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MEDICAL products beginning with : U
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
USB Foot Switches (2 suppliers)
UV Laser Lenses (7 suppliers)
Universal Ophthalmic Diagnostic Sets (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Phacoemulsification System (9 suppliers)
Ultrasonic phacoemulsification system consists of an ultrasonic phacoemulsification handpiece and a handpiece driver. The aspiration component of a phacoemulsification system removes lens fragments and fluids from the anterior chamber. The phacoemulsification handpiece generates ultrasonic energy that fragments the lens material into small pieces that can be aspirated from the capsular bag and anterior chamber. It is light, durable and requires less power, and has an extremely high speed frequency.
Universal Wire Stitch Scissors (64 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Bone Cement Remover (14 suppliers)
Ultrasonic bone cement remover utilizes ultrasonic waves to remove bone cement speedily and efficiently. The oscillating tip of the probe liquefies the cement at the point of contact, allowing it to be removed in minutes. It has the ability to recognize bone on contact and to signal this to the operator instantly. Probe position can thus be changed immediately, avoiding damage to the fragile bone.
U Shape Bone Staples (5 suppliers)
U shape bone staples have a pair of legs with sharp front ends and proximal ends interconnect by a bridge portion that is resilient and bowed. These staples an initial configuration and capable of a tensioned configuration by spreading apart the legs by a
Used Cast Saws (8 suppliers)
Underarm Crutches (8 suppliers)
Underarm crutches help those who have difficulty walking comfortably. It adds great support when walking and is easy to carry and travel with.
Ultrasound Bone Growth Stimulators (13 suppliers)
Ultrasound bone growth stimulator is designed to accelerate healing in all non-union fractures excluding skull and vertebra. It is used for 20 minutes daily at the fracture site to promote healing. It transmits a low intensity ultrasound signal to the fracture site through coupling gel. This system includes the stimulator, ultrasound transducer probe, 2 full bottles coupling gel, and strap assemblies.
Unilateral Hip Orthoses (6 suppliers)
Uncemented total wrist Arthroplasty (3 suppliers)
User-Friendly Wheelchairs (80 suppliers)
Universal Radiotherapy Simulator (10 suppliers)
Universal radiotherapy simulator is an essential tool for improving the quality of radiotherapy treatments. This simulator locates the tumour, determines its size and position with respect to other organs, defines necessary protection, determines the precise size of the field, and sets beam entry and exit, in order to correctly mark the patient.
Ultrasound Medical Diagnostic Equipment (41 suppliers)
Urodynamics Software (2 suppliers)
Ureteroscopic Biopsy Forceps (69 suppliers)
Ureteroscopic biopsy forceps are designed to pass easily through flexible ureteroscope in tortuous anatomy. The larger jaw capacity maximizes biopsy volume. The long, deflectable shaft enables access into upper urinary tract and renal pelvis. Its scissors-grip handle provides more force to the cutting surface.
Used Cystoscopes (7 suppliers)
Urethral Stents, Endoureterotomy Stents (3 suppliers)
Urology Stone Manipulation, Extracorporeal Lithotripsy (2 suppliers)
Extracorporeal Lithotripsy apparatus includes shock wave tube for generating focused shock waves at a location in the body of a patient at which a calculus is disposed for disintegrating the calculus. The shock wave tube has a deformable portion, which conforms to the shape of the patient when the shock wave tube is pressed against the patient and a rigid portion, which support the deformable portion. The apparatus also includes a system for positioning the shock wave tube at a location against the patient such that the calculus is disposed at the focus.
Urological Fascial Or Renal Dilation (1 supplier)
Urology Instruments, Graspers (8 suppliers)
Urinary Incontinence Cuffs (11 suppliers)
Urological Catheters, Intermittent Catheters (25 suppliers)
Urinary Intermittent Catheters (9 suppliers)
Urology Universal Light Guide (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Lithotripsy System (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Lithotripsy System is an easy to use system for the physician's intracorporeal stone management needs. The system fragments the stones while simultaneously aspirating the emulsified product. Ultrasonic lithotripsy system offers three mode selections that allow the user to choose the precise ultrasonic vibration amplitude.
UV/Visible Absorbance Microplate Reader (12 suppliers)
Urinalysis System, Auto-Particle Recognition (1 supplier)
Urethrotome Sheath (2 suppliers)
Urological Percutaneous Pigtail Nephrostomy Sets (1 supplier)
Urological Stone Manipulation Devices, Pediatric (2 suppliers)
Urological Percutaneous Catheters and Sets (27 suppliers)
Uterine Resectoscopes (4 suppliers)
Ureteroscopy, Urethral Access Sheaths (4 suppliers)
Universal Wedge Urethral Catheter (19 suppliers)
Universal Wedge Ureteral Catheter is used for retrograde pyelogram.
Urethral Dilation Balloon Catheters (7 suppliers)
Urethral Dilation Balloon Catheters is used to dilate the male or female urethra to treat stricture disease.
Urethral Dilator Set and Dilators (7 suppliers)
Urethral Dilator Set is used for dilation of the ureter prior to uretero renoscopy and also for sequential dilation of the intramural tunnel & ureter and/or stone manipulation. It is used with 0.038″ guide wire.
Urethral Catheter Tray (22 suppliers)
Urethral Catheter Tray is a compact procedural tray that features all components for urethral catheterization. It includes waterproof absorbent small underpad, latex gloves, prepping balls, forceps, sterile lubricating jelly and sterile 2 oz specimen bottle.
Urethral Insertion Tray (4 suppliers)
Urethral Catheterization Trays (32 suppliers)
Urethrotome, Non Optical (2 suppliers)
Urine Strips (8 suppliers)
Used Handicapped Vans with New Wheelchair Conversions (3 suppliers)
Ultrasound Scanning Gel (7 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Therapy Equipment Repairs (4 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaner Repairs (2 suppliers)
Urodynamics Chair/Table (3 suppliers)
Ultrasound Gel (38 suppliers)
UV Examination Lamps (4 suppliers)
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