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Colony Counters
Colony counters are designed to assist with the rapid counting of large numbers of insects immersed in a conductive media, for bacterial populations, spore concentrations, and nematodes. It is also used to count bacterial colonies for the HPC test.
Microbiology International, Advanced Instruments, Inc., Fisher Scientific International, Inc., more...

Colony Counters, Accelerated Bacterial Enumeration System
Advanced Instruments, Inc., Fisher Scientific International, Inc., Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments, more...

Colony Counters, Automated Microbial Enumeration
Microbiology International, Advanced Instruments, Inc., Fisher Scientific International, Inc., more...

Colorimetric Assay
Alpco Diagnostics, Mbl International Corporation

Colour Multiparameter Monitor
Colour Multiparameter Monitor is a patient monitor that draws cardiograms and measures blood pressure.
AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation, Tekyard LLC, Datascope Corp., more...

Colposcope, Image Documentation Systems
Cooper Surgical, Inc.

A colposcope is a large, electric microscope that is positioned approximately 30 cm from vagina. A bright light on the end of the colposcope makes it possible for physician to visualize cervix. It provides a maximum of information and confidence for gynecological diagnosis. Generally the simplest colposcope is a single convergent lens system, having magnifications fixed at x10-16 and is changed only by changing the eyepiece. Other colposcopes have variable magnifications, ranging from around x6-40. Low-power viewing (x6-10) allows rapid evaluation of the cervix, vagina and vulva, or complete visualization of most large lesions. Higher-power magnification (x10-6) permits visualization of more detail on the surface epithelium and vasculature, and enhances the colposcopist's ability to grade lesions. The highest-power magnification (x20-40) allows detailed analysis of vasculature, as is sometimes necessary for identification of high-grade neoplasia and early invasive lesions.
OBGYN Solution, B&H Surgical, Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc., more...

Colposcopes, Vaginal examination
Welch Allyn, Inc., Medgyn Products Inc, Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company, Inc., more...

Combination stethoscope
Nation Medical Supplies, U.S.E Surgical Instruments

Combined Centrifuge/Vortex Mixers
Boekel Scientific

Compact 3-D Rotator
Boekel Scientific

Compact Benchtop Shaker/Incubator
Boekel Scientific, New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc., Biochrom Ltd.

Compact Block Cooler
Boekel Scientific

Compact Cautery Unit
Schuco International (London) Ltd.

Compact Darkroom Hood
Alpha Innotech Corporation

Compact Fluorescent Lamps
AAMSCO Lighting, Specialty Bulb Co., Inc., Duro-Test Lighting, more...

Compact Handheld pH Meter
Heine USA Ltd.

Compact High Speed Refrigerated Floor-Standing Centrifuge
Drucker Co., The, Sartorius Stedim SUS Inc., Kokusan Corporation

Compact Hybridization Oven

Compact Laboratory Refrigerator and Freezer
Sanyo Scientific, Helmer Scientific, TIP TEMPerature Products, more...

Compact Microhematocrit Centrifuge
Abaxis, Inc, Separation Technology, Inc., LW Scientific, more...

Compact Microplate Shakers
Becton, Dickson & Co.,, Biochrom Ltd.

Compact pH and Temperature Stick Meter
Compact pH and Temperature Stick Meter is supplied with HI 1217S combination screw type pH electrode, 9v battery and instruction manual in a soft carrying case.
Cardiac Science, Inc.

Compact Routine Paraffin Embedding System
Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc

Complete Dot Blot System
Calypte Biomedical Corp.

Compliance Resources, Clinical Lab
Corgenix, Inc., Fitch Inc., RPL Laboratory Solutions Inc, more...

Compliance Service, FDA
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., Corgenix, Inc., MEDevice Services, LLC, more...

Compliant Undercounter Refrigerator
TIP TEMPerature Products, South Summit Inc.

Computer Assisted Semen Analyzers
Diagnostic Products Corporation, Becton, Dickson & Co.,

Concentric Ring Water Baths
Concentric Ring Water Baths features heavy-duty 3″ legs, which is permanently attached to the body, two power settings, one for rapid heat up & other for reduced power consumption, tubular heater, hydraulic thermostat and hand crafted from stainless steel.
Boekel Scientific

Conductor Transmission Gel
Conductor transmission gel is an electrode or ultrasound gel. It is designed for use with ultrasound or electrical stimulator units. These are water-soluble, non-geasy ultrasound and electrical coupling gel. It is colorless and fragrance-free. It is also an excellent medium on electrodes used for electrical stimulation. It is water based viscous gel specially formulated for the effective transmission of electrical current from medical apparatus. The gel is easily applied to cover electrode surfaces to ensure good current transmission through to the skin.
Sunrise Medical, Mason Medical Products, Silipos, Inc., more...

Confocal Imaging System
ISS, Inc., Pentax West Coast Service Center, Pentax Southern Region Service Center, more...

Confocal Microscope Objectives
High Class Dental, Barnstead International, Osram Sylvania, Inc.,, more...

Consolidated Workstations Instruments
Qiagen Inc, Abbott Diagnostics, Polymedco Inc., more...

Constant Temperature Drying Oven
Yamato Scientific America Inc.

Constant Temperature Oven
Yamato Scientific America Inc.

Contact Lens Cleaning Solution
Ciba Vision, Lifestyle Company, Inc. The, Alcon Laboratories, Inc, more...

Containment Cabinet
Containment Cabinet is designed to draw air into the wall-mounted filters where it is then filtered and discharged back into the space.
Nuaire, Inc.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is an FDA-approved device that records glucose levels throughout the day and night. The main advantage of continuous glucose monitoring is identifying fluctuations and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed with standard HbA1c tests & intermittent finger stick measurements.
Teco Diagnostics, Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc., Raytel Medical Corporation, more...

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS System)
Teco Diagnostics, Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc., Raytel Medical Corporation, more...

Contraceptive Fertility Monitor
Maybemom, Inc.

Hycor Biomedical Inc., Quidel Corporation, Qiagen Inc, more...

Controls for Diagnostic Equipment
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc, Microgenics Corporation, Cholestech Corporation, more...

Coolflow Bath

Cooling Circulator Bath
ABIOC S.A.C., S. K. Trading Corp.

Cordless LED Microscopes
Science Kit, Micros

Corticotropin is a polypeptide hormone produced and secreted by the pituitary gland. It is an important player in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Corticotropin causes the adrenal gland to release cortisol.

Cortisol is the most potent glucocorticoid produced by the human adrenal. It is synthesized from cholesterol and its production is stimulated by pituitary adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which is regulated by corticotropin releasing factor (CRF). ACTH and CRF secretions are inhibited by high cortisol levels in a negative feedback loop. It is often referred to as the stress hormone as it is involved in the response to stress. It increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels and has an immunosuppressive action.
ClinPro International Co. LLC, Salimetrics, LLC, Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc.

Cortisol ELISA Kit
Cortisol ELISA Kit provides a rapid, specific, and sensitive assay for cortisol in human plasma or serum. This kit features precoated & ready to use 96-well strip plate for uses over 12-18 months, direct sample (10 ul) analysis, no sample extraction, convenient liquid standards (0-60 ug/dl), two convenient room temperature incubation (60+30 min), time saving ready-to-use substrate solution and other assay components, high sensitivity (0.36 ug/dl) and excellent precesion.
ClinPro International Co. LLC

Cortisol Enzyme Immunometric Assay
Medimpex United, Inc., Invitron

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