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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Forceps, Ligamenta flava (1 supplier)
Forceps, Ligature (11 suppliers)
Forceps, Liver (1 supplier)
Forceps, Monopolar (15 suppliers)
Forceps, Obstetrical (11 suppliers)
Forceps, Pile (1 supplier)
Forceps, Thoracic (3 suppliers)
Forceps, Hemostatic (25 suppliers)
Forceps, Hypophyseal (1 supplier)
Forceps, Lung (3 suppliers)
Forceps, Splinter (33 suppliers)
Forceps, Tenaculum (7 suppliers)
Forceps, Suture Tag (2 suppliers)
Forceps, Tendon (4 suppliers)
Forceps, Uterine Tenaculum (27 suppliers)
Forceps, Uterine Vulsellum (4 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Scopes (11 suppliers)
Fibre optic scope or endoscope of such small size and flexibility to allow safe diagnosis and treatment of lesions and disorders of the ureter and kidney. A 2mm outer diameter tube fabricated from a low friction material includes a bundle of fiber optics shaped to conform to an inner sector of the tube. This bundle provides illumination while a second fiber optic bundle, bonded alongside the first bundle, permits observation at a distal end. The remainder of the interior of the tube defines a longitudinal duct for the bidirectional exchange of fluids. The internal disposition of the fiber bundles and duct keeps the dimensions small enough to permit ureteral and renal applications as well as other heretofore inaccessible places.
Facility Engineering (9 suppliers)
Facilities Engineering is for the employer's electrical engineering, maintenance, environmental, health, safety, energy, controls/instrumentation, civil engineering and HVAC needs. The need for expertise in these categories varies widely depending on whether the facility is, for example, a single-use site or a multi-use campus; whether it is an office, school, hospital, museum and processing/production plant. Some colleges and universities offer degrees in facilities engineering. Others offer continuing education courses. The association for facilities engineering offers rigorous programs to certify engineers, maintenance managers and supervisors.
FDA Registered Tables (15 suppliers)
Flexible Orthotics (25 suppliers)
A Flexible Orthotics is used for providing sensory input and body awareness to a person suffering from a neurological disorder, autism, proprioceptive and sensory deficits, or hypersensitivity is disclosed. The orthotic is made from a multidirectional stretchable spandex material.
Foot Moisture Absorbing Items (4 suppliers)
The Foot Moisture absorbing item is used to absorb the moisture present in foot items. An insole of moisture absorbent material is shaped to conform to an average persons's foot sole so that it covers all or at least the forward portion of the wearer's foot. This insole is removably inserted in the wearer's sock to absorb moisture thereby protecting the wearer against the problems which stem from excess foot moisture and wet socks. The improved result is a washable and easily applied means for moisture protection of the wearer's feet consisting of a regular sock and a moisture absorbing insole positioned within the sock.
Flow Cytometry Test Kits (11 suppliers)
Flow Cytometry is a technique for counting, examining and sorting microscopic particles suspended in a stream of fluid. It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical or chemical characteristics of single cells flowing through an optical or electronic detection apparatus. Modern flow cytometers are able to analyse several thousand particles every second, in 'real time' and can actively separate and isolate particles having specified properties. A flow cytometer has 5 main components:a flow cell, a light source - commonly used are lamps, high power water-cooled lasers, low power air-cooled lasers, a detector and analogue to digital conversion system , an amplification system - linear or logarithmic and a computer for analysis of the signals.
Furniture (39 suppliers)
Footboards (8 suppliers)
Footplate Pads (4 suppliers)
Footrest Extenders (5 suppliers)
Fluid Seat Cushions (9 suppliers)
Folding Walkers & Accessories (66 suppliers)
Folding Commodes (12 suppliers)
First Aid Kits (199 suppliers)
Foot Baths (6 suppliers)
Female Indwelling Catheters (24 suppliers)
Foley's Kits (5 suppliers)
Foot, Corrective Wear (7 suppliers)
Franchise Programs, Durable Medical Equipment (4 suppliers)
Franchise Programs, Rehabilitation Products (4 suppliers)
Female External Catheters (32 suppliers)
Fluoroscopy Devices (11 suppliers)
Film (30 suppliers)
Foot & Ankle Implant Systems (10 suppliers)
Finger Joint Implant Components (2 suppliers)
Film Digitizers (60 suppliers)
Finger & Thumb Orthoses (17 suppliers)
Furniture Tables (24 suppliers)
Foot Products, Prefabricated (10 suppliers)
Furniture Trays (5 suppliers)
Flexibility Equipment (18 suppliers)
Foot Prosthetics (9 suppliers)
Foam Bed Pads (12 suppliers)
Furniture, Recliners (14 suppliers)
1201 to 1250 of 1700 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 [25] 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 >> Next 50 Results
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