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Dual Lumen Fistula Needle (11 suppliers)
Dual lumen fistula needle is designed for hemodialysis treatment. It has a gently tapered neck and is divided into arterial and venous lumens by a center septum, which is bonded in place. The septum is formed so that the lumens have substantially equal cross sections substantially throughout the length of the needle to promote equal flow rates in the lumens. The diameter of the needle at the tip is similar to that of single-lumen needles in order to reduce discomfort on insertion.
Dialysis Catheters (11 suppliers)
A dialysis catheter is a specialized type of central venous catheter used for dialysis. The dialysis catheter is placed into the patient's shoulder and neck, or groin vein. When the patient needs dialysis, the catheter is attached to the dialysis machine by dialysis tubing. The patient's blood flows into the dialysis machine and is filtered to remove fluids and/or toxins, and then returned back to the patient. The dialysis catheter is usually used for dialysis only.
Dialysis Solution (6 suppliers)
Dialysis is the process of cleaning wastes from the blood artificially. Dialysis solution is a cleansing liquid used in the two major forms of dialysis such as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
Dialysis Solution With Dextrose (5 suppliers)
Dialysis solution is a cleansing liquid used in the two major forms of dialysis such as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis solution contains dextrose (a sugar) and other chemicals similar to those in the body. Dextrose draws wastes and extra fluid from the body into the dialysis solution.
Disposable Brain Biopsy Needles (7 suppliers)
Digitized Biopsy Needle (1 supplier)
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) (4 suppliers)
Disposable Surface Electrodes, Disks With Leads (3 suppliers)
Disposable Injectable Unit (1 supplier)
Disposable Injectable Monopolar EMG Needles (4 suppliers)
Disposable Injectable Monopolar Needle Electrodes (23 suppliers)
Digital Electromyography (2 suppliers)
Disposable Ground Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Differential Intracranial Pressure Monitor (4 suppliers)
Detachable Kerrison Punches (7 suppliers)
Digital Ring Electrode (2 suppliers)
Disposable Ring Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Disposable Subdermal EEG Needle Electrodes (19 suppliers)
Disposable Surface Electrodes, Tab Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Disposable Tab Electrode (3 suppliers)
Disposable Endometrial Biopsy (4 suppliers)
Disposable Cusco Vaginal Speculum (2 suppliers)
Disposable Endometrial Sampling Set (3 suppliers)
Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) is a device inserted into the uterus (womb) to prevent conception (pregnancy). It can be a coil, loop, triangle, or T-shape. It can be plastic or metal. How IUDs prevent pregnancy is not entirely clear. They seem to prevent sperm and eggs from meeting by either immobilizing the sperm on their way to the fallopian tubes or by changing the uterine lining so the fertilized egg cannot implant in it.
Disposable Graves Vaginal Speculum (3 suppliers)
Diagnostic Laparoscopic Equipment (4 suppliers)
Disposable Smoke Evacuation Tubing (1 supplier)
Disposable Menstrual Regulation Kits (3 suppliers)
Disposable Loop Electrodes (4 suppliers)
Disposable Ball Electrodes (5 suppliers)
Disposable Sterile Umbilical Cord Clamps (9 suppliers)
Double Grip Umbilical Cord Clamp (3 suppliers)
Double grip umbilical cord clamp is a safe, effective, lightweight plastic disposable device. It is designed to constrict the umbilical cord to prevent blood loss as the cord dries and shrinks after birth. It is safely and securely locks and holds the umbilicus. It maintains constant pressure cutting off the blood supply.
Disposable Square Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Disposable Needle Extenders (1 supplier)
Digital Ultrasound Eye Arc-Scanner (14 suppliers)
Dry Eye Treatment, Bandage Contact Lenses (14 suppliers)
Bandage contact lenses are used to protect an injured or diseased cornea from the constant rubbing of blinking eyelids thereby allowing it to heal. These are used in the treatment of conditions including bullous keratopathy, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and erosion, keratitis, corneal edema, descemetocele, corneal ectasis, anterior corneal dystrophy, and neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis.
Disposable Microtome Blade Holders (4 suppliers)
Direct Contact Lenses (18 suppliers)
Double Ended Cyclodialysis Spatula (1 supplier)
Durable Contact Lens (9 suppliers)
Delicate Desmarres lid retractors (46 suppliers)
Diagnostic Contact Lenses (15 suppliers)
Diagnostic contact lenses are used to determine the best fit with eyes. This is aided with the use of corneal topography. These specially designed contacts can reshape the cornea because of several unique curvatures ground onto their back surface. These surfaces mold the tissue called the cornea. The lenses are made of a highly oxygen permeable material.
Diagnostic Dye (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Dye is applied directly to the eye to assess tear duct function.
Disposable Eye-Shields (6 suppliers)
Disposable Eye Shields are designed for microdermabrasion. These disposable eye shields are designed for use with medical lasers utilizing wavelenghts between 190nm to 11,000nm and offer a protection level of OD > 7 at 190-11,000nm.
Digital fluorescein angiography (5 suppliers)
Digital fluorescein angiography is an ophthalmologic procedure that permits to study many of the diseases that affect to the eye and to all the human body. It can also be used to diagnose diabetic retinopathy, pigmentary epithelium abnormalities, choroidal injuries, and macular edema.
Digital Fundus Imaging Software (4 suppliers)
Digital Glare Testing Device (3 suppliers)
Disposable Implant Knives (3 suppliers)
Dilated Iris Hooks (6 suppliers)
Double Ended Lacrimal Dilator (25 suppliers)
Double ended lacrimal dilator is a surgical instrument having one end with needle point and other end with medium taper. It is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ.
Disposable Lacrimal Dilators (25 suppliers)
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