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Round Frame Readers (2 suppliers)
Rustproof Intraocular Forceps (51 suppliers)
Right Handed Mayo Scissors (64 suppliers)
Right handed mayo scissors are used for cutting heavy fascia and sutures. These scissors are mainly constructed from stainless steel materials. It is available in many shapes, styles and sizes. It is designed for right-handed use.
Regular Multipurpose solutions (2 suppliers)
Regular multipurpose solution is used to clean, disinfect, rinse, store, rewet, and remove protein deposits from soft contact lenses.
Retractable MVR Blade (1 supplier)
Refractive Phakic IOLs (3 suppliers)
Refractive phakic IOL is a powerful refractive tool with almost unlimited potential to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. It is unique in that the thin intraocular lens implant is placed in the eye without removing the natural lens of the eye, as is required in cataract surgery. It is typically available in powers of -5.0 to -20.0 diopters (D) of power, making it an option for patients with both moderate and severe degrees of myopia.
Ruby Laser photocoagulator (2 suppliers)
Refractive Surgery, Pupillometers (2 suppliers)
Refractive surgery, Pupillometer is a device used to measure pupils and screen candidates for refractive procedures and other ophthalmic applications such as the fitting of multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) and orthokeratology. It can accurately measure pupils in total darkness.
Rigid neck rake retractor (2 suppliers)
Retinal thickness Analysis(RTA) (1 supplier)
Retinal thickness analysis (RTA) is an objective method to assess and quantify the retinal thickness in healthy controls and in diabetics without diabetic retinopathy.
Retinal Thickness Analyzer (2 suppliers)
Retinal thickness analyzer uses a computerized laser slit lamp to measure retinal thickness at the central 20 degrees of the macula, and overlays a map of measurements on the patient's retinal image. It can detect and document as little as 34mm of macular edema, which may cause disturbances in central vision. It can be used to monitor progression of macular thickening as diabetic macular edema increases or resolves in response to local and/or systemic therapy.
Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses (11 suppliers)
Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses offer many benefits including crisp vision, high oxygen permeability, and myopia control. It is more resistant to proteins and other deposits, making them easier to clean.
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses (7 suppliers)
Retinotomy Scissors (1 supplier)
Vitreoretinal surgery, Scleral buckle implant is produced by a piece of silicone sponge, rubber, or semi-hard plastic. It is placed on the outer layer of the eye by the ophthalmologist. The material is sewn to the eye to keep it in place. The buckling element is usually left in place permanently.
Round Bodied Forceps (1 supplier)
Eye chart is necessary to make comparisons and to record people's visual acuity. Types of eye charts include the Snellen chart, Landolt C, and the Lea test. It usually displays several rows of test symbols, each row in a different size. The person is asked to identify the numbers or letters on the chart, usually starting with large rows and continuing to smaller rows until the optotypes cannot be reliably identified anymore.
Refractive Surgery, Thermokeratoplasty (2 suppliers)
Refractive surgery, Thermokeratoplasty is a type of refractive surgery procedure, in which the application of heat shrinks the collagen of the corneal stroma and flattens the cornea in the area of heat application.
Rotatory Visual Evoked Potential (1 supplier)
Rotatory visual evoked potential is an experimental paradigm for eliciting visual evoked potentials whose dipole source appears to be outside the primary occipital cortex (posterior temporal).
Remote Visual testing Systems (4 suppliers)
Refurbished Arthroscopy Shaver (1 supplier)
Removable Cast Boots (6 suppliers)
Rollators (28 suppliers)
Rollators have steel frame with extra wide seat and adjustable handles. The hand grip style loop brakes with brake lock for secure stopping. The height of the handle can be adjusted to desired level. The handle height on rollators adjusts either at the ba
Reusable Foot Switching (1 supplier)
Remote Foot Switching System (2 suppliers)
Rehabilitive Orthoses Pediatric (1 supplier)
Removable Prosthesis (1 supplier)
Removable prosthesis is a best option to replace missing teeth. It provides easier access for oral hygiene procedures and the ability to correct discrepancies in dental arch relationships.
Retrograde Suture Retriever (1 supplier)
Removable synthetic spacers (13 suppliers)
Rolling Walkers (57 suppliers)
Rolling walker is a heavy-duty, height-adjustable wheeled walker with seat designed for use by individuals with arthritis, lower extremity disabilities, or walking disabilities.
Radiology, Imaging Systems (16 suppliers)
Radiology, Imaging systems use X-rays to capture the image of the body part to be diagnosed. Radiology imaging can be performed using either analogue imaging systems or digital imaging systems. Analogue imaging systems use film-type X-ray systems where images are produced on a physical film, while digital imaging systems produce virtual digital images.
Radiology Camera (1 supplier)
Radiology camera is an extremely sensitive camera that detects the distribution of radioactivity in the body over seconds, hours, or days. It can be used to measure the function of most organs in the body including the heart, kidney, liver, gallbladder, and lungs. It can measure thyroid function, reveal blood clots in the lungs, and track blood flow to the heart or other organs. It can help explain previously unexplained bone and abdominal pain and identify the spread of cancer. It can also measure how the heart reacts to stress.
Radiology X-Ray Cassettes/Screens (3 suppliers)
Radiology Accessories (11 suppliers)
Radiology Protection Screens (1 supplier)
Radiology Protective Screens (2 suppliers)
Radiographic Contrast Media (9 suppliers)
A radiographic contrast media is any substance introduced into the body in order to make an organ, or the surface of an organ, or materials within the lumen of an organ visible on imaging.
Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment (22 suppliers)
Reusable Latex Leg Bag (25 suppliers)
Reusable latex leg bag offers odor protection. It has a fast-draining anti-reflux red valve and an anatomical loop suspensory for the most comfortable and discreet fit. Its offset port design permits unrestricted flow in the seated position.
Rapid Balloon Inflation (1 supplier)
Reusable Biopsy Forceps (78 suppliers)
Reusable Hook Cautery Instruments (5 suppliers)
Reusable hook cautery instruments include laparoscopic instrument, reusable insert, protective insert, protective shield, primary insulation layer, outer insulation, and active electrode element. The protective shield built provides a neutral return path for capacitively coupled energy and protection from insulation failure. The shield is continuously monitored during surgery which provides continuous assurance of the integrity of the instrument.
Rigid Cystoscopes (8 suppliers)
Rigid cystoscopy is an examination of the bladder using an instrument called a cystoscope. This device has a light on the end, which enables the doctor to see as he/she looks through the urethra to bladder. During this procedure the doctor can scrape bladder tumors from the bladder wall, and/or insert stents and/or make an incision in a stricture in the bladder neck.
Reposable Endo Clip Applier (1 supplier)
Renal Extracorporeal Lithotripsy Systems (3 suppliers)
Reusable Obturators (3 suppliers)
Renal Transplant Stent Set, Pediatric (1 supplier)
Renal Surgical Devices Percutaneous Stone Extractors (22 suppliers)
Rotating Continuous Flow Resectoscopes (4 suppliers)
Rotating Continuous Flow Resectoscopes feature rotating design, continuous flow, snap-in snap-out locking mechanisms, quick release button for electrode, snap-on active cord, ergonomic handle grip configuration and color-coded sheaths & obturators.
Radio-Opaque Surgical Clips (4 suppliers)
Reusable Thermal Cautery Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Resuscitators (22 suppliers)
Resuscitators are made from silicon rubber and autoclavable up to 136°C. Resuscitators feature a textured surface and come with a unique support strap ensuring a firm grip and providing effective ventilation.
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