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Arch & Turf Toe
3-Point Products, Inc., Pedifix, Inc, Aetna Felt Corporation, more...

Blister Pads - Blister Protection
Blister pad offers unique blister protection. It contains a soft hydrocolloid pad covered by an ultra thin film dressing to promote faster healing and help prevent scabs while protecting against reinjury. It is used to protect from dirt, bacteria, and water. It comes many different sizes.
Universal Footcare Products, Pedifix, Inc, Aetna Felt Corporation, more...

Blister Protection
Universal Footcare Products, Pedifix, Inc, Aetna Felt Corporation, more...

Blister Protection Socks
Blister protection socks use a friction busting inner lining to protect the foot from painful blisters. Its outer layer grips shoe linings and inner tactel liner moves with the foot to reduce friction.
Universal Footcare Products, Pedifix, Inc, Aetna Felt Corporation, more...

Bone Reduction Forceps
Wholesales Surgical Instruments, Inc., Surgical Mart, Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp., more...

Cannulated Pin Cutter
Millennium Surgical Corp.

Chip Blowers
Chip Blowers is a device that cleans the air with the filter, it removes dust and cutting waste sized 5 microns. It eliminates traditional exhaust ventilation by means of its replacement. These blowers used to purify the polluted air and returning into the room during the production of construction materials and stone dressing.
Sklar Instruments

Corn & Callous Supplies
Innovative Medical Products, Inc, McKesson Corporation, Pfingst & Company, Inc., more...

Corn and Callous Removers
Corn and callous removers are designed for removing dry skin, corn and callous, which are the most common conditions on the skin of the foot, they can occur anywhere in the feet but are usually located over bony prominences.
Innovative Medical Products, Inc, Trans Medical

Corn and Callous Scraper
Innovative Medical Products, Inc

Stille Surgical, Inc., Millennium Surgical Corp., Abro International, more...

Cuticle Nippers
Cuticle Nippers are hand-finished and sharpened tool, which are designed for exact alignment of tips. These nippers are made of stainless steel. Podiatrists use these nippers.
Millennium Surgical Corp., Sklar Instruments, Hilbro Private Limited, more...

Direct Radiography
A/C X-Ray Corp., JZ Imaging & Consulting, A.M. X-Ray Service, Inc., more...

Gel Cushion Insoles
Gel cushion insoles absorb a significant amount of shock, making the shoes feel softer and more comfortable. It reduces more shock than foam insoles. These insoles are made with a revolutionary, lightweight polymer gel that provides superior shock absorption, cushioning and long lasting comfort.
Silipos, Inc., Cramer Products, Inc., Pittsburgh Plastics Mfg., Inc., more...

Gel Heel Cups
Gel heel cups provide true heel cupping that gives extra cushioning and stability to the heel. It absorbs impact and shock. It cradles the heel to provide superior stability and support. These cups are made with a revolutionary, lightweight polymer gel that provides superior shock absorption, excellent cushioning and long-lasting comfort.
Allen Medical Systems, Silipos, Inc., Cramer Products, Inc., more...

General Podiatry Supplies
Dremel Mfg, Ram-Z Corporation, Whitehall Mfg Co, more...

Grasping Forceps
Grasping Forceps are the instrument used for unipolar coagulation. It includes a handle and an elongate cable with resiliently outwardly flared claws at the leading end. The cable is of a fixed length relative to the handle and its interlocking elements are provided to fix the sheath in the retracted position.
Sklar Instruments, Quality Endoscopic Accessories, Inc., Endoplus, Inc., more...

Heel Cups & Cushions
Bauerfeind USA, Inc.,, Dr. Todd's, Inc., more...

Heel Pads
Heel pads are especially designed for the treatment of heel pain associated with a bony spur under the heel bone. It has a special cushioning gel in the middle, which takes the stress off the underside of the heel and help to relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.
Innovative Medical Products, Inc, Dr. Todd's, Inc., Bird & Cronin Inc., more...

Ligature Needles
Sklar Instruments, ModMed Instruments, Seven Eight & Co, more...

Locking Phalangeal Forceps
Heel cups and heel spur cushions provide relief from heel spur pain. It is used to reduce and absorb the shock to the painful area of the heel and also reduces shock to the joints and vertebral column.
Sklar Instruments, Medartis, Inc.

Metatarsal Cushions For High Heel
Metatarsal cushions relieve agonizing forefoot pain when wearing high heel fashion or dress shoes. It offers reliable ball-of-the-foot padding. It fits easily into all shoes. Its simple loop fits around one toe to hold this pad in place under the forefoot.
Innovative Medical Products, Inc

Metatarsal Elevator
Millennium Surgical Corp.

Metatarsal Spreader
Millennium Surgical Corp.

Nail Forceps
Millennium Surgical Corp.

Nail Nippers
Nail Nippers are designed for podiatric use. These nippers are available with different styles like nail nipper with concave jaws, angled concave jaws, straight jaws, double spring & single spring. It is made of stainless steel.
Sklar Instruments, Claflin Equipment Sales and Service, Surgical Tools, Inc., more...

Nail Pulling Forceps
Nail forceps is surgical instrument, which is designed as an impaction tool to transmit impact forces to the nail. It is used for nail avulsions. It is made of stainless steel and its length of 14cm & it has narrow edge.
Sklar Instruments, Darlyes Surgical

Nail Splitters
Nail Splitter is a surgical instrument, which is ideal for removing or cutting nails and it has extra fine point. The nail splitter has blunt, extra thin side profile and rounded point.
Sklar Instruments, Claflin Equipment Sales and Service, Surgical Tools, Inc., more...

Podiatrist Scissors
Pro Orthopedic Devices, DENOVO Dental Inc., Masel, more...

Podiatrist Tools
Innovative Medical Products, Inc, Maxmed Technologies, Inc.

Podiatry Instruments
Posture corrective heel cups can lessen the symptoms of the two most common conditions associated with incorrect walking such as pronation and supination. It helps keep the bodys alignment in synchronize.
U.S.E Surgical Instruments, Sklar Instruments, Nawaz Surgical Company, more...

Radiography, Teleradiology
Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants LLC, A.M. X-Ray Service, Inc., Viewsend Co., Ltd., more...

Raspatories is a surgical instrument used for scrapping and filing bones or other form tissues. It is an also used in surgery to smooth the edges of a divided bone. It includes bone and dental raspatories.
Van Nuys Group of Industries, Sklar Instruments, Florida Life Systems, more...

Millennium Surgical Corp., Medtronic Sofamor Danek Instrument Manufacturing

Ribbon Retractor
Millennium Surgical Corp., Precision Surgical Supply, LLC

Rongeurs is mainly designed for surgical use. It is used in different surgeries in medical field like bone, gynecology and homostatic forceps. It includes operating scissors, dissecting scissors, bandage scissors and micro scissors.
SBH Surgical, PMT Corporation, Millennium Surgical Corp., more...

Shock Absorbing Gel Heel Cups
Silipos, Inc., Cramer Products, Inc.

Sklarlite r Nail Forceps
Sklar Instruments

Millennium Surgical Corp.

Sports Blister Pads
Sports blister pads promote faster healing and help prevent scabs while protecting against reinjury. These pads stick on smoothly and are ultra-thin and offer no bulk or irritation, and it can stay in place for up to five days to protect from dirt, bacteria, and water.
Innovative Medical Products, Inc, Eva Glory Industrial Corp Ltd, Aso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., more...

Spring Steel Turf Toe Insole
Spring steel turf toe insole is intended for preventing turf toe injuries. It also helps relieve pain due to arthritis, light sprains and fractures. It is suitable for foot stability after surgery. It prevents, corrects turf toe and other metatarsophalangeal (M.P.) joint injuries.
Innovative Medical Products, Inc

Tissue Nippers
Sklar Instruments, Precision Surgical Supply, LLC, Jero Medical Equipment & Supplies, Inc., more...

Tuli Gel Heel Cups
Tuli gel heel cups absorb shock and reduce heel pressure. These heel cups fit comfortably in most laced shoes or boots.
Silipos, Inc., Cramer Products, Inc.

Viscoelastic Heel Cups
Viscoelastic heel cups are shoe inserts that help in reducing the pain associated with heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendonitis. These cups are made from soft silicone that optimizes shock absorption and weight distribution with a soft center that relieves pressure over the heel and forefoot area.
Cintech Inc

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