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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Spirometry Monitoring Paper (3 suppliers)
Silent Humidifiers (1 supplier)
Single-Limb, Home Care/Portable Ventilator Circuit (2 suppliers)
Swivel Oxygen Tubing Connectors (4 suppliers)
Spirometers, Volumetric Exercisers (2 suppliers)
Spirometer is a device used by physician that assesses lung function. Spirometer is a most common pulmonary function tests. It determines how well the lungs receive, hold & utilize air. It is used to monitor a lung disease, effectiveness of treatment and to determine the severity of a lung disease.
Spirometers, Inspiratory Exerciser (2 suppliers)
Spirometers, Incentive Breathing Exerciser (2 suppliers)
Incentive Breathing Exerciser includes an inner bellows whose deflection allows accurate measurement of the initial volume of air inhaled by a patient and an outer bellows for measuring larger volumes of air after a valve in the inner bellows opens.
Spirometers, Lung Volume Exerciser (1 supplier)
Small Volume Nebulizer (5 suppliers)
Small Volume Nebulizer is a device that holds liquid medicine. This device is utilized to deliver aerosolized medications to the surface of the lung. A small volume nebulizer delivers medications to rapidly relieve acute asthma episodes. This nebulizer may be either electric or battery operated and is equipped with either a mouthpiece or mask attachment.
Sleep Diagnostic Transducers (1 supplier)
Surgical/Free-Flow Vacuum Regulator (12 suppliers)
Standard Three-Mode Continuous Vacuum Regulators (11 suppliers)
Standard Two-Mode Continuous Vacuum Regulators (11 suppliers)
Suction Tubing (16 suppliers)
Suction Machine (13 suppliers)
Suction Machine is a pump used to maintain an airway by removing secretions from the mouth, throat or lungs. It is particularly important in neurological diseases where the ability to cough or swallow is impaired. Suction machine is prescribed by the doctor to help remove secretions and mucus from the airways.
Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinets (2 suppliers)
Softwares, Aerosol Delivery System (1 supplier)
Software Analyzers, Cardiovascular (1 supplier)
Software Analyzers, Arterial Blood Pressure (1 supplier)
Software Analyzers, Left Ventricular Pressure (1 supplier)
Left Ventricular Pressure Analysis Module is developed to specifically analyze the left ventricular pressure from the heart. Left ventricular pressure analysis functions by applying a series of logical tests to the digitized ventricular pressure signal.
Software Analyzers, Blood Pressure (1 supplier)
Slim Style Back Cushion (1 supplier)
Slim Style Back Cushion is filled with high-density urethane foam. It is covered with blue poplin fabric. It is available with or without a strap for securing to seats.
Seat Cushions & Wedges (21 suppliers)
Seat Cushions & Wedges are available in durable blue poplin or black vinyl-covered models. It features 3-inch foam to relieve pressure. Seat wedge is tapered to assist in proper lumbar positioning.
Scale Services (1 supplier)
Sterilizers Repairs (3 suppliers)
Surgery and Physical Therapy Equipment Repairs (1 supplier)
Slide Glass For Microscope (4 suppliers)
Sensor Interface Cable (4 suppliers)
Serial Interface Cable (2 suppliers)
Safety Needle (8 suppliers)
Safety Needle includes an elongate, tubular needle and a safety probe, which is movable between an extended position with a blunt distal end of the safety probe projecting distally of the needle distal end and a retracted position with the safety probe distal end disposed proximally of the needle distal end.
Small Mammal Illumination Device (1 supplier)
Self-adhering Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Self-adhering Conductive Pads (1 supplier)
Single-use Electrodes For Electrocardiograms (3 suppliers)
Single-use Neutral Electrodes For High-frequency (HF) Electrosurgery (1 supplier)
Sterile Venous Catheter Fixations (1 supplier)
Silver Circular Surface EMG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Silver Strip Style Surface EMG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Silver Circular sEMG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Silver Strip Style sEMG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Stretchable Pre-gelled Silver Chloride sEMG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Stretchable Pre-gelled Silver Chloride Surface EMG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Simultaneous Collecting Device For Red Cells And Plasma (1 supplier)
Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute Granules (12 suppliers)
Synthetic bone graft substitute granules are to be used in bone void filling of surgically or traumatically created osseous defects. It is indicated for use as bone void filler.
Surgical Pachymeter (5 suppliers)
Pachymeter combination device is a device that is used to measure corneal thickness, which can be a determinant for refractive procedures. It is most advanced and precise device for acquiring corneal pachymetry measurements.
Single Channel ECG (5 suppliers)
Single channel ECG is capable of acquiring data from 12 leads simultaneously. Its measurements are performed automatically and can be printed in multiple formats. ECG signals are commonly used in medical care, for monitoring, diagnosis, and treatments of patients suffering from heart diseases.
Spring Guide Catheter (1 supplier)
Spring guide catheter is constructed of a surgical stainless steel continuous spring with a dual fluoropolymer coating. The uncoated distal tip is soft, smooth and rounded with coils slightly spread to allow for injection, maximum flexibility and lateral distribution of injectant.
Spinal Needles (22 suppliers)
Spinal needle is used for atraumatic dural puncture purpose. It reliably prevents dural leakage and therefore a large portion of post-puncture headache and probably all severe complications of CSF loss. It has translucent hubs that features contact clarity which helps visualize flashback to ensure proper needle placement.
Surgical Drop-Off Apron (3 suppliers)
The surgical drop-off apron is designed to remove from under surgical gown without compromising sterile fields. It features front velcro closures with back criss-cross straps, which assure easy removal from both over or under the surgical gown without disturbing the sterile field.
Safety Blood Collection Set (5 suppliers)
Safety blood collection set improves safety for blood collection personnel as well as increasing patient protection. It is intended for blood collection and infusion procedures. It allows delivering exceptional patient care without compromising personal safety. It has translucent shield that provides visualization of flash back after needle penetrates vein.
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