suppliers)
Surgical large bone power system is a battery powered orthopedic system designed to meet the requirements of large bone surgical procedures. Its design features all-inclusive sterile transfer power pack, which is comprised of the battery, motor, and all electronics. It offers an unobstructed line of site to cutting.
Split Leg Positioners (3 suppliers)
Stackable Leg Positioners (3 suppliers)
Self Massage Aids (8 suppliers)
solid-state monopolar generators (3 suppliers)
Silicone rubber MP joint Implants (4 suppliers)
Silicone rubber MP joint implants are used in MP arthroplasty. It serves as a spacer to maintain the joint in alignment after a resection arthroplasty is performed. These implants are inserted without an attempt to achieve rigid fixation. It is suitable for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis.
Surgical Instruments PCL Instruments (5 suppliers)
PCL instruments are designed to accurately create the femoral tunnels necessary in arthroscopic double bundle PCL reconstruction. These simply guide pin placement for anterolateral and posteromedial femoral tunnel sockets drilled endoscopically from an anterolateral portal.
Surgical Instruments, Portal Instruments (7 suppliers)
Shoulder Prosthesis (9 suppliers)
silicone radial head Implants (3 suppliers)
Silicone radial head implant can be used as a temporary spacer. The use of a silicone radial head implant to provide temporary stability is thought to help to protect the ligaments during healing.
Surgical Instruments, Small Joint Electrodes (8 suppliers)
Surgical instruments, Small joint electrodes are used to quickly vaporize and debride structures, such as triangular fibrocartilage, synovial tissue, ligaments, and cartilage in the wrist. The electrodes can also be used to thermally modify soft tissue. The electrodes malleability and small size facilitate access to all areas within the joint.
Small Joint Ball Electrode (1 supplier)
Small joint ball electrode is ideal for controlled tissue modification in small joint applications. When used in conjunction with the electrosurgical system generator, digitally enhanced real time tissue impedance tracking allows the small joint ball electrode to safely coagulate tissue at lower wattage settings and avoid unnecessary heat formation. It is hand or foot controlled for surgeon preference.
Shin Splints (37 suppliers)
Surgical helmet system (SHS) (6 suppliers)
Surgical helmet system (SHS) is either a loose-fitting hood or a hood combined with an integral gown. It is used during orthopedic procedures to decrease the patient's risk of deep wound infection by keeping skin and other particles from the surgeon's face from falling into the open surgical site. These are also used to protect surgical staff from infectious blood splashes and potentially infectious aerosols generated by power tools during orthopedic procedures.
Small Joint Suture Anchor System (1 supplier)
Small joint suture anchor system offers superior holding strength and small size in an easy-to-use system. The anchor is pre-threaded with a 2-0 non-absorbable braided polyester coated suture. It can be used ideally in ulnar or lateral/collateral ligament reconstruction, scapholunate ligament reconstruction, and PIP joint reconstructions.
Slotted Suture Anchor (1 supplier)
Slotted suture anchor is an elongatyed tubular member having first and second ends. The terminal end of the suture is secured to the first or leading end of the suture anchor. It is used for securing a suture to body tissue in an athroscopic surgical procedure.
Surgical Instruments Suture Knives (9 suppliers)
Suture Scissors (8 suppliers)
Suture scissor is a straight- bladed instrument with 6-inch blunt surface and one sharp point that permits the assistant to slide the blade down the suture strand until it stops on the knot, at which point the suture is cut.
Suture Cutters (4 suppliers)
Suture cutters consist of elements for cutting back the leads of a suture after the suture is tied into a knot. It can be used to push and position a knot.
Surgical Suture Or wire passers (3 suppliers)
Surgical sutures are optimized for slowly healing tissue and provide a superior knot security. It is easy to handle and tie. The elasticity, biocompatibility and long degradation time of sutures make it ideal for repair of slowly healing tissue like tendons and ligaments.
Surgical Suture Passers (7 suppliers)
Surgical suture passer is a device used for suturing soft tissue. It is capable of probing tissue, and preferably provides tactile feedback concerning the condition of the tissue. It can then be used to pass and retrieve a suture without the need for an additional suture retrieval tool.
Suture Punch System (1 supplier)
Suture punch system is an orthopedic instrument that enables the surgeon to arthroscopically suture bankart lesions, rotator cuff tears and incomplete ACL tears. It is capable of directly passing braided suture through tissue in a simple, one-step process.
Surgeon Punches (2 suppliers)
Synthetic Vertebral spacers (2 suppliers)
Surgical Instruments, TFCC Repair Systems (4 suppliers)
Stemmed Tibial Component (1 supplier)
Stabilized Total Knee Systems (16 suppliers)
Stabilized total knee system is comprised of a femoral component, tibial tray, and tibial insert that are intended to be used in total knee arthroplasty. It is used in situations where the posterior cruciate ligament is absent, or cannot be preserved.
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