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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Cylinders & Accessories, Cylinder Bases (2 suppliers)
Cylinders & Accessories, Cylinder Truck and Holders (3 suppliers)
Cylinders & Accessories, Cylinder Wrenches (3 suppliers)
Cylinders & Accessories, Cylinder Accessories (1 supplier)
Contrast Media, Barium (1 supplier)
Computed Tomography, Contrast Warmer (1 supplier)
Computed Tomography, Luer Locknuts (1 supplier)
Computed Tomography, Stopcock 3-way IV Set (1 supplier)
Computed Tomography, IV Administration Set (1 supplier)
I.V. administration set is provided with a flexible expansion section, to accommodate an additional volume of liquid without the use of excessive lengths of tubing.
Computed Tomography, Fluid Administration Set (1 supplier)
Computed Tomography, Barium Sulfate Suspension (1 supplier)
Barium Sulfate Suspension is barium sulfate turned into a liquid form by suspending it in a quick-flowing drink to aid in CT scans of the gastrointestinal region.
Computed Tomography, lothalamate Meglumine Injection (1 supplier)
lothalamate Meglumine Injection is an injectable, ionic, high osmolar contrast media agent packaged in glass vials and bottles. It is a prescription drug that is therapeutically and biologically inert when injected into the body for use in organ or tissue enhancement in CT, X-ray and fluoroscopy imaging procedures.
Computed Tomography, Diatrizoate Meglumine and Diatrizoate Sodium Solution USP (1 supplier)
Computed Tomography, Pre-Filled Power Injector Syringe (1 supplier)
Compressor Carrying Bag (1 supplier)
Conventional Cannula (1 supplier)
Conventional Cannula features a flat tab that holds position on the upper lip. It has straight nonflared nasal prongs and is an over-the-ear style for secure fit.
Continuous Vacuum Regulators (13 suppliers)
Continuous Vacuum Regulators provide regulated continuous suction for tracheal & pharyngeal airway management, surgical procedures, trauma suctioning and continuous nasogastric drainage.
Compact 3-D Rotator (1 supplier)
Combined Centrifuge/Vortex Mixers (1 supplier)
Compact Benchtop Shaker/Incubator (3 suppliers)
Coliform Water Bath (2 suppliers)
Concentric Ring Water Baths (1 supplier)
Concentric Ring Water Baths features heavy-duty 3″ legs, which is permanently attached to the body, two power settings, one for rapid heat up & other for reduced power consumption, tubular heater, hydraulic thermostat and hand crafted from stainless steel.
Compact Block Cooler (1 supplier)
Cement Autoclave (1 supplier)
Cement Autoclave consists of a welded steel cylinder with bolted cover mounted on a sturdy supporting frame and enclosed in a heat insulated metal housing. The unit is designed to handle pressure in the 60-350 psi (0.4 -2.4 MPa) range and consists of steam vessel, pressure regulator, pressure gauge (0-600psi), air vent valve, power switches and a safety pop valve set at 350 psi. It includes thermometer, wrench and gaskets.
Cervical Pillow (37 suppliers)
Cervical Pillow is designed to reduce the severity of snoring and sleep-disordered breathing in individuals with the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). The cervical pillow is designed to extend the head in a posture similar to that used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation to create an open airway in an unconscious victim.
Cervical Roll Pillow Insert (3 suppliers)
Cervical Roll Pillow Insert is made of foam and designed to be used with patients existing sleeping pillow. It is made of high-density urethane foam and covered with removable blue poly-cotton cover.
Curvature Cushions (31 suppliers)
Curvature Cushions is filled with high-density urethane foam. It is covered with durable, plush automotive interior fabric in four colors.
Coccyx Cushion (2 suppliers)
Centrifuges Repairs (1 supplier)
Calcium Phosphate Hollow Microspheres (2 suppliers)
Cell Culture Systems (18 suppliers)
Contact Lens Sterilizer (1 supplier)
Cerebral Blood Flow Monitoring Systems (2 suppliers)
Combination Thermal Diffusion Cerebral Blood Flow/EEG Sensor (1 supplier)
Carbon Electrodes (4 suppliers)
Carbon Electrodes are formed by molding mixtures of graphite powder and pitch into solid pieces & then heating to high temperatures. Carbon electrodes are used in submerged arc furnace applications. Carbon electrodes have a threaded socket and are assembled near the furnace in columns, typically with graphite connecting pins.
Conductive Skin Preparation Bottle (1 supplier)
Conductive Aloe Vera Gel (2 suppliers)
Capnograph (21 suppliers)
Capnograph is an instrument used to measure the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in an air sample. A capnograph is useful in detecting changes in carbon dioxide concentrations in patients who are hemodynamically stable. The capnograph displays a waveform of CO2 and displays the value of the CO2 at the end of exhalation, which is known as the end-tidal CO2. The capnograph is the gold standard for detecting oesophageal intubation.
Computerized Mandibular Scanner (1 supplier)
Computerized Mandibular Scanning is a more complex assessment of mandibular function using biomedical instrumentation, which measures the rotational movement in the frontal and sagittal planes. The computerized mandibular scanner measures jaw movement to within 0.1 millimeters of accuracy. It also identifies the amount of free space, the swallowing pattern & the quality of the occlusion and substantiates the presence of disc derangements and the prognosis for reduction. It is used in conjunction with EMG recordings.
Cross-Hatch Style for pre-wired applications (1 supplier)
Custom Built ECG Electrode Production Machines (3 suppliers)
Custom Shaped Calcium Phosphate Materials (1 supplier)
Cell Culture Bag (4 suppliers)
Cell culture bags are ideally suited to the expansion of T cells or the generation of dendritic cells from monocytes. The sterilized cell culture bags are gas-permeable and transparent for microscopy. It is a closed system, which reduces the opportunity for contamination but allows for easy manipulation, incubation, observation, storage, and disposal.
CT Colonography Software (3 suppliers)
CT Cardiac Structural And Functional Analysis Software (1 supplier)
Cotton Forehead Wraps, Halogen Headlight (1 supplier)
Halogen headlight is a precision instrument designed for medical field to enhance the vision with intense, high quality halogen illumination. It includes transformer, cordset and female connector switch. Its illuminator provides 10 watts of intense halogen light at 3250°K to emulate the color rendition of natural white light. The projected light beam spot size and location is fully adjustable. 
Confocal Microscopes (3 suppliers)
Dental camera is an intraoral viewing device. It includes handle and a mirror, fixed to a distal end of the handle, for insertion into the mouth of a patient, such that a first image of the inside of the mouth is viewed by reflection from a surface of the mirror. An image sensor inside the handle receives a second image of the inside of the mouth along a beam axis passing through a plane defined by the surface of the mirror, and generates an electronic image.
CO2 Insufflators (4 suppliers)
CO2 insufflators are suitable for diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy. It creates a non-explosive environment that is undisputed and considered safer with regard to embolism than room air.
Cardiac Stress Testing Device (3 suppliers)
Culinary Syringes (1 supplier)
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