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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Colposcopy Set (2 suppliers)
Cotton Umbilical Tape (22 suppliers)
Cervical Tenaculums (1 supplier)
Cervical Dilator (5 suppliers)
Complete Vasectomy Kits (1 supplier)
Conventional Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) (1 supplier)
Conventional argon laser trabeculoplasty is a procedure, which is developed to be efficacious for different types of glaucoma. It is a powerful tool in the armamentarium of ophthalmologists for glaucoma treatment. ALT is often recommended when medical therapy alone is insufficient in controlling pressure and the progression of glaucoma. In the ALT procedure, the eye surgeon directs a laser beam into the trabecular meshwork, which is the primary aqueous (fluid) drainage region of the eye.
Cushing Bayonet Forceps (50 suppliers)
Carbon Dioxide (C02) Lasers (2 suppliers)
Carbon dioxide lasers are used to reduce wrinkles on the face. CO2 resurfacing removes thin layers of skin at a time while stimulating skin tightening and collagen growth. The process removes the superficial layers of skin without damaging the surrounding and underlying skin.
Carter Sphere Orbital Introducer (1 supplier)
Cautery Systems, Cautery Devices (3 suppliers)
Cross-action cilia Forceps (50 suppliers)
Cosmetic Contact Lenses (18 suppliers)
Corneal Utility Forceps (55 suppliers)
Corneal Suturing Forceps (51 suppliers)
Corneal fixation Forceps (56 suppliers)
Corneal Mapping Software, 32-bit color mapping (3 suppliers)
Cryosurgical Console System (1 supplier)
Custom-made Curved Microscissors (58 suppliers)
Cystotome Needles, Irrigating Cystotome (10 suppliers)
Continuous Wear Contact Lenses (11 suppliers)
Computer Eye Drops (4 suppliers)
Computer Eye Drops features revitalizing tired eye relief, relieve tired eyes, moisturize & soothe dry eyes and revitalize stressed eyes.
Contact Lens Eye Drops (14 suppliers)
Contact Lens Eye Drops are called re-wetting drops. These are used to keep the eyes and contacts wet.
Corneal and Refractive Diagnostics, Esthesiometers (2 suppliers)
Esthesiometer is an instrument used to measure tactile sensitivity of the skin. The measure of the degree of tactile sensitivity is called aesthesiometry. It is an air-based corneal esthesiometer that can stimulate subthreshold at corneal apex in normals. It is suitable for use in determining corneal physiology and healing. It has application to the measurement of normal-tension glaucoma.
Contact Esthesiometers (1 supplier)
Corneal Esthesiometers (1 supplier)
Corneal Eye Shields (5 suppliers)
Corneal Eye Shields are used to protect the eye during laser surgery in the periorbital area.
Child Eyes Shields (2 suppliers)
Color Testing, Farnsworth Munsell Hue 100 (1 supplier)
Farnsworth Munsell Hue 100 color testing is widely used for measuring chromatic discrimination by clinicians and vision scientists. As well as helping to identify various congenital colour vision deficiencies, it is a useful and sensitive test for measuring the changes due to neuronal disease or possible side effects in therapeutic management.
Corneal Flap Smoothers (1 supplier)
Cosmetic Frame Readers (3 suppliers)
Contact Lenses, Halloween Lenses (9 suppliers)
Color Testing, Hardy Rand Rittlers (2 suppliers)
Curved Haemostatic Mosquito Forceps (56 suppliers)
Curved Intraocular Lens Forceps (65 suppliers)
Curved Iris Forceps (54 suppliers)
Curved Iris Scissors (90 suppliers)
Coated Jaeger Lid Plate (1 supplier)
Coated jaeger lid plate is used to protect the cornea and globe during procedure. It also offers ultimate protection during electro surgical techniques. It can be made of various materials.
Curved Jeweler's Forceps (51 suppliers)
Contact Lenses, Keratoconus Lenses (10 suppliers)
Keratoconus lens is a soft contact lens designed with a thick center that creates more rigidity to maintain visual acuity. It is mainly used to manage keratoconus. Keratoconus is an irregular protrusion of the cornea.
Corneal Topography Keratometers (15 suppliers)
Corneal topography keratometer is a diagnostic device used to measure the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, particularly used for assessing the extent and axis of astigmatism. It is available in various position types.
Color Testing, Lanthony Tritan (1 supplier)
Color testing, Lanthony tritan is mainly used to facilitate the qualitative diagnosis and quantitative evaluation of blue-yellow dyschromatopsia. It is principally a test to be used in clinical ophthalmology. This tritan album consists of 6 Pseudoisochromatic plates numbered from 0 to 5. Each plate is in the form of a square and consists of a multiplicity of small circles in close juxtaposition. These small circles are so arranged as to form, on one hand, a gray background, while the difficulty of reading the plates increases from plate No.1 to plate No.5.
CO2 Laser Lenses (3 suppliers)
CO2 laser lens is a main optical component for CO2 laser based units. Its curved shape allows it to transform incident collimated beam into tiny-size area and thus concentrate the entire power of laser source in the shape of a spot.
Conventional LB Agar Plates (3 suppliers)
Culture Reagents, Liquid Bacterial Media (1 supplier)
Corneal Markers (6 suppliers)
Corneal markers are used for marking a cornea. It creates markings on the cornea that locate where an electrode tip is to be inserted to perform an ophthalmic procedure. This marker includes a plurality of markers coupled to a frame. An actuator may be depressed to move-the markers into contact with the cornea.
Curved Mayo Scissors (67 suppliers)
Curved mayo scissors are ideal for trimming and shaping softened, low-temperature thermoplastic splinting materials. Its slim design is helpful when removing bandages. Stainless-steel blades are slightly curved to make cutting around curves easy. It is designed for right- or left-handed use.
Curved Metzenbaum Scissors (66 suppliers)
clinical electroretinography System (1 supplier)
Contact Lens Multipurpose solutions (4 suppliers)
Contact lens multipurpose solution is designed for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing contact lenses.
Cobalite Ophthalmic Light (1 supplier)
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