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MEDICAL products beginning with : O
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Orthopedic Cushions (58 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Loupes (6 suppliers)
Occluders (10 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Burrs (8 suppliers)
Ophthalmic burr is used to remove a corneal rust ring. The burr is held tangentially in contact with the tissue and is manually twirled of rotate the burr and remove the rust ring.
Ophthalmology Forceps (7 suppliers)
OptoKinetic Nystagmus Drum (2 suppliers)
Optical Pachymetry (2 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Beds and Stretchers (11 suppliers)
Optician Software (7 suppliers)
Optical Labs (12 suppliers)
Optical Tracking System (6 suppliers)
Optical tracking system operates on a standard PC platform and includes three cameras and a frame grabber. The system is able to track the position and orientation of a user's head and stylus in a cave-like volume. Active LEDs generate optical markers, which are acquired by the cameras. The system follows events in real time, processing 25 image frames per second.
Occipital Fixation Systems (3 suppliers)
Occipital fixation system is designed specifically to provide stability and fixation where it is needed. It is a spinal fixation device and provides internal fixation for immediate stability within the occipital cervical fixation junction.
Old Plating Systems (6 suppliers)
Oxygen Based Systems (6 suppliers)
Open (1 supplier)
Odontoid Fixation (1 supplier)
Operating Room Doppler (2 suppliers)
Operating room doppler is generally a pocket sized bidirectional doppler, designed for use in the operating room. The pencil style probe and extra long cable are detachable for easy sterilization. The speaker unit can be placed outside of the sterile field, to maintain safety for the patient. It features include red and green LED's in the probe tip to indicate flow direction, buttons on the probe for easy operation, and rechargeable NiCad batteries. It can also be used with the chart recorder for printing waveforms.
Operating Room Theater Lamps (7 suppliers)
Operating room theater lamps have great shadow reduction, which allows the doctor and nurse to see clearly. It is specially designed for providing cool and high intensity light colour-correcting heat protection filter for ensuring low heat radiation in the field.
Operating Microscopes (30 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Viewers (3 suppliers)
Ophthalmic viewers have dual magnification and smaller footprint that make photographic interpretation more precise, convenient, and efficient. It fulfills various ophthalmic needs, from fundus transparencies, anterior segment or endothelial cell count photos to fluorescein angiography.
Ophthalmic Diagnostic Sets (9 suppliers)
Ophthalmic diagnostic sets contain an ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, transformer, and case with handle. The retinoscope's continuously rotating external focusing sleeve that is easy to grip and manipulate regardless of hand size. The retinoscope and ophthalmoscope come with halogen light for bright, consistent, long-lasting illumination and brow rests to prevent scratching of eyeglasses.
Ophthalmic Loupes -- Light Sources (4 suppliers)
Occlusion Balloon System (3 suppliers)
Osteotomy Staples (1 supplier)
OrthognathicT System (1 supplier)
Orthodontic Anchor System (12 suppliers)
Optical Trocars (2 suppliers)
Orthopedic Shock Wave Therapy Device (1 supplier)
Ophthalmic Workstation (2 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Stand (3 suppliers)
Orthopedic Sneaker (1 supplier)
Ophthalmology Surgical Instrument (13 suppliers)
Otology Surgical Instrument (21 suppliers)
Obstetrics Surgical Instrument (13 suppliers)
Orthopaedic Systems (10 suppliers)
Obturator Pyramidical Tip (1 supplier)
Obturator Conical Tip (1 supplier)
Opiates-Morphine-Heroin (MOP) Rapid Test Kit (1 supplier)
Ophthalmology Needle Holders (143 suppliers)
Optical Sensors for Medical Device (2 suppliers)
Opiates ELISA Kit (2 suppliers)
Ontophoresis System (1 supplier)
Open Cuff Silicone Face Masks (35 suppliers)
Oral Airway Kit (3 suppliers)
Oxygen Pressure Regulators (10 suppliers)
Oximetry Softwares (1 supplier)
Oral Endotracheal Tubes (25 suppliers)
Oral endotracheal tubes are designed to conveniently position the anesthesia circuit out of the surgical field for oral and maxillofacial procedures.
Optha Eye Patch (6 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Tenotomy Scissors (14 suppliers)
Oxygen Controller (3 suppliers)
601 to 650 of 1263 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 [13] 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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