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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Exercise Products, Quadricep Board, Upholstered (1 supplier)
ECG/EKG Repairs (2 suppliers)
Exam Tables Repairs (3 suppliers)
Electrophoresis Unit (7 suppliers)
Extension Cable (3 suppliers)
EMG Electrodes (20 suppliers)
Electrotherapy Belt (2 suppliers)
Earclip Probe (1 supplier)
Eight Channel Electromyograph (1 supplier)
Eight-Channel Electromyograph is used to measure the electrical activity in the muscles of mastication. This measures the ability of the muscles to function adequately and to be calm when they are at rest.
Electrosonograph (1 supplier)
Electrosonograph records the frequency and amplitude of the noise produced as well as the position in the opening/closing at which sound is produced. These microphones measure joint sounds and where they occur as you open & close the mouth.
Electrodes For Myomonitors (1 supplier)
ECG Monitoring Electrodes (34 suppliers)
Extra Oral Camera (3 suppliers)
An extra-oral camera is used to enhance possible outcomes, especially when it comes to anterior esthetics, such as shade comparisons, crowns (caps), bridges, bleaching and anatomical changes such as receding gingival (gums) or closures and reductions of spaces between teeth.
Endoscopy Camera (8 suppliers)
Endoscopy camera allows examination of the small intestine using a small video capsule that is about the size of a large vitamin. The camera captures pictures as it travels naturally through the small intestine and transmits images to a small device outside the body. After the procedure is completed, the images can be downloaded and reviewed by the physician.
ECG Digital Recording Device (4 suppliers)
ECG Data Management System (6 suppliers)
ECG data management system centralizes diagnostic ECG data to provide instant electronic access to this information at any time or from any location. By automating and streamlining the storage, editing, retrieval and sharing of patient cardiology data including resting ECGs, stress tests, holter tests, and 12-lead ECGs from bedside monitors. It helps to increase workplace productivity and efficiency within hospitals and physician offices to provide enhanced patient care.
Endoscopic Accessories, Bite Blocks (11 suppliers)
Epilator (8 suppliers)
An epilator is a device that is used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out.
Elliptical Biopsy Punches (26 suppliers)
An elliptical biopsy punches include a blade which creates an elliptical incision in the skin of a patient, in which the blade's profile is circular, thereby allowing the biopsy punch to be rocked back and forth during the surgical procedure. It allows quick easily made elliptical incisions that close neatly with few stitches.
Electrolase Tips, Sharp (1 supplier)
Electrolase tips, sharp are ideally suited for procedures requiring pinpoint precision and control while blunt tips. These are used for general broad based coagulation.
Electrolase Tips, Blunt (1 supplier)
External Goggles (9 suppliers)
Emergency Tourniquet. (1 supplier)
Emergency tourniquet is a medical tourniquet designed for full one-hand-operation for congestion, decongestion and opening of strap. It is used for emergency bleeding control to prevent severe blood loss from limb trauma. It is also used for compression and stoppage of traumatic bleeding at the head and extremities.
Eye Spears (5 suppliers)
Eye spear is designed to remove excess fluid and debris from the operative field or from instruments during ophthalmic surgery. It is made of a low-lint synthetic material that is highly absorbent with rapid wicking action. It is ideal for all ophthalmic procedures.
Exercise Bands (9 suppliers)
Exercise bands also known as resistance, stretch, workout or flex bands. These are portable and good for the hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, chest, back and abs. It provides adjustable resistance for both stretch and strength exercises.
Exercise Tubes (2 suppliers)
Exercise tubes are designed to strengthen muscles in the upper and lower body. These are perfect for strengthening and toning. It is also known as resistance bands. These are great alternative to weights and machines. These are an effective alternative to free weights.
Elastic Adhesive Plaster (4 suppliers)
Elastic adhesive plaster strapping is used most commonly in the ambulatory treatment of sprains and fracture area. It is a bandage made of elastic material faced with adhesive. It prevents joint dislocation when taking excessive exercise. It keeps balance by taping between pain areas and surrounding muscle.
Elbow Braces & Supports (75 suppliers)
Elbow supports and elbow braces are used to provide relief from all type of elbow pain. Elbow supports provide relief from tennis elbow, golfers elbow, epicondylitis and tendonitis. It helps to relieve pain from muscular overuse caused by work, sports or injury. It also provide targeted compression to the long tendons of the forearm allowing them to remain parallel and pain free.
Electric Plaster Saws (3 suppliers)
IT band brace is a device designed for the elimination and prevention of pain associated with tendinitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and cumulative trauma disorders. It provides support without cutting off circulation, hampering movement or causing uncomfortable swelling. It allows muscles to relax, which reduces stress on tendons and muscles. It also relieves forearm and wrist pain.
Estriol Microtiter Tests (2 suppliers)
Blood gas safety syringe protects technicians from needle stick injuries. It has an attached seal to prevent air contamination of the sample. The needle is advanced just prior to sample withdrawal. The sample is taken. By simply withdrawing the syringe within the guard, the needle is locked and the sample sealed. This step can be performed with one hand while pressure is applied to the puncture site.
Estradiol Microtiter Tests (2 suppliers)
External Fixation Frame (1 supplier)
Electronic Thermometer With Wall Mount (25 suppliers)
Electronic Thermometer (43 suppliers)
Ear Thermometer With Roll Stand (1 supplier)
Ear Thermometer With Base Station (1 supplier)
Ear Wash System (6 suppliers)
Ear wash systems offer a safe and effective way to remove cerumen from the ears of patients of all ages. This method of irrigation is much cleaner and safer than other irrigation methods.
Examination Light, Wall Mount (4 suppliers)
Wall mount examination light is designed for use in general practice surgeries, hospital exam areas, emergency rooms and critical areas such as ICU. It produces a colour temperature of 4700K making it ideal for examination lighting. It allows the fitting to rotate from left to right to obtain maximum coverage and can be easily positioned against a wall when not in use.
Ergonomic Supports (5 suppliers)
Ergonomic supports are designed to provide wrist comfortable relief during long hours of performing repetitive tasks at computer or workstation. It has a cushioned pad that acts as a buffer between hard surfaces while absorbing shock and keeping the wrist properly aligned. It is designed to help prevent painful musculoskeletal injuries associated with maintaining awkward positions for prolonged periods of time.
Extendable Goniometer (2 suppliers)
Extendable goniometer is a tool in the assessment of range of motion. Its arms can extend to 18″ to measure large joints and retract to 4.5″ to measure all but the smallest joints. It offers versatility for measuring large and small joints.
Electronic Wheelchair Scale (9 suppliers)
Electronic Pediatric Scale (1 supplier)
Eye-Level Digital Scale (1 supplier)
Eye-level digital scale is a scale used for a wide range of medical applications. It features LCD weight display that rotates 3600 for easy viewing from any direction. Its display functions include auto-off, lock/release of display, automatic zero and motion detection. It measures up to 400 lbs. in 0.2-lb increments.
Electronic Baby Scale (7 suppliers)
Digital baby scales represent maximum safety and accuracy when weighing babies. This electronic baby scale is specially designed for measuring the weight of baby with features of high accuracy, advanced technology and long-time use.
Ergonomic Wrist Support (41 suppliers)
Ergonomic wrist support protects the wrist from repetitive stress injuries by cradling the wrist in a neutral ergonomic position. It is ideal for treating wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and arthritis. A removable insert provides flexible support to the wrist.
Ergonomic Thumb Support (1 supplier)
Ergonomic thumb support is designed to ease wrist pain caused by repetitive motion injury, tendonitis, cramping and fatigue. It is designed specifically for keyboard, laptop, and mouse use. It features a thumb extension that provides thumb with soothing comfort and pain relief.
Ergonomic Neck Pillow (3 suppliers)
The ergonomic neck pillow is designed to correctly position neck and shoulder muscles for maximum pressure relief. It features visco elastic memory foam for exceptional contour-conforming ability.
Ergonomic Back Cushion (1 supplier)
Eye Pillow (7 suppliers)
Eye pillow can be used instead of rose petals, or the client's eyes can be left uncovered if desired by the therapist. It is a small cloth bag filled with grain or some lightweight pellets that can be placed over the eyes of a supine patient to shut out light and other visual stimulation.
Ergonomic Mouse Support (3 suppliers)
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