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Address: 4225 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, California 92807, USA

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Sechrist Industries, Inc. primarily supplies hyperbaric and respiratory equipment in over 172 countries for the hyperbaric therapy market. Our respiratory products incudes critical care neonatal/infant/pediatric ventilators, monitoring equipment and low pressure gas mixers and patient gurneys. We are accredited with ISO 13485:2003 certification.

Our Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber remains the largest diameter chamber on the marketplace. In 2017, Sechrist offered a dual-use Hyperbaric Oxygen & ICU Chamber for the Veterinary marketplace. Shortly after Sechrist introduced the new E-Gurney? Electric Wheeled Stretcher. The E-Gurney will allow caregivers to raise, lower, brake the stretcher with the touch of an electronic foot pedal.

The company was founded in 1973, has revenues of USD 10-25 Million, has ~90 employees and is ISO, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 2020676

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers | Hyperbaric Gurneys | Air and Oxygen Gas Blenders | Exhilation Valves | Infant Ventilators | Hyperbaric Positioning Pads | Hyperbaric Chamber Mattress

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
Hyperbaric Gurneys
Hyperbaric Gurneys
Gas Blenders
Gas Blenders
Respiratory Products
Respiratory Products
Hyperbaric Accessories
Hyperbaric Accessories
• Air/Oxygen Gas Blenders
• Anesthesia Inhalation Breathing Gases Mixer (FDA Code: BZR / 868.5330)
A breathing gas mixer is a device intended for use in conjunction with a respiratory support apparatus to control the mixing of gases that are to be breathed by a patient.
• Blenders
• Cardiopulmonary Bypass Oxygenator (FDA Code: DTZ / 870.4350)
A cardiopulmonary bypass oxygenator is a device used to exchange gases between blood and a gaseous environment to satisfy the gas exchange needs of a patient during open-heart surgery.
• Clinical Acrylic Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber
• Continuous Ventilator (FDA Code: CBK / 868.5895)
A continuous ventilator (respirator) is a device intended to mechanically control or assist patient breathing by delivering a predetermined percentage of oxygen in the breathing gas. Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilators are included in this generic type of device.
• Cutaneous Carbon-Dioxide Monitor (FDA Code: LKD / 868.2480)
A cutaneous carbon dioxide (PcCO2) monitor is a noninvasive heated sensor and a pH-sensitive glass electrode placed on a patient's skin, which is intended to monitor relative changes in a hemodynamically stable patient's cutaneous carbon dioxide tension as an adjunct to arterial carbon dioxide tension measurement.
• Electronic Gas Blenders
• Exhilation Valves
• Fluid Delivery Tubing (FDA Code: FPK / 880.5440)
An intravascular administration set is a device used to administer fluids from a container to a patient's vascular system through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein. The device may include the needle or catheter, tubing, a flow regulator, a drip chamber, an infusion line filter, an I.V. set stopcock, fluid delivery tubing, connectors between parts of the set, a side tube with a cap to serve as an injection site, and a hollow spike to penetrate and connect the tubing to an I.V. bag or other infusion fluid container.
• Hyperbaric Chamber (FDA Code: CBF / 868.5470)
A hyperbaric chamber is a device that is intended to increase the environmental oxygen pressure to promote the movement of oxygen from the environment to a patient's tissue by means of pressurization that is greater than atmospheric pressure. This device does not include topical oxygen chambers for extremities (878.5650).
• Hyperbaric Chamber Mattress
• Hyperbaric Gurneys
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
• Hyperbaric Positioning Pads
• Hyperbaric Therapy
• Infant Transport Ventilator
• Infant Ventilator
• Mechanical Alarms
• Mechanical Neonatal Ventilation
• Mechanical Noninvasive Ventilators
• Mechanical Ventilation Circuits
• Mechanical Ventilation, Peep Valves
• Mechanical Ventilators
• Neonatal Ventilators
• Non-Rebreathing Valve (FDA Code: CBP / 868.5870)
A nonrebreathing valve is a one-way valve that directs breathing gas flow to the patient and vents exhaled gases into the atmosphere.
• Pediatric Ventilators
• Powered Wheeled Stretcher (FDA Code: INK / 890.3690)
A powered wheeled stretcher is a battery-powered table with wheels that is intended for medical purposes for use by patients who are unable to propel themselves independently and who must maintain a prone or supine position for prolonged periods because of skin ulcers or contractures (muscle contractions).
• Servicing, Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Chambers
• Ventilator Tubing and Support Set (FDA Code: BZO / 868.5975)
Ventilator tubing is a device intended for use as a conduit for gases between a ventilator and a patient during ventilation of the patient.
• Wheeled (Mobile) Stretcher (FDA Code: FPO / 880.6910)
A wheeled stretcher is a device consisting of a platform mounted on a wheeled frame that is designed to transport patients in a horizontal position. The device may have side rails, supports for fluid infusion equipment, and patient securement straps. The frame may be fixed or collapsible for use in an ambulance.
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