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Safety Scalp Vein Sets (7 suppliers)
Scalp Vein Sets (27 suppliers)
Scalp vein sets are designed to provide quick venous access and greater patient comfort during long-term infusion. Its thin wall needle provides better flow rate per gauge. It is used in conjunction with infusion set or syringe for intravenous and hypodermic injections for human body.
Safety AV Fistulas (1 supplier)
Safety Huber Infusion Sets (3 suppliers)
Sphincterotomes, Triple Lumen (1 supplier)
Sphincterotomes, Double Lumen (1 supplier)
Stone Extraction Balloon Double Lumen (1 supplier)
Stone extraction balloon double lumen is used for temporarily occlusion of uretropelvic junction to prevent stone fragments from entering the ureter during percutaneous lithotripsy and for injection of contrast.
Stone Extraction Balloon Triple Lumen (2 suppliers)
Stone Extraction Baskets, Single Use (1 supplier)
Stone Extraction Baskets, Reusable (1 supplier)
Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles (13 suppliers)
Soft tissue biopsy needles are designed for manual capture of high quality tissue sample with minimal trauma to the patient.
Small Hub System (1 supplier)
Syringe Reservoirs (2 suppliers)
Stainless Steel Hip Systems (1 supplier)
Spinal Cages (5 suppliers)
Spinal Spacers (4 suppliers)
Spinal Plates (6 suppliers)
The spinal plate is intended to permit the osteosynthesis of the vertebrae of the lower zones of the vertebral column after a surgical intervention on one of these zones. It is characterized in that it consists of two substantially vertical blades connected at their ends via transverse bridges, each of these blades comprising longitudinal slots whose shape and dimensions are designed in such a way as to permit the passage of fastening screws, each one at the optimum level for each patient.
Stretchers (53 suppliers)
Stretcher is a medical device, which is used to carry casualties or an incapacitated person from one place to another. It is usually carried by two people, one at the head and the other at the feet. The casualty is placed on the stretcher, and can then be carried away.
Single Head Stethoscope (12 suppliers)
Single head stethoscope monitors heart and respiratory sounds, and also detects fetal sounds. It has chrome-plated or oxidized chest piece. It is designed to increase acoustic amplification and detects Korotkoff sounds during blood pressure measurement.
Squeezable Tissue Marking Dyes (1 supplier)
Surgical Skin Marking Pens (3 suppliers)
Surgical skin marking pen is ideal for minor surgery and dermatology applications. It provides sharp distinct markings that remain visible for several days but can be removed with soap and water.
Single Use Surgical Instruments (50 suppliers)
Surgical Smoke Evacuator System (2 suppliers)
Surgical smoke evacuator systems are designed to effectively capture and filter surgical smoke to remove odor, particulates, and other potentially hazardous byproducts of electro surgery procedures. It offers convenience, ease of use, and optimal performance for the hospital operating room, surgery center and clinic, or office setting.
Single Stitch Biopsy Sutures (1 supplier)
Surgical Custom Lighting Solutions (5 suppliers)
Suction Swab Kit (4 suppliers)
Suction swab kits are ideal for cleaning and suctioning the mouth. It is suitable for use on ventilator patients to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia. The suction swab helps remove debris and oral secretions between brushings. 
Suction Toothbrush (2 suppliers)
Suction toothbrush is a toothbrush designed to evacuate bacteria, dental plaque, saliva, fluids, and food debris to greatly reduce bacterial infection, chronic halitosis, and the hazard of aspiration of critical care and convalescent patients. The unit can be used with a wall mounted suction unit or a portable suction pump.
Stainless Steel Ring Electrodes (1 supplier)
Single Piece Stationary Disk Electrode (1 supplier)
Stainless Steel Single Disc Electrodes (1 supplier)
Sleep Monitoring System (11 suppliers)
Stereotactic Relocatable Frame, NonInvasive Frame (1 supplier)
Stereotactic relocatable frame is designed specifically for fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy treatments. It provides a fast, non-invasive and reproducible fixation of the patient. This frame is completely compatible with our head ring holder and multimodality localizer that can be shared between the single-dose and non-invasive frames.
Standard Suction Tubes (33 suppliers)
Surgical Suction Tubes (44 suppliers)
Surgical suction tubes suction involves removing solids, liquids, or gasses from the stomach or small intestine by inserting a tube through the nose/ mouth and suctioning the gastrointestinal material through the tube.
Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clips (3 suppliers)
Surgical Magnifying Loupes (8 suppliers)
Surgical Telescopes Loupes (8 suppliers)
Surgical telescopes loupes are designed and custom made to provide the finest optical aid to microsurgery.
Stainless Steel Watchmaker Forceps (52 suppliers)
Standard Hysteroscopic Equipment (1 supplier)
Specialized Laparoscopic Equipment (1 supplier)
Sterile Umbilical Tapes (22 suppliers)
Suction Vacuum Extractor (2 suppliers)
A suction vacuum extractor is an instrument to assist the delivery of babies. A hand-held pump produces low vacuum, which is applied to a suction cup attached to the exposed fetal head. Traction is applied to the fetal head to assist each contraction. The current trend for instrument-assisted delivery is toward less and less use of forceps. It is a cup like device that is either attached to a suction device on the wall or by a manual suction pump. It is placed on the back of the baby's head and the suction is increased so that the practitioner pulls with the mother's pushes.
Surgical Instruments and Accessories, Astigmatomes (5 suppliers)
Astigmatomes are used to significantly reduce regular astigmatism. It is also used to treat refractive astigmatism, allowing patients to switch from toric to spherical contact lenses, or to spectacle lenses with fewer optical aberrations. It is suitable to create limbal relaxing incisions for coexisting astigmatism during cataract surgery.
Surgical Blade Handles (4 suppliers)
Summer Beaver Blades (2 suppliers)
spherical bifocal Lens (4 suppliers)
Strabismus Surgery, Calipers (9 suppliers)
Swiss Cilia Forceps (50 suppliers)
Stainless Steel Cilia Forceps (50 suppliers)
Swiss Diamond Knives (6 suppliers)
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