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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Surgical Instruments, Wire Twisters (22 suppliers)
Surgical instruments, Wire twisters are designed to work with a wide range of wire types and sizes. It is used to tighten cerclage wire around a bone. It is usually used with a power drill or reamer.
Surgical Instruments, Wrist Instruments (5 suppliers)
Sugar Free Lozenges (10 suppliers)
Sugar free lozenges contain two active ingredients that include amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol. These ingredients are both mild antiseptics, which kill the bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections. The action of sucking the lozenges allows the active ingredients to work in the area of the discomfort and also helps lubricate and soothe the painful area. It relieves the soreness and discomfort of mouth and throat infections.
Sore Throat Lozenges (12 suppliers)
Sore throat lozenge temporarily relives minor irritation, sore throat pain, and sore mouth.
Sucralfate Mouthwashes (1 supplier)
Sucralfate mouthwashes are for prevention and treatment of 5-fluorouracil-induced mucositis.
Snore Relief Throat Spray (6 suppliers)
Snore relief throat spray is used to reduce the frequency and loudness of snoring. It has a pleasant taste so it can be used without reservation. It is a non-addicting formula that uses an essential oil blend.
Sore Throat Sprays (5 suppliers)
Sore throat spray is a safe, natural solution for all ages, reducing the pain, and discomfort of swallowing and reducing redness and soreness in the throat without causing side effects.
Surgical Nose Instruments (5 suppliers)
Spring Steel Turf Toe Insole (1 supplier)
Spring steel turf toe insole is intended for preventing turf toe injuries. It also helps relieve pain due to arthritis, light sprains and fractures. It is suitable for foot stability after surgery. It prevents, corrects turf toe and other metatarsophalangeal (M.P.) joint injuries.
Sports Blister Pads (4 suppliers)
Sports blister pads promote faster healing and help prevent scabs while protecting against reinjury. These pads stick on smoothly and are ultra-thin and offer no bulk or irritation, and it can stay in place for up to five days to protect from dirt, bacteria, and water.
Shock Absorbing Gel Heel Cups (2 suppliers)
Sophisticated Ultrasound Equipment (13 suppliers)
Static Urodynamics System (1 supplier)
Semi Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer (3 suppliers)
Semi automated urine chemistry analyzer is a single sample benchtop instrument for low-to-moderate urine testing. It is designed to perform like no other urinalysis system. It's the instrument solution that eliminates the tradeoffs between performance and value.
Semi Rigid biopsy forceps (70 suppliers)
Single Endo Use Clip Applier (1 supplier)
Self-Adhering External Catheters (5 suppliers)
Semi-Rigid Ureteroscopes (5 suppliers)
Semi-Rigid Ureteroscopes features one-piece tapered conical shaft for gradual, atraumatic ureteral dilation, autoclavable high density fused quartz bundle provide rod lens-like high resolution image, dual working channels and ergonomic working channel placement & finger holds for surgeon control.
Surgical Incontinence Treatment, Grafts and Matrix (2 suppliers)
Stone Grasping Forceps (53 suppliers)
Shockwave Lithotripsy Systems (3 suppliers)
Sterile Midstream Catch Kits (1 supplier)
Sterile MidStream Catch Kits includes things for cleaning catch urine specimen collection. Each sterile wrapped tray has a 4 oz urine cup with tab ring & screw cap, bilingual instruction pamphlet and ID label. Each specimen container is calibrated in 10 cc & .25-ounce increments up to 120 ccs.
Surgical Incontinence Treatment, Needle Suspension (2 suppliers)
Standard Needle Suspension (2 suppliers)
Sterile Obturators (2 suppliers)
Semiautomated Urinalysis Systems (2 suppliers)
Small Pediatric Urethral Catheters (22 suppliers)
Suprapubic Urodynamics Catheter Set (2 suppliers)
Suprapubic Urodynamics Catheter Set includes needle, straight safety wire guide, dilators and urodynamics catheter. It is used for suprapubic monitoring of bladder pressures.
Surgical prostate Cryoablation System (1 supplier)
Standard Resection Electrodes (5 suppliers)
Standard Flow Resectoscopes (3 suppliers)
Standard Flow Resectoscopes treats enlarged prostate glands, removes bladder tumors and incises strictures in the urinary tract.
Semi Rigid Fiberoptic Ureteroscopes (1 supplier)
Small-diameter Semirigid Ureteroscopes (1 supplier)
Stone Manipulation, Stone Extractors (22 suppliers)
Surgical Staplers, Open Clip Appliers (21 suppliers)
Surgical Clamps (21 suppliers)
Surgical Clamps are made of metal or other rigid materials that cause trauma to the clamped vessel at the clamping site.
Surgical Hooks (4 suppliers)
Spiral Reinforced Urethral Stent (1 supplier)
Stent Positioners With Radiopaque Band (1 supplier)
Stent Positioners With Radiopaque Band is used for retrograde positioning of a ureteral stent. The radiopaque band improves fluoroscopic visibility of the positioner tip.
Silicone Elastomer-Coated Latex Foley Catheters (6 suppliers)
Scalpel Vasectomy Hemostat (2 suppliers)
Safety Syringes (44 suppliers)
Stretching System (2 suppliers)
Stone Retrieval Baskets (4 suppliers)
Stone Retrieval Baskets is used to retrieve gall stones and kidney stones.
Surgical microscope for ENT Surgeons, Ophthalmic Surgeons (24 suppliers)
Surgical microscope for Gynecologist Surgeons (22 suppliers)
Sterile Water (5 suppliers)
Serum Separator Tubes (4 suppliers)
Serum Separator Tubes is used when serum is the preferred specimen. Serum separator tubes require centrifugation to allow formation of the gel barrier between the serum and the red cells.
Serum Tubes (3 suppliers)
Serum Tubes are coated with micronised silica particles, which activate clotting when tubes are gently inverted. Serum tubes are available in 200 µl and 400 µl sizes with or without attached caps in colourless & in six colours. Serum tubes are made of precision-molded, medical grade polyethylene and frozen to -70 degrees C.
Statistical Analysis/Graphic Presentation Software (3 suppliers)
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