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MEDICAL products beginning with : O
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Orbital Shaking Water Bath (0 suppliers)
Orbital Shaking Incubator (0 suppliers)
Operating Table Accessories (1 supplier)
Ophthalmic Table Accessories (1 supplier)
Ophthalmic Surgical Blades (1 supplier)
Occlusion Catheter (5 suppliers)
Omnicardiograph/Cardiointegraph (1 supplier)
Oxygen Transcutaneous Electrode (8 suppliers)
Oxygen Transcutaneous Monitor (9 suppliers)
Ovens (19 suppliers)
Oxygen Alarm Monitor (10 suppliers)
Oxygen Blood Gas Electrode (8 suppliers)
Oxygen Blood Gas Monitor (10 suppliers)
Oxygen Canister (8 suppliers)
Oxygen Depletion Alarm (1 supplier)
Oxygen Generator (11 suppliers)
Oxygen Intake Regulator (5 suppliers)
Operating Room Sheet (3 suppliers)
Operating Magnifier (4 suppliers)
Operating Room Ethylene-Oxide Gas Sterilizer (1 supplier)
Operating Room Footstool (2 suppliers)
Operating Room Glove Rack (4 suppliers)
Operating Room Jar (3 suppliers)
Obese Bed (3 suppliers)
Observerscope (2 suppliers)
Obstruction Removal Airway (2 suppliers)
Office Equipment (11 suppliers)
Operating Room Laundry Bag (4 suppliers)
Operating Room Television Monitor (6 suppliers)
Operating Table Gel Pressure Pad (5 suppliers)
Operating Table Mattress (4 suppliers)
Optical Component (24 suppliers)
Osteotomes (6 suppliers)
Operating Room Supply Cart (12 suppliers)
Oncometer (1 supplier)
Optical Laboratory Microscope (25 suppliers)
Optokinetic Stimulator (1 supplier)
Other Dynamometer (Exercise, Strength) (1 supplier)
Obstetrical Mirror (1 supplier)
OB/GYN Abdominal Binder (6 suppliers)
Overbed Light (11 suppliers)
Oxygen Connecting Tubing (15 suppliers)
Oxygen Tank Roller Base (1 supplier)
Oral Care Swabs (6 suppliers)
Orange Stick (2 suppliers)
Orchidometer (1 supplier)
Otoscopes (150 suppliers)
An Otoscope is a medical apparatus, which is used to look into the ears. Health care providers use otoscopes to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate when a symptom involves the ears. With an otoscope, it is possible to visualize the outer ear and middle ear. Otoscope consists of a handle and a head. The head contains an electric light source and a low power magnifying lens. The front end of the otoscope has an attachment for disposable plastic ear speculums. The examiner first straightens the ear canal by pulling on the pinna and then inserts the ear speculum side of the otoscope into the external ear. The examiner can then look through a lens on the rear of the instrument and see inside the ear canal.
Obstetrical Retractors (6 suppliers)
Ophthalmometers (6 suppliers)
Ophthalmometer is an instrument for measuring the reflection of an image on the surface of the cornea and other capacities of the eye, used chiefly for determining the presence and degree of astigmatism. It consists of two thick plane parallel plates of equal thickness, which are placed side by side; each one covers half of a telescope objective.
Ophthalmoscopes (70 suppliers)
Ophthalmoscope is an instrument used to examine the interior of the eye, including the lens, retina and optic nerve It consists essentially of a mirror that reflects light into the eye and a central hole through which the eye is examined. There are two types of ophthalmoscopes: direct and indirect. The direct is a hand-held instrument with a battery powered light source. It also has a series of lenses that can be dialed in to focus the doctor's view of the retina. The direct ophthalmoscope is useful for examining the central retina. The indirect ophthalmoscope can be used to examine the entire retina.
551 to 600 of 1263 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [12] 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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