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MEDICAL products beginning with : F
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Femoral Left Catheters Femoral Left Short Tip (2 suppliers)
Femoral Right Catheters Guide Catheter (2 suppliers)
Femoral Right-Short Tip Catheters Guide Catheter (2 suppliers)
Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) Devices (1 supplier)
Fetal pulse Oximetry (2 suppliers)
Fetal pulse oximetry is used to measure oxygen saturation of fetal blood as an adjunct to electronic fetal heart monitoring. The reflection of specific wavelengths of light is used to determine the amount of oxygen in blood under the skin.
Fitness Treadmills (43 suppliers)
Fitness Equipment Treadmills (42 suppliers)
Fixed Caliper (3 suppliers)
Freeze-Dried Reagent (1 supplier)
Freeze-dried reagent is preferably for use in clinical diagnosis, which enables a simple and rapid determination of components active in proteolysis. It is used for the diagnosis of trypanosomiasis hemgglutination test and for the detection of trematode antigens.
Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometer (3 suppliers)
Flammable Material Storage Refrigerators (1 supplier)
Flammable material storage refrigerators are designed to ensure maximum safety for storage of flammable and volatile materials. These refrigerators have interior shelving (non-adjustable) and door storage compartments. It is spark-proof and contains corrosion-resistant interior with steel encased electrical components, hermetically sealed compressors, adjustable temperature controls and nonsparking magnetic door gaskets.
Fecal Transport Kit (2 suppliers)
Fecal transport kit is used to store and transport stool specimens that are examined for ova and parasites. It is designed with screw cap vials with an attached collection spoon that facilitates safe handling of specimens. This kit is available with prefilled either PVA fixative or 10% formalin and include full instructions for use. This kit is also self-standing and has a patient identification label.
Flexible Tracheostomy Tubes (9 suppliers)
Fluid-Resistant Surgical Gowns (33 suppliers)
Fabric-Reinforced Surgical Gowns (30 suppliers)
Fluid-Resistant Molded Surgical Masks (35 suppliers)
Fluid-resistant molded surgical mask is used to reduce potential exposure of the wearer to blood and body fluids. This mask provides efficient filtration to reduce patient contamination caused by exhaled microorganisms. It is soft, molded & lightweight mask, which is slipped on and off quickly & easily. This mask is used in operating room, clinics, patient care, sterile processing, labor and delivery, infection control practices and in laboratory.
Fog-Inhibiting Surgical Masks (34 suppliers)
Foam Tip Protectors (1 supplier)
Foramaldehyde-free Surface Disinfectant (1 supplier)
Floor Standing Autoclaves (2 suppliers)
Freeze Drying Units (12 suppliers)
Foaming Hand Sanitizer (12 suppliers)
Fruit Pesticides Remover (1 supplier)
Fertilizer Residue Remover (1 supplier)
Fluorescent Ring Lights (5 suppliers)
Fluorescent Linear Lamps (5 suppliers)
Forced Convection Oven with Air Curtain (2 suppliers)
Fabric Bandages (18 suppliers)
Finger Cot Bandages (12 suppliers)
Flexible Wound Closures (4 suppliers)
Fire Aerosols & Pump Sprays (2 suppliers)
Fire Blankets and Cases (6 suppliers)
Fluid Control Solidifier (3 suppliers)
First Aid Instruments (8 suppliers)
First Aid Signs (1 supplier)
First Aid Guide (1 supplier)
First Aid Tapes (8 suppliers)
Fixed Volume Pipettes (1 supplier)
Filter Paper (15 suppliers)
Fixation Pins (6 suppliers)
Forceps Round Handle (1 supplier)
Fibrous Tissue Dissectors (1 supplier)
Flat Back Spinal Fusion Curette (2 suppliers)
Flat Back Curettes (1 supplier)
Freezing Radial Microtomes (3 suppliers)
Floor Centrifuges, Refrigerated (16 suppliers)
Forehead Thermometers (41 suppliers)
Flavored Tongue Depressors (49 suppliers)
Floor Ultracentrifuges (14 suppliers)
Filtration Devices, Vacuum Line Protection (4 suppliers)
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