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C-Arm Portable Fluoroscopy (2 suppliers)
C-arm portable fluoroscopy is suitable for external biliary drainage procedures. This fluoroscopy machine consists of a 23-cm-diameter image intensifier, which is amended between the gantry and table socket of a CT fluoroscopy scanner. Placement of the C-arm allows performance of fluoroscopy on the CT table when the patient is moved out of the gantry.
Cranial Prosthesis (1 supplier)
Cranial prosthesis is used for replacement of hair on the head. It can be fabricated in many ways using a variety of materials. It can be full or partial cranial prosthesis. A full cranial prosthesis is a wig, and a partial prosthesis is a toupee or hairpiece.
Ceiling-Mounted, Surgical Helmet Systems (7 suppliers)
CT based Surgical navigation system (2 suppliers)
CT based surgical navigation system is used to demonstrate two fundamental requirements for a practical computer-assisted surgical device. It can guide the surgeon with the accuracy required for successful graft placement, and this guidance can be achieved through a simple and intuitive interface. It utilizes a hand held tracker in the usual saw slot of total knee replacement (TKR) mechanical guides in order to get intra-operative measurements of alignment and guidance information. Once the guides are properly aligned, bone cuts are made using a traditional oscillating saw.
Collagen Tendon Prosthesis (2 suppliers)
Custom Molded Thumb Splint (4 suppliers)
Cementless Tibial Components (3 suppliers)
Chewable Lozenges (11 suppliers)
Chewable lozenges are used for treating cough. It offers the best in convenience and portability eliminating the need to take with water. Chewing the lozenges also increases saliva levels and buffering ability.
Cold Drop Lozenges (10 suppliers)
Cold drop lozenges are recommended to anyone wanting to shorten the duration of a cold and the symptoms of the cold.
Chlorhexidine Mouthwashes (1 supplier)
Chlorhexidine mouthwash is an adjunct to tooth brushing and is effective in the control of gingival inflammation. It is also useful for patients after orthognathic surgery, especially if intermaxillary fixation is used. It may also aid healing in older children. It contains 0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate.
Colloidal Silver Throat Spray (2 suppliers)
Colloidal silver throat spray is produced using a unique electrical process that creates homogeneity, minute particle size and stability of the silver particles. It contains the optimal concentration of silver. It is effective in the treatment of sore and scratchy throats.
Cochlear Ear Implants (3 suppliers)
Cochlear ear implants are the most successful of all prostheses of the nervous system. These implants are used in individuals who are deaf or suffer from a severe hearing deficiency caused by loss of cochlear hair cells.
Corn and Callous Removers (2 suppliers)
Corn and callous removers are designed for removing dry skin, corn and callous, which are the most common conditions on the skin of the foot, they can occur anywhere in the feet but are usually located over bony prominences.
Corn and Callous Scraper (1 supplier)
Common Radiotherapy Simulator (10 suppliers)
Common radiotherapy simulator simulates the motions and treatment angles of a radiotherapy treatment unit. It is used to help delineate tumor areas and treatment volumes with the use of radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging instead of high-energy radiation used by a typical treatment unit. It consists of an array of X-ray components and mechanical positioning systems that are capable of reproducing typical functions and movements of a radiotherapy treatment unit.
Conventional Radiotherapy Simulator (10 suppliers)
Cup Biopsy Forceps (72 suppliers)
Cup biopsy forcep is a slender flexible forcep with movable cup-shaped jaws. It is used to obtain biopsy specimens by introduction through a specially designed endoscope.
Cystourethroscope Short Bridge (1 supplier)
Cystourethroscope short bridge is used for insertion of catheters, stone baskets, biopsy forceps, and other accessories. The short bridges are designed for use with all cystourethroscope sheaths.
Cystourethroscope Albarran Bridge, Single Horn (1 supplier)
Cystourethroscope Short Bridge, Examining (1 supplier)
Cystourethroscope short bridge is designed for use with all cystourethroscope sheaths for insertion of catheters, stone baskets, biopsy forceps, and other accessories. It is available in various styles that includes examining, single horn, and double horn. Examining is suitable for visual inspection only with no throughput capability.
Cystourethroscope Albarran Bridge, Double Horn (1 supplier)
Cystourethroscope albarran double-horn bridge is designed for accurate articulation of flexible devices. It is intended for use with all cystourethroscope sheaths.
Cystourethroscope Short Bridge, Double Horn (1 supplier)
Cystourethroscope Short Bridge, Single Horn (1 supplier)
Classic Closed Tip Urethral Stent Kit (1 supplier)
Classic closed tip urethral stent kit contains one classic closed tip ureteral stent and one push catheter.
Compact Cystoscopes (7 suppliers)
Cystoscopy Injection Needle (2 suppliers)
The cystoscopic injection needle is a hollow needle attached to a semi-rigid conduit element. The conduit element is attached to a luer lock for connection to a syringe.
Clinical Extracorporeal Lithotripsy (2 suppliers)
Cleft Palate Prosthesis, Obturators (2 suppliers)
Classic Open Tip Urethral Stent Kit (1 supplier)
Classic Open Tip Urethral Stent Kit contains one classic open tip ureteral stent with attached braided nylon tether and one push catheter. It features time-tested silicone and tapered-tip design.
Canesten Pessaries (3 suppliers)
Canesten Pessaries are used to treat vaginal thrush. Canesten pessaries are inserted high into the vagina to allow the clotrimazole to act directly in the area of infection.
Commercial Resection Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Coaguloop Resection Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Color Uroflowmetry System (2 suppliers)
Custom Vacuum Pump Therapy System (2 suppliers)
Color Printers (3 suppliers)
Cardiac CryoAblation Devices (2 suppliers)
Clampless Surgery System (2 suppliers)
Carotid Artery Stenting (3 suppliers)
Carotid artery stenting is a procedure in which vascular surgeon inserts a slender, metal-mesh tube, called a stent, which expands inside the carotid artery to increase blood flow in areas blocked by plaque. Carotid artery stenting is a treatment method for carotid artery disease.
Cancer Marker Assays (2 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Kits (1 supplier)
Chemiluminescent Kits are designed for the non-radioactive detection of nucleic acids and proteins. Chemiluminescent kits provide sensitivity equalling radioactive detection, without the hazard and disposal concerns. These kits measure real-time production of free radicals and reactive oxygen-containing species.
Coagulation Tubes (3 suppliers)
Coagulation tubes are designed to have a narrow range of citrate concentration. Coagulation tubes contain a buffered sodium citrate solution. It is available with a citrate concentration of 0.109 mol/l (3.2%) or 0.129 mol/l (3.8%). Coagulation tubes are used for examination of coagulation parameters.
Column Scales (3 suppliers)
Cotton Balls (33 suppliers)
Custom Designed Implants ( Titanium or PMMA ) using Rapid Prototyping from CT Scan and MRI data (11 suppliers)
Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing System (4 suppliers)
Chart Papers (9 suppliers)
CO2 Sampling Cannula (2 suppliers)
Combination Masks (4 suppliers)
Corrugated Tubing (6 suppliers)
Corrugated Tubing is used in many industries such as automotive, computer/electronics, emergency vehicles, farm agricultural, heavy truck, marine, recreation vehicles and telecommunications. Corrugated tubing is prepared by exerting axial pressure on the tubing being corrugated, without exerting any essential axial pressure on the corrugating tool.
Compressor Nebulizer System (13 suppliers)
Compressor Nebulizer System features portable handheld compressor nebulizer, universal AC adapter, auto cable and rechargeable battery adapter. This compressor nebulizer system offers an affordable and efficient alternative for patients experiencing asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions.
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