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ECG Machine (47 suppliers)
ECG machine is used for a resting ECG and a real time ECG recording with or without arrhythmia detection. It is designed as a portable device and can be moved from one patient to another or to different locations. It supports a 12 lead, 6 lead and arrythmia mode. The graphic display shows 3 leads at a time. Patient and user data can be entered for reliable archiving of patient records.
ECG Leads (1 supplier)
An electrical signal is a potential difference detected between two points. In the ECG, signals are recorded between two active surface electrodes or an active electrode and a common or indifferent point. Each signal recorded is called a lead and may have amplitude of several millivolts.
ECG Monitor (55 suppliers)
The ECG monitor is a microprocessor-controlled unit that allows the surgeon to observe the patients cardiac electrical activity. Each R of the ECG sends a trigger pulse to the laser. The combination of a depressed footswitch on the laser unit and a trigger pulse from the ECG monitor produces a burst of pulsed energy.
ECG Strips (1 supplier)
ECG Amplifier (2 suppliers)
The ECG amplifier is a device containing various electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, and operational amplifiers. The most complex component of an ECG amplifier is arguably the op amp. An op amp is a solid-state device that has a very high resistance to incoming current. This characteristic is more commonly known as high input impedance. Using a high impedance op amp in an ECG minimizes the perturbation of the subject.
ECG Parts (3 suppliers)
ECG Replacement (1 supplier)
ECG Basic (6 suppliers)
ECG Pediatric (1 supplier)
ECG Digital (4 suppliers)
ECG Components (5 suppliers)
ECG Circuit (1 supplier)
ECG Paper (11 suppliers)
The ECG paper is specially designed graph paper. It is coated with a thin covering of plastic, which melts when the heated stylus runs across it. The stylus is heated in order to melt the plastic on the ECG paper and produce an ECG tracing.
ECG Cables (27 suppliers)
ECG Transistor (1 supplier)
ECG 3 LEAD (1 supplier)
ECG Software (4 suppliers)
ECG Calipers (11 suppliers)
An ECG caliper is a tool that helps measure certain values. It usually has no measuring ability of its own, but allows setting its width and then measuring it against a more convenient portion of the ECG paper.  It is a general tool that can be used for many different things. 
ECG Valve (1 supplier)
External Counterpulsation (6 suppliers)
External counterpulsation is a non-surgical outpatient treatment that may reduce symptoms of angina. It is used to provide long-term relief of symptoms in patients with heart disease. External counterpulsation treatment uses pressure cuffs wrapped around the upper thigh, lower thigh and calves of each leg. These cuffs are quickly inflated with compressed air during the resting phase of the heartbeat. When the heart contracts, the cuffs are deflated. This inflation/deflation of the cuffs forces blood to the heart increases the heart's output and may help the heart develop better circulation.
Epicardial Leads Unipolar (1 supplier)
Epicardial Leads Bipolar (1 supplier)
Emergency Medical Kit (16 suppliers)
Emergency Medical Kit has a plurality of pockets and straps, which are designed to hold medical equipment. Emergency medical kits have a container with a hinged lid and a latch for use in organizing & protecting ophthalmic instruments. These emergency medical kits includes a carrying case of approximately briefcase or small suitcase size with the upper & lower sections divided into a large number of compartments by insertion of a plastic organizer. This emergency medical kit is packed in a bright red cordura fanny pack with large white signage for quick grab-and-go identification and hands-free portability.
Emergency Cardio Kit (1 supplier)
Exercise Treadmills (43 suppliers)
Exercise Treadmills are used for performing walking or running aerobic-type exercise while the user remains in a relatively stationary position. Exercise treadmills are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. This treadmill is used to screen for coronary artery disease.
Exchangeable Rotational Atherectomy System (1 supplier)
Exercise Stress System, Stress Test Base Systems (6 suppliers)
Exercise ECG Testing System (3 suppliers)
Exercise Stress Testing System (5 suppliers)
Endovascular Technology, Thermal Regulatory Systems (3 suppliers)
Endocardial Ablation Catheters (3 suppliers)
Endocervical Electrode (2 suppliers)
Electric Instrument Sterilizer (4 suppliers)
End Caps for Humeral Nail (1 supplier)
EKG Caliper (7 suppliers)
EKG Caliper is an instrument used for electrocardiograph accessories. The caliper features hardened steel arms and points for accurate measurement of tracing intervals and point protector has built-in 40mm metric scale. It includes soft vinyl pocket case.
Electrosurgery, Ear Probe (1 supplier)
Ear probe is inserted into an ear canal of a subject during auditory testing. The probe includes a base portion and a cap portion. The base portion of the probe houses electronic components for sound generation, transmission and collection. The cap portion of the probe includes features mechanical attachment of the tip to the probe in such a way as to provide a tight acoustic seal between the probe and the tip. The tip is disposable and protects the probe from occluded by debris in the ear canal.
Electrosurgery, Dressing Forceps (20 suppliers)
Electrosurgery, Retractors (1 supplier)
Electrosurgery, Endocervical Specula (1 supplier)
Electrosurgery, Tenaculums (1 supplier)
Electrosurgery, Forceps (3 suppliers)
Electrosurgery, Forceps are the instruments with two blades/pincers and a handle used for handling, grasping, or compressing. These forceps are usually made of high-grade stainless steel. These are also used to grip suture needles without causing damage.
Electrosurgery, Tissue Forceps (23 suppliers)
Electrosurgery, Tissue Forceps minimizes sticking to tissue of a patient. The forceps include a pair of electrically conducting blade members extending from an insulated cap portion. The blade members include an inner layer of copper or copper alloy having a thickness sufficient to dissipate heat generated at the tip to prevent sticking of tissue to the forceps during use.
Electrosurgery, Grasping Forceps (1 supplier)
Electrosurgery, Vaginal Specula (4 suppliers)
Electrosurgery, Vaginal Specula provides more viewing room at the yoke and allows for easier instrumentation. It is a lightweight, smooth reusable speculum made from specialized polymer for ultimate patient comfort.
Electrosurgery, Hooks (1 supplier)
Electrosurgical hooks are useful as blunt dissectors prior to activation. These hooks are used to isolate the tissue that is divided by the current. The tip is passed into or under a layer of the tissue being dissected, which is then hooked and tented up. The hooks are also used to clear unwanted tissue beside linear structures by passing the hook into the tissues parallel to the structure, and then rotating it to hook up strands of unwanted tissue.
Endocervical Curettes (5 suppliers)
Endocervical Specula (4 suppliers)
Endocervical Specula is the instrument that facilitates accurate examination of the endocervical canal for complete patient care. This is fully autoclavable rose coated instruments deliver lasting performance and durability. It includes narrow or standard blades with ratchet or setscrew lock mechanism.
Endometrial Curettes (4 suppliers)
Endometrial Curettes are suction type curettes used to draw tissues for histological assessments. The curette end is single port or multiport. The elongated multiports are suitable for larger area tissue draws. They have a suction plunger to create a constant vacuum. Endocervical curettes are used to take tissue samples from the cervix.
Electrochemical Detectors (1 supplier)
Electrochemical detector requires three electrodes like working electrode, the auxiliary electrode and the reference electrode. It responds to substances that are either oxidizable or reducible and the electrical output is an electron flow generated by a reaction that takes place at the surface of the electrodes.
Electrochemical Detector Flow Cells (1 supplier)
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