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Endoscopic Ultrasound (5 suppliers)
Endoscopic ultrasound combines endoscopy and ultrasound in order to obtain images and information about the digestive tract and the surrounding tissue and organs. Endoscopy refers to the procedure of inserting a long flexible tube via the mouth or the rectum to visualize the digestive tract, whereas ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the organs and structures inside the body such as ovaries, uterus, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and aorta.
Electron-Beam Computed Tomography (1 supplier)
An electron beam computed tomography is a test that can be used to find calcium buildup in the lining of arteries. This is much faster, which makes an image in a fraction of a second and can take a clear picture of an artery even while the heart is beating. It accurately detects a dangerous congenital heart abnormality that could cause sudden death.
El Gamal Angiographic Catheter (14 suppliers)
EBU (Extra Back-Up) Left Coronary Guide Catheters (1 supplier)
Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) (6 suppliers)
Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) is a non-invasive treatment for cardiac disease. It is a safe and effective choice for people who are considered at high risk for bypass surgery and angioplasty. It enhances blood flow to the heart and coronary arteries by squeezing blood out of the lower parts of the body up towards the heart.
Epicardial Lead Placement Tools (1 supplier)
Epicardial lead placement tool is used to deliver the epicardial lead to the heart using a mini-thoracotomy approach as well as a thoracoscopic approach. It features a stainless steel shaft that can be shaped to maneuver and position a lead optimally on the posterior of the heart (either the right or left ventricle). The tool allows for perpendicular alignment to the heart from different angle approaches.
Event ECG Monitors (38 suppliers)
Event ECG monitors record continuously throughout the testing period of 24 to 48 hours. It does not save the rhythm until the patient feels symptoms and triggers the monitor to record the ECG tracing at that time. It then freezes the rhythm just before the button is pressed, as well as a short period following the activation. Its technology enables patients to transmit this data to a central location for medical review.
ECG Management Software (4 suppliers)
Phonocardiogram software is designed to record, condition, display, and print heart sounds recorded through an electronic stethoscope. It acquires and displays the recorded signals at each of up to four sites, and allows user-selectable filtering of each site independently using low, medium and high-pass filters. It is compatible with various electronic stethoscopes.
Eye Shields (17 suppliers)
Eye shields are used to prevent eye injuries. These shields come in clear or darker shades to keep the sun out of eyes. It can be placed under the eyelids to protect the globe. These are easily interchangeable.
Evoked Potential Systems (11 suppliers)
Evoked potential systems are designed for evoked potential testing in labs. These systems are intended for measuring auditory brainstem responses (ABR). It generally consists of a compact hardware unit, Windows-based software, and accessories.
Electromyography Machines (9 suppliers)
Electromyography machine is an electrical recording machine of muscle activity that aids in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disease. It is used to measure nerve transmission and activity characteristics. Measurements can be the result of an applied stimulus or free-running measurement of nerve activity. It can help diagnose many muscle and nerve disorders, including muscular dystrophy, congenital myopathies, mitochondrial myopathies, metabolic myopathies, and myotonias.
Electrocorticography (3 suppliers)
Electrocorticography is a technique of recording and measuring the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex by means of electrodes placed directly on it. The purpose of the EcoG is to localize a suspected seizure focus in the cerebral cortex in patients who are candidates for surgery. It can be performed outside of surgery or during surgery. It is also used for determining neuronal thresholds.
Eye Bandages (3 suppliers)
Eye bandages protects the eye from symptoms caused by dry eye, medical conditions, drug reactions and environmental factors. It forms a moisture chamber over the eye area during rest. It is commonly used to protect the eye of a patient from external infection, from external mechanical trauma, from bright light, from perceiving images, which might induce unwanted eye movement, and to collect discharge from the conjunctiva.
Electronystagmography (2 suppliers)
Electronystagmography is a study used to clinically evaluate patients with dizziness, vertigo, or balance dysfunction. It provides exact measurements of eye movements rather than the objective observation of standard caloric stimulation. It can record behind closed eyelids or with the head in a variety of positions. It is used to determine whether a balance or nerve disorder is the cause of dizziness or vertigo.
Electrocardiography (17 suppliers)
Electrocardiography is a commonly used, non-invasive procedure for recording electrical changes in the heart. The record, which is called an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), shows the series of waves that relate to the electrical impulses, which occur during each beat of the heart. The results are printed on paper or displayed on a monitor. It is a starting point for detecting many cardiac problems.
Elbow External Fixators (4 suppliers)
Elbow external fixators have controlled movement about the axis of rotation of the elbow joint. It is minimally invasive and rapidly applied. It has the facility for gradual extension or flexion where required.
External Bone Growth Stimulators (6 suppliers)
External bone growth stimulators are worn outside the skin and do not require surgical implantation or extraction. It may also be prescribed for the patient to use several weeks or months after the fusion surgery if the bone is not fusing as desired.
Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Systems (7 suppliers)
Endoscopic carpal tunnel release system is a single-portal system consisting of a set of precision stainless steel instruments used in conjunction with a sharp single use blade. The slotted instrument sheath incorporates a wide longitudinal slot to provide unsurpassed visual control with a scope while following the blade. The system includes a set of dilators and an adjustable handle on the slotted instrument sheath for ease of use.
Epicardial Leads (1 supplier)
Eyelid Implants (3 suppliers)
Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System (5 suppliers)
Endoscopic vessel harvesting system is designed to minimize the scarring and risk of infection associated with traditional harvesting procedures. It is suitable for use in minimally invasive surgery allowing access for vessel harvesting, and is primarily indicated for patients undergoing endoscopic surgery for arterial bypass. It is indicated for cutting tissue and controlling bleeding through coagulation, and for patients requiring blunt dissection of tissue including dissection of blood vessels, dissection of blood vessels of the extremities, dissection of ducts and other structures in the extra peritoneal or subcutaneous extremity and thoracic space.
Elliptical Biopsy Punch (24 suppliers)
Endosurgical Blades (27 suppliers)
Endobronchial Blocker (1 supplier)
Esophagus Capsule Endoscope (3 suppliers)
Elastic Cohesive Bandages (14 suppliers)
Elastic cohesive bandage is suitable for use in applications that require securing, protection, compression and support. It stays in place without slipping, and never unravels. It is lightweight and contours easily to the body part. It is ideal for use in hospitals, physician offices, industrial health and sports medicine applications. It is also water resistant, lightweight and air permeable for patient comfort.
Emergency Cricothyrotomy Catheter Set (2 suppliers)
Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit (6 suppliers)
Endoscopy Instruments, Endo Staplers (5 suppliers)
Endoscopic Linear Staplers (7 suppliers)
An endoscopic linear stapler has application in multiple open or other minimally invasive surgical procedures for transection and resection. It can be used with staple line or tissue buttressing materials such as bovine pericardium. Staplers may be reloaded seven times for a total of eight firings.
Endoscopy Instruments, Articulating Stapler (3 suppliers)
Endoscopy instruments, articulating stapler is designed for use in endoscopic and open procedures that provide greater access to targeted structures with limited operative space. It has dual triple rows of 54 titanium staples provide increased hemostasis around the transection.
Endotracheal Tubes, High Volume Tapered (23 suppliers)
Endotracheal tube is designed for use during short and long-term ventilation and routine surgical procedures. It provides positive tracheal wall seal and reduces area of tracheal wall contact.
Endotracheal Tubes, Close Fitting (22 suppliers)
Endotracheal tubes are usually made of relatively stiff plastic, with soft, low-pressure, easily deformable inflatable tracheal cuffs. It is a flexible plastic tube that is put in the mouth and then down into the trachea. It is used temporarily for breathing because it keeps airway open.
Eraser Tip Bipolar (1 supplier)
Eraser tip bipolar is designed to provide the ophthalmic surgeon with the right tool for situations requiring precise hemostasis. These instruments provide discrete treatment of target tissues for fine-tip hemostasis or controlled drainage retinotomy, without compromise in power delivery.
Extra-Long Length Esophageal Stethoscope (6 suppliers)
Extra-long length esophageal stethoscope is designed for use in surgical setting to monitor heart and respiratory sounds and to measure core body temperature anesthetized patients. It provides better auditory response. It also provides outstanding heart and respiratory sound transmission.
Esophageal Stethoscopes with Temperature (25 suppliers)
Esophageal stethoscopes with temperature sensor is used for accurately monitoring core temperature and heart and breath sounds. These are placed into the esophagus to provide accurate measurement of a patient's core body temperature and transmit heart and lung sounds to the anesthesiologist's earpiece.
Eye Protection (12 suppliers)
Eye Speculum (17 suppliers)
Eye speculum is an instrument for keeping the eyelids apart during inspection of or operation on the eye. These are commonly used in the eye surgery to control the folds in the lid and the lid movement for easy. The speculums usually have a non-reflective end that is flared. The angled shanks allow easy opening and closing. The lower blade is shorter for easy insertion.
Eye Speculum - Newborn (2 suppliers)
Eye Speculum - Pediatric (3 suppliers)
Eye Speculum - Solid Blade (1 supplier)
Eye Speculum - Angled (3 suppliers)
Eye Speculum-Wire Blade (1 supplier)
Endoscopy Instruments, Wire Fan Retractor (2 suppliers)
Endoscopy Instruments, Straight Fan Retractor (5 suppliers)
Endoscopy Instruments, Curved Fan Retractor (4 suppliers)
Endoscopy Instruments, Fan Retractors (9 suppliers)
EECP Facility Planning Services (1 supplier)
Endo Suture (3 suppliers)
Endo Clip Appliers (5 suppliers)
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