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Extremity Supports - Hip Supports (7 suppliers)
Electric Massagers (47 suppliers)
Electric massagers is designed to accommodate selected regions of the human anatomy. It employs conventional contractor's wire as the basic foundation for construction. The electric motors are utilized to induce opposed distorted-harmonic vibrations in the massager. It is designed with flexible arm and leg portions, which have hook and loop fasteners attached thereto.
Electrical Nerve Stimulators (17 suppliers)
Electrical nerve stimulator consists of an electrical pulse generator connected by wire to two electrodes that apply electrical stimulation to the surface of the skin at the site of pain. It is used to relieve chronic intractable pain, post-surgical pain, and pain associated with active or post-trauma injury unresponsive to other standard pain therapies. It stimulates sensory nerves to block pain signals and generate endorphins.
Elbow Prosthesis (3 suppliers)
Elbow prosthesis includes a humeral component having a rod extending along a longitudinal axis. This humeral component consists of a generally cylindrical body having a first articulating surface about which an ulnar component is pivotally mounted so as to pivot about a longitudinal axis of the body. A spacing between a plane extending through the longitudinal axis of the body and the longitudinal of the rod of the humeral component is selected to define a desirable spacing depending upon a patient's morphology.
External Sequential Compression Devices (3 suppliers)
External sequential compression devices are designed to limit the development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and peripheral edema in immobile patients. It consists of an air pump connected to a disposable sleeve by a series of air tubes. The sleeve is placed around the patient's leg. Air is then forced into different parts of the sleeve in sequence, creating pressure around the calves and improving venous return.
Electronic Stationary Cycle (1 supplier)
European Stationary Cycle (1 supplier)
Exchangeable table extensions (1 supplier)
Electric wheelchairs (67 suppliers)
Electric wheelchairs are usually a lot heavier because the frame has to be stronger in order to support the battery and motors. The level of sophistication in electric wheelchairs also varies widely, from just using standard batteries and a joy stick controller, right up to using microprocessor controlled gyroscopic circuitry which enables the chair to rise on two wheels.
Echinacea Lozenges (10 suppliers)
Echinacea lozenge is a blend of echinacea and other therapeutic herbs, individually wrapped lozenge. It generally contains glucose syrup, cane sugar, honey, fresh echinacea extract, herb extracts, caramel sugar syrup, menthol, peppermint oil, and citric acid.
Ear Implants (10 suppliers)
Electrical Cautery Instruments (6 suppliers)
Electrosurgical Cautery Instruments (39 suppliers)
Electrodes, Reusable (6 suppliers)
Reusable Electrodes are individually packaged, non-sterile, in a protective box with insert foam. Reusable electrodes are made of highly conductive silicone and connected to a lead wire with 2 or 4mm plug. These electrodes are permanently connected to robust and pliable leadwires (1 mm OD).
Endoscopic Rotating Multiple Clip Applier (1 supplier)
Endoscopic Rotating Multiple Clip Applier is a sterile, single patient use instrument designed to provide a means of ligation through endopath surgical trocars. The instrument delivers 20 titanium clips that individually advance after each firing. It is designed to rotate 360 degrees in either direction.
Extracorporeal Piezoelectric Lithotripsy (2 suppliers)
Extracorporeal Piezoelectric Lithotripsy is an effective method for treating renal pelvic stones in children. Extracorporeal piezoelectric lithotripsy is a second-generation lithotripter, which gives less pain during the treatment compared to the first generation device. Extracorporeal piezoelectric lithotripsy is clearly a feasible procedure for the treatment of gallstone patients.
Epispadias Repair, Urethral Stents (1 supplier)
Epispadias, Pediatric Urethral C-Stents (1 supplier)
Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy System (1 supplier)
Ecostatin Pessaries (2 suppliers)
Ecostatin Pessaries contain the active ingredient econazole. Econazole is an antifungal medicine used to treat infections with fungi and yeasts. Ecostatin pessaries are used to treat fungal infections of the vagina, such as vaginal thrush. Econazole pessaries are inserted into the vagina to treat infections of the vagina with yeasts.
Endoscopic Resection Supplies, Resection Electrodes (3 suppliers)
External Vacuum Therapy System (2 suppliers)
External Vacuum Therapy System restores sexual function in 9 out of 10 impotent men. External vacuum therapy system includes battery powered pump & cylinder, tension rings, personal lubricant and instructional video tape.
External Pacemaker (3 suppliers)
External Pacemaker is used by patients to recover from open heart surgery.
Endoscopic coupler with Sockatable Camera (1 supplier)
EDTA Tubes (2 suppliers)
ECG Mounts (1 supplier)
EKG Paper (6 suppliers)
EKG Paper is made of a grid of big boxes and small boxes. EKG paper moves at a standard speed of 25 mm/sec.
EEG Paper (3 suppliers)
Electrode Cream (1 supplier)
Electrode Cream is used with reusable electrodes and provides improved contact. It removes skin grease and effects positive contact.
Elastic Head Strap Cannulas (1 supplier)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Double Lumen Tube (4 suppliers)
Double-lumen tube is the mainstay of one-lung ventilation (OLV). It consists of a hollow outer cannula and a removable hollow inner cannula.
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes (5 suppliers)
Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes features thermosensitive PVC, which allows the tube to soften at body temperature, smooth tube tip, molded & gently cupped to minimize trauma during intubation and 100% latex-free. Cuffed endotracheal tubes are constructed of bio-compatible polyvinyl chloride.
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Nasal Soft Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes (3 suppliers)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Preloaded with Stylet Tubes (3 suppliers)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes (1 supplier)
Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes includes a distinct distal tip mark, which serves as an aid during intubation, smooth, molded, gently cupped tip minimizes trauma during intubation and oral/nasal length available with murphy eye or magill style. Uncuffed endotracheal tubes are used in neonates, infants and children up to the age of 12 years.
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Monitoring Lumen Tubes (1 supplier)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Preformed Endotracheal Tubes (1 supplier)
Preformed Endotracheal Tubes are designed to position the anesthesia circuit out of the surgical field for oral and maxillofacial procedures.
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Reinforced Tubes (3 suppliers)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Microlaryngeal Surgery Tubes (3 suppliers)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Laryngectomy Tubes (9 suppliers)
Laryngectomy Tube is a soft flexible silicone tube, which is designed to maintain the tracheostoma following laryngectomy surgery.
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Medication Injection Ported Tubes (1 supplier)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Laser Resistant Tubes (1 supplier)
Laser Resistant Tubes are designed for airway management during laser surgery of the larynx or other areas in close proximity to the trachea.
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Stylets (3 suppliers)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Tube Exchangers (3 suppliers)
Endotracheal Tubes & Accessories, Tube Holder (3 suppliers)
Test Tube Holder is designed to hold test tubes. It is used to hold pipettes and stirring rods.
Endobronchial Tubes & Accessories, Endobronchial Tubes (1 supplier)
Endobronchial Tubes & Accessories, CPAP System (15 suppliers)
Endobronchial Tubes & Accessories, Double Swivel Connectors (1 supplier)
Endobronchial Tubes & Accessories, Endobronchial Tube Accessories (1 supplier)
Emergency Accessory Devices, Emergency Mask Kit (1 supplier)
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