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Co2 Incubator With Hot Air Disinfection (1 supplier)
Co2 Water Jacketed Incubators (8 suppliers)
Clinical Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) (41 suppliers)
Clinical Laboratory Information System is designed to store, manipulate and retrieve information for planning, organizing, directing and controlling administrative & clinical activities associated with the provision and utilization of clinical laboratory services.
Compact Laboratory Refrigerator and Freezer (13 suppliers)
CLIA-Waived Diagnostic Devices, Microhematocrit Centrifuges (21 suppliers)
Compact Microhematocrit Centrifuge (15 suppliers)
Compact Microplate Shakers (2 suppliers)
Confocal Microscope Objectives (28 suppliers)
Cleanroom Prefabricated Modular (4 suppliers)
Colour Multiparameter Monitor (13 suppliers)
Colour Multiparameter Monitor is a patient monitor that draws cardiograms and measures blood pressure.
Creatine Kinase Myoglobin Kit (10 suppliers)
Compact Routine Paraffin Embedding System (1 supplier)
Colorimetric Assay (2 suppliers)
Centrifuges, Personal Microcentrifuges (17 suppliers)
Compact pH and Temperature Stick Meter (1 supplier)
Compact pH and Temperature Stick Meter is supplied with HI 1217S combination screw type pH electrode, 9v battery and instruction manual in a soft carrying case.
Chrono-log Platelet Aggregation Systems (2 suppliers)
CARBON Stab Blades (5 suppliers)
Cross stitch: scissors (57 suppliers)
Corneoscleral Suturing Forceps (51 suppliers)
Curved Blade Trabeculectomy (1 supplier)
Corneal Trephines (6 suppliers)
Capsular Tension Ring Inserters (1 supplier)
Tumbling 'E' eye chart 20' is a 20' distance chart used with patients who may not recognize the letters of the alphabet. The lines are from 20/200 to 20/10. It has the capital letter "E″ facing in different directions and the person being tested must determine which direction the 'E' is pointing, up, down, left, or right.
Colour Vision Databases (1 supplier)
Color Vision Testing (4 suppliers)
Color vision testing includes several pseudoisochromatic plates, which are composed of a pattern of differently shaded dots and within each of which a number is present. All the dots in one or more of the plates appear similar or the same is called isochromatic. The Pseudoisochromatic plates are frequently used by eye specialists to get an idea of one's color efficiency or deficiency. Color test is used to detect protanopia and deuteranopia color deficiencies.
Computerized Visual Acuity Test Systems (2 suppliers)
Closed Vitrectomy system (1 supplier)
Components Wrist Rests (1 supplier)
Ceramic Acetabular Liners (5 suppliers)
Cementless Acetabular Liners (5 suppliers)
Circular External Ankle Fixators (1 supplier)
Circular external ankle fixators are used for applications ranging from simple fractures to complex reconstruction. It is designed for many indications that include tibia plateau fractures, pilon fractures, unstable diaphyseal comminution, open wound/fracture management, sepsis, arthrodesis, osteotomy, limb lengthening/osteogenesis, and bone transport.
Customizable Arthroscopic Shaver System (2 suppliers)
Customizable arthroscopic shaver system provides aggressive tissue resection and rapid bone debridement in arthroscopic procedures. It can be tailored to individual needs. It features a lightweight handpiece with a powerful and progressive motor. It provides an unsurpassed level of control over arthroscopic operative sites through its combination of pressure, flow and suction features.
Corrector Back Brace (4 suppliers)
Corrector back brace provides support to the upper back and promotes popular posture.
Calcium Phosphate Bone Cements (19 suppliers)
Calcium phosphate bone cement provides immediate mechanical integrity to cancellous bone defects. It forms a solid monolithic construct within 10 minutes after it is injected into a cancellous bone defect. It then continues to crystallize and harden in vivo and reaches 50% of its final compressive strength in one hour and 80% of its final compressive strength in four hours. Calcium phosphate bone cement's compressive strength is greater than the strength of cancellous bone and is one half the strength of cortical bone.
Carved Bone Hooks (4 suppliers)
Cannulated Screw System (13 suppliers)
Cannulated screw system is designed to limit additional trauma through percutaneous guides and small incisions. It features a wide variety of screw sizes for mini, small, and large-bone applications. The sizes range from 3.0mm to 7.5mm in diameter, and le
Cannulated Screw Fracture Fixation System (5 suppliers)
Cannulated screw fracture fixation system can be used for small bone osteotomies, fractures and fusions. The system features two simplified screw sizes in one compact tray. Both screw sizes utilize one unique set of instrumentation. These lag screws are b
Casting Materials and Equipment, Casting Stands (50 suppliers)
Casting stand is designed to assist in applying short leg casts. Its adjustable height permits optimal leg position for the seated patient and helps insure the application of a cast with the foot/ankle at 90 degrees to the leg.
Cervical Retractor Handle (2 suppliers)
Cervicothoracic Bracing System (3 suppliers)
Cervicothoracic bracing system is designed for immobilization of the cervical and upper thoracic spine with a level. It is used to optimize support and comfort. It is engineered to provide substantial motion restriction without producing painful pressure
Cervicothoracic Lumbar Orthosis (46 suppliers)
Carpometacarpel Implants and Interphalangeal Joints (1 supplier)
Carpometacarpel implant is a spherical interpositional device fabricated from ceramic and is used to replace the symptomatic joint between the first metacarpal and the trapezium.
Cervical Collars (86 suppliers)
Custom Walking Crutches (9 suppliers)
Cemented Femoral Components (11 suppliers)
Cemented femoral component is effective for primary total hip replacement in young patients. It is recommended for short-term and mid-term uses.
Cementless Femoral Components (10 suppliers)
Curved Finger splint (4 suppliers)
Curved finger splint is metal on the outside and foam on the inside and it can be molded to the finger and wrapped with tape to secure finger. It is used in the fractures of the phalanges where extension is required. It is also used to immobilize the joint following dislocation. It is available in various sizes including small, medium and large.
Cold Therapy Kit (55 suppliers)
Cold therapy kit provides immediate relief for injury caused during sport. This kit contains a full range of cold therapy and compression products.
Cannulated Interference Screws (10 suppliers)
Cannulated interference screw is used in ligament reconstruction that is bone-to-bone or bone-to-tendon. Its features include head with rounded edge, cone-shaped distal end. It is available in both sterile and non-sterile types.
Custom Fitted Mouthguards (7 suppliers)
Custom fitted mouthguard is an appliance worn in the mouth which helps prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw. It is made at the dental office where it is individually designed and constructed by a dental professional.
Constant Voltage Nerve Stimulators (5 suppliers)
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