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MEDICAL products beginning with : D
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Diagnostic Guidewires, Multi Length Guide wire (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Guide Wires, Straight-Movable Core (1 supplier)
Diagnostic Wire Guides, Straight-Movable Core (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Devices, Stress Test Base Systems (10 suppliers)
Dual Extremity Ergometers (7 suppliers)
Deflectable Guide Catheter (1 supplier)
Diagnostic EP Systems, Cables (4 suppliers)
Diagnostic EP Systems (2 suppliers)
Dissolving Sutures (11 suppliers)
Dissolvable Sutures (9 suppliers)
Disposable Biopsy Punch (25 suppliers)
Dissecting Blades (5 suppliers)
Disposable Blades (17 suppliers)
Disposable Slot Blades (3 suppliers)
Diagnostic Systems, Lancet (9 suppliers)
Disposable Lancet (10 suppliers)
digital fat calipers (11 suppliers)
Digital fat caliper is a computerized skin fold caliper that is accurate down to the millimeter. It uses a patent pending floating code thickness measuring system that detects even the smallest change in measurement with unmatched accuracy. It stores each measurement in memory and then calculates body fat percentage instantly and accurately. It measures body composition using the computerized skin-fold caliper that's accurate to one millimeter.
Drainage Catheter (12 suppliers)
Diagnostic Catheter (12 suppliers)
Diathermy Coagulator (1 supplier)
Dissection Curette (3 suppliers)
Disposable Gloves (96 suppliers)
Disposable Gloves are made of natural rubber, polyethylene and nitrile. Disposable gloves permits outstanding dexterity and protect the user without contaminating work areas or products.
Disposable Examination Latex Gloves (41 suppliers)
Disposable Examination Nitrile Gloves (46 suppliers)
Disposable Examination Cotton Gloves (12 suppliers)
Disposable Examination Vinyl Gloves (37 suppliers)
Disposable Examination Plastic Gloves (11 suppliers)
Dissecting T-pins (1 supplier)
Dissecting T-Pins are made with stainless. These pins are used to pin frog and later its skin to the dissecting pan. These pins are two inch in size and are available in 6 pins/pack or a box of 100 pins.
Dissecting Pins Pack (1 supplier)
Dissection kit (4 suppliers)
Dissecting Kits are used to dissect frogs, fetal pigs and many other preserved animals. Dissecting kits contains all necessary tools/instruments to perform complete dissection. These animal dissection kits are great learning and exploring tools.
Drills Accessories (5 suppliers)
Dumont Forceps (51 suppliers)
Dumont forceps are used for removal of small foreign objects with needlepoint sharpness.
Dental Forceps (69 suppliers)
Dental forcep is a forceps used in grasping and extracting teeth. It is also called extracting forceps. It is used to luxate teeth and remove them from the alveolus.
Disposable Nasal Speculum (22 suppliers)
Disposable Medical Shaving Razor (4 suppliers)
Digital Medical Scale (10 suppliers)
Digital medical scale is a highly precise medical scale with a remote display that can either be wall mounted or placed on desk for easy reading.
Disposable Scalpels (39 suppliers)
Disposable Surgical scalpels (30 suppliers)
Disposable surgical scalpels are very sharp knives used for surgery. They are fine blades with handles used where extremely fine cutting is required. These are single use scalpels. Disposable scalpels usually come with a plastic or metal handle with an extensible blade, like for instance, a utility knife. The scalpel or the blade is discarded after one use.
Dexon Sutures (5 suppliers)
Dexon sutures are synthetic absorbable surgical sutures. These are composed of the homopolymer of glycolic acid. The sutures are sterile, inert, noncollagenous and nonantigenic. These are indicated for use as absorbable sutures in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures.
Dilating Trocar (1 supplier)
Disposable Vaginal Speculum (19 suppliers)
Disposable vaginal speculum is a single-use vagina specula, which eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing and reduce the chance of cross-contamination. Its features include smooth, newly designed molded acrylic that will not pinch or bind tissue for greater patient comfort during gynecological exams. It provides multiple settings with positive locking positions for smooth operation.
Disposable Barrier Vaginal Speculum (2 suppliers)
Dual-Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump (66 suppliers)
Dual-channel volumetric infusion pump provides accurate and automatic infusion of intravenous drugs and fluids. The dual channels are independent and the pump may be operated as any combination of pump and/or controller. Secondary fluid may also be automatically infused at delivery rates and volumes independent of the primary infusion parameters, with automatic changeover to the primary infusion parameters when the secondary infusion is complete.
Disposable Aprons (22 suppliers)
Dental Chairs (19 suppliers)
Dental Stools (5 suppliers)
Disposable lab Coats (20 suppliers)
Diagnostic Table (3 suppliers)
Dental Scrubs (24 suppliers)
Disposable Shoe Covers (26 suppliers)
Disposable Shoe Covers are available in liquid resistant, polypropylene to protect the floors from dirt and grime.
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