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MEDICAL products beginning with : U
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Ultra Violet Dermatological Examination Lamp (1 supplier)
Ultra Violet Examination Lamp (1 supplier)
Uterine Scissors (2 suppliers)
Undergarments (12 suppliers)
Upright Broom, Natural Fiber (1 supplier)
Upright Brooms, Plastic (2 suppliers)
Utility Brushes (10 suppliers)
Urostomy Bags (5 suppliers)
Urostomy bags contain an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine traveling back into the stoma thus minimizing a possible kidney infection. At night the bottom of a urostomy bag may need to be attached to some tubing, which in turn attaches to a drainage system. It is need to be emptied regularly and the urine may need to be measured and recorded.
Urinary Accumulation Systems (1 supplier)
Urinary accumulation systems provide the incontinent sufferer, a simple and effective solution to a difficult bladder problem. It is used with reusable and disposable plastic leg bags. It prevents contact between the plastic leg bag and the skin allowing air to circulate and the skin to breath freely. It provides a simple and comfortable method for securing the urinary leg bag and eliminating the problem of slippage and disconnection of the catheter.
Urine Bag Holders (2 suppliers)
Urine bag holders are used with reusable or disposable plastic urine drainage leg bags. The drainage bags are designed to hold urine; which is drained into the bag usually by a catheter. These are made to prevent any contact between the plastic leg bag and the skin. These are also designed to allow the air to circulate and to let skin breathe freely. Urine bag holders also help to eliminate any problems with slippage and disconnection of the catheter.
Unidirectional Occluder (2 suppliers)
Unidirectional occluder is ideal for visualizing dissociated vertical deviation. It is suitable for use in the detection and identification of various misalignment conditions of the eye.
Universal Clamp For IV Pole (1 supplier)
Ultraviolet Magnifier Exam Light (2 suppliers)
Ultraviolet magnifier exam light is a hand-held and portable instrument. It has optically ground and polished magnifier lens with three-power magnification and focal legnth of 8″.
Upper Body Blanket (1 supplier)
Upper body blanket is designed for use during surgical procedures on the lower half of the body. The upper body blanket covers the upper torso, arms, neck, and head of the patient. It is commonly used in the supine position. It can also be used with the patient in the prone and lithotomy position. It is attached to clear head drape keeps warm air around an intubated patient's head and allows observation by the clinician.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (4 suppliers)
Universal Shower Gurneys (1 supplier)
Ultrasound Bone Analyzer (1 supplier)
Upright Post Zoom Colposcope (2 suppliers)
Urethral Probe (2 suppliers)
Urethral Probe - Long (1 supplier)
Uterine Manipulators (9 suppliers)
Uterine Manipulator Injector (9 suppliers)
Urinal for Adult (2 suppliers)
Unreamed Humeral Nails (1 supplier)
Ulcer, Burn & Wound Dressings (36 suppliers)
Ulcer dressings contain liquid-absorbing particles derived from natural cellulose in an elastic self-adhesive polyurethane (film) matrix. Burn dressings are designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries. The dressings are constructed of special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the burn free solution. Burn free dressings have several beneficial physical characteristics such as efficiently cover the burned area and yet elastic enough to accommodate possible swelling or the need to flex joints. They are light and easily transportable sterile dressings. A single application of this dressing is an effective first-aid measure on burns. Wound dressings are available in a wide range of physical forms with a variety of differing properties. There is no single dressing suitable for all types of wounds, and often a number of dressing types will need to be used during the healing of a single wound.
Ultrasonic Cleaners (70 suppliers)
Ultrasonic cleaners are also called ultrasonic baths. These are useful when combined with disinfectants. Ultrasonic baths use high-frequency sound waves to create powerful, cleansing bubbles in the liquid. This cleansing action is an effective way to clean tiny crevices that are impossible to reach with a brush. However, without an effective disinfectant solution, these devices will only sanitize implements.
Ultrasounds (112 suppliers)
Ultrasound is a form of cyclic sound pressure. The frequency is greater than the upper limit of human hearing, being approximately 20 kilohertz. In medicine, ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body. Health care professionals use this to view the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver and other organs. During pregnancy, doctors use ultrasound tests to examine the fetus. Unlike X-rays, ultrasound does not involve exposure to radiation.
Ultrasound Units (54 suppliers)
An ultrasound unit is a noninvasive medical device. It is used to produce images of body tissues and organs from differential reflections of ultrasonic sound waves. These are suitable to guide instruments during such invasive treatments as needle biopsies. It is also used to localize the contours of deeply seated tumors such as the prostate gland and then to deliver simultaneous radiation treatment using the linear accelerator.
Underpads (69 suppliers)
Underpads are used to protect the skin of patients who are incontinent of urine or stool. These products are designed to absorb moisture, wick the wetness away from the skin, and maintain a quick-drying interface with the skin. It is suitable to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces. It features bonded construction that reduces top sheet separation and clumping.
Underwrap & Prewrap (2 suppliers)
Prewrap is a pre-taping foam underwrap designed to help protect skin from tape chafing and sticking. Pre-wrap is put on before athletic tape. It can be used to hold pads and socks in place and as a protective wrap inside hiking boots, ski boots, and other athletic footwear.
Urethral Trays (25 suppliers)
Urethral trays consist of all necessary components needed for a complete surgical procedure. It is also available in bilevel configuration, which separates prepping components from catheterization components, or space-saving slim-line paperboard configuration.
Uric Acid Reducers (3 suppliers)
Urine Dip Stick Chemistries (11 suppliers)
Used Defibrillators (13 suppliers)
UW7 Operating Room Doppler (2 suppliers)
UW7 operating room doppler is a bi-directional doppler designed for the operating room. The patented red and green LED's on the probe tip indicate the direction of blood flow, and power to the unit is also controlled on the probe tip. The pencil style probe and cable are detachable for easy sterilization. The speaker unit can be placed outside of the sterile field, to maintain safety for the patient.
Unipolar Ventricular Lead (1 supplier)
Upper Extremity Ergometers (7 suppliers)
An ergometer is a device used to measure the amount of work or exercise a person does. It is also the general term used to describe a variety of hand, foot, or combination exercise devices that allow people to exercise their upper and lower extremities while in a stationary position. Upper extremity ergometers can be used on a table or on the floor for foot use. Hand grips are available for full, partial, or nonexistent hand grasp.
Used CT Scanners (12 suppliers)
Urine Catheter (2 suppliers)
Urinary catheter is a plastic tube that is either inserted through a patient's urinary tract into their bladder or attached to a male patient's penis. A balloon located at the end of the catheter is usually inflated with sterile water to prevent the catheter from slipping out. In this manner, the patient's urine is collected and contained for various medical purposes.
Ultrasound Catheter (13 suppliers)
An ultrasound catheter is designed for placement inside the venous system, provides ultrasound images with unparalleled detail resolution and penetration, down to 15 cm in the heart. It represents a significant advance in the diagnosis of heart disease. It is a very small tube that is inserted in a blood vessel in arm or groin that can travel to the heart.
Umbilical Catheter (11 suppliers)
Umbilical catheter is designed for intermittent or continual access to the umbilical artery or vein of the newly born or premature baby. It can be used with venous or arterial routes for infusion, transfusion, and administration of medication, blood sampling and pressure measurement. The smooth surface inside and outside eliminates the danger of injury to delicate veins and arteries.
Uric Acid (9 suppliers)
Uric acid is a chemical created when the body breaks down substances called purines. Purines are found in some foods and drinks, such as liver, anchovies, mackerel, dried beans and peas, beer, and wine. Most uric acid dissolves in blood and travels to the kidneys, where it passes out in urine. High levels of uric acid in the body are called hyperuricemia. This test checks to see how much uric acid is in the blood.
Ultrasounds (14 suppliers)
Ultrasound is a cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing, this limit being approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz). It is useful in the detection of pelvic abnormalities and can involve techniques known as abdominal (transabdominal) ultrasound, vaginal (transvaginal or endovaginal) ultrasound in women, and also rectal (transrectal) ultrasound in men.
Urine Chemistry Analyzers (11 suppliers)
Urine chemistry analyzers are designed for use with reagent strips for urinalysis. It delivers reproducible and accurate results, limiting interference from elevated protein, glucose, color, temperature, and drugs. It generally has automatic temperature correction function unit that can increase the precision and accuracy of the test results.
Urinalysis Strips (5 suppliers)
Urinalysis strips are used for rapid determining of many parameters in urine such as glucose, blirubin, ketone, specific gravity, urobilinogen, nitrite, leukocytes, occult blood, PH, protein, and vitamin C.
Ultrasound Contrast Agents (3 suppliers)
Ultrasound contrast agents are gas-filled microbubbles that are administered intravenously to the systemic circulation. Microbubbles have a high degree of echogenicity, which is the ability of an object to reflect the ultrasound waves. It is effective in enhancing echo- cardiographic imaging and has revolutionized the potential applications of non-invasive, economically attractive, diagnostic ultrasound.
Ultramillers (1 supplier)
Ultrapure Grade Water Purification Systems (19 suppliers)
Ultrapure Grade Water Purification Systems - 5L per day (15 suppliers)
Undercounter Refrigerators (4 suppliers)
Undercounter Refrigerators feature pull-out drawers & baskets, which makes easy and convenient to store everything from fresh fruits & vegetables and reversible door swing, which provides flexibility in installation.
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