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MEDICAL products beginning with : U
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Ulnar Nerve Pads (1 supplier)
Ultra Water Filters, Dual Stage (1 supplier)
Ureteral Dilators (2 suppliers)
Universal Lids (1 supplier)
Umbilical Cord Clamp and Cutters (2 suppliers)
Ultrasound Imaging Components (2 suppliers)
Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps (1 supplier)
Upper Extremity Attachment Plates (1 supplier)
Universal Multiple Connector Adapters (1 supplier)
Ultra Clean Oil-less Air Compressors (1 supplier)
Ultra Clean Large Facility Air Compressors (1 supplier)
Universal Sensor Holding Systems (1 supplier)
Ulnar Pin Plates (1 supplier)
Urine Collection Kits, Closed (1 supplier)
UV-C Air Sanitizers (1 supplier)
UV-C Sanitizing Wands (1 supplier)
Urine Screen Flyers (1 supplier)
Ultra Hot Air Tissue Processors (1 supplier)
U-Neck Pillows (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Assisted Wound Treatments (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Liposuction Devices (1 supplier)
Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis (2 suppliers)
UV Transilluminator (3 suppliers)
UV Transilluminator is designed to visualize DNA stained with ethidium bromide. It consists of UV filter, which is 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm in size and optimal for viewing almost every image. Its features include a UV-blocking cover and a power cut-off switch when the cover is open.
UV Transmitting Surface (1 supplier)
UV transmitting surface is provided to support the object. It eliminates the need to cut bands on top of the transilluminator. The housing is preferably constructed of a size and shape, which accommodates different sizes and shapes of articles close to the UV light as possible to minimize transmission loss. It consists of UV sensor, which is designed virtually to eliminate solarization effects on optical components and photodetector and is effective for both broad area and collimated light sources.
Urine Reagent Strips, Blood (7 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Glucose (10 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Protein (6 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Ketone (6 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Ketone test strips are used routinely to help measure the progress of dieters especially those maintaining a low carbohydrate diet. ketones are monitored in individuals with Type 1 diabetes. In diabetics, high ketone levels indicate ketoacidosis, a complication of inadequate insulin levels that leads to diabetic coma. In overall health considerations, high ketone levels are generally an indication of abnormal nutritional conditions, including starvation, fasting, anorexia, high protein or low carbohydrate diets.
Urine Reagent Strips, Urobilinogen (5 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Bilirubin (6 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Nitrite (7 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Leukocytes (6 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, Ascorbic Acid (4 suppliers)
Urine Reagent Strips, ascorbic acid are used for urinalysis, which are affixed several separate reagent areas. These strips provide tests for the semi-quantitative determination of glucose, ascorbic acid, protein, pH and blood in urine. The test results provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney function, acid-base balance and bacteriuria.
Urethral Catheterization Roll Kit (21 suppliers)
Urine Leg Bags With Antireflux Valve (22 suppliers)
Urine Meters With Drainage Bag (5 suppliers)
Urine meter with drainage bag has an enclosed relatively flexible burette that has a passageway at the lower end of the meter behind the burette to continuously equalize the fluid levels in the meter on either side of the burette. The groove and ribs are formed in the rear panel of the meter to support the burette, maintain its generally circular cross-section and to provide strength and rigidity to the meter itself. The outlet port of the urine meter is directly sealed to the front panel of a drainage bag. This meter includes a lip at the port, which extends into the drainage bag.
Universal Drainage Tray (1 supplier)
Universal Foley Catheter Tray (3 suppliers)
Universal Biomedical Amplifier (1 supplier)
Universal biomedical amplifier is the ideal product for a wide variety of biomedical applications. Its unique design offers DC-coupled signal transduction and complete electrical isolation without introducing artifacts common to most biomedical recording systems: baseline drift, amplifier noise, power line interference, distortion, and prolonged amplifier saturation.
Used Fluoroscopy Systems (4 suppliers)
Urethral Ring Electrodes (1 supplier)
Uni-Tab Electrodes (1 supplier)
Uni-tab electrodes are designed specially for clinical applications to promote hygienic treatment. It is self-adhering and conformable with thin and flexible low-profile design.
Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (24 suppliers)
Used Breast Pumps (1 supplier)
Uterine Biopsy Punch (25 suppliers)
Copper intrauterine devices are small flexible devices made of copper that prevent pregnancy when inserted into a woman's uterus through her vagina. These are a safe and effective method of reversible, long-term contraception for most women. These devices do not affect breastfeeding, interfere with intercourse, or have hormonal side effects.
Universal Castroviejo Corneal Scissors (71 suppliers)
Universal Diagnostic Lens (1 supplier)
Ultra-Microtome Diamond Knife (4 suppliers)
The ultra-microtome diamond knife is a cutting instrument having sharp and stable edge that allows slices of tissues or to cut various other materials. Diamonds for microtome knives are selected from gem-quality crystals free of inclusions and internal flaws, which could interfere with the formation of a perfect edge.
Use and Throw Microscissors (56 suppliers)
Upper Eyelid Implants (1 supplier)
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