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Umbilical Cord Clamps (21 suppliers)
Umbilical cord clamp is suitable for clamping the umbilical cord of newly born baby immediately after the birth. It is provided with finger grip for safe and convenient handling. It has a security lock to prevent accidental opening after clamping. It has a grooved clamping area to prevent slipping of the umbilical cord.
Umbilical Tapes (6 suppliers)
Uterine Scoops (2 suppliers)
Uterine Scissors (3 suppliers)
Vaginoscope is an instrument used to examine the vagina of women. It is an ideal tool for diagnosing intravaginal pathologies. It moves on a screw, which is the pivot of its opening and closing. It consists of four parts, (1) a vaginal end, shaped like an ordinary cylinder speculum, (2) a cup-shaped end, (3) between the two, a circular piece on which is placed a tense membrane, (4) at the end the cup-shaped portion on elastic tube or a solid tube bent at right angles and terminated by an earpiece as in an ordinary stethoscope.
Uterine Sound Instruments (27 suppliers)
Used & Refurbished Equipment (43 suppliers)
Ultrasounds (82 suppliers)
Ultrasound is a form of cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. In medicine, ultrasound instrument uses high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body. Health care professionals use this to view the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver and other organs. During pregnancy, doctors use ultrasound tests to examine the fetus. Unlike x-rays, ultrasound does not involve exposure to radiation.
Ultrasonic Pachymetry (8 suppliers)
Ultrasonic pachymetry is an efficient and accurate way to measure corneal thickness. It is the recommended method for obtaining corneal thickness measurements. It possesses the advantages of reproducibility, ability to take measurements anywhere on the cornea, not dependent on patient fixation, high accuracy and ability to be used intraoperatively.
Utility Forceps (11 suppliers)
Ultracentrifuges (3 suppliers)
Ultracentrifuge is a centrifuge ideal for spinning a rotor at very high speeds, capable of generating acceleration as high as 1,000,000 g (9,800 km/sē). There are two kinds of ultracentrifuges, the preparative and the analytical ultracentrifuge. Both classes of instruments find important uses in molecular biology, biochemistry and polymer science.
Urea (4 suppliers)
Urea is also called carbamide. It is an organic chemical compound, which essentially is the waste produced when the body metabolizes protein. It is a compound not only produced by humans but also by many other mammals. It is manufactured in the liver, by broken down protein or amino acids, and ammonia, the kidneys transfer urea from the blood to the urine.
Urethral (Foley) Catheters (11 suppliers)
Urethral Access Sheaths (5 suppliers)
Ureteral Access Sheath comprises a sheath assembly having a main lumen and one or more secondary lumens. Ureteral access sheath provides protection against elevated renal pressures during routine flexible ureteroscope stone manipulation.
Urethral Dilation (2 suppliers)
Urethral Dilation is a procedure to stretch the tube that drains urine from the bladder to allow urine to flow more freely. Urethral dilation is performed to temporarily open a scarred urethra such as due to trauma or infection. Urethral dilation is used to manage urethral structures, urethral syndrome and meatal stenosis.
Urethral Diversion Stents (4 suppliers)
Urethral Stent Placement (3 suppliers)
Urethral Stent Placement is the surgical placement of a short tube into the urethra. The stent is placed endoscopically and holds the structured portion of the urethra open as it heals after surgery.
Uroflowmetry Systems (10 suppliers)
Urodynamics Systems (19 suppliers)
Urodynamics Systems have three main components such as transducers, a recording unit and an analyzing system.
Urodynamics Catheters (8 suppliers)
Urodynamics Catheters are used for cystometry and urethral pressure profilometry. It is also used for catheter positioning and exchange in a tortuous or kinked ureter, traversing a large stone in route to the kidney or in cases demanding enhanced control & high radiopacity.
Urethrotomes and DVIU Instruments (2 suppliers)
Urinary Leg Bags (46 suppliers)
Urinary Leg Bags are used in conjunction with the external male condom catheter. They are constructed of 100% latex-free soft, textured medical grade vinyl to maximize comfort and durability. These bags used to hold up to 500 cc of urine and are worn under the pants to provide secure & private protection.
Ultrasound Bladder Scanners (10 suppliers)
Use and Throw, Syringes (18 suppliers)
Urinary Leg Bags (28 suppliers)
Urinary Leg Bag features durable vinyl pleated sides, drain valve leg bag strap connector buttons, sterile fluid pathway packaging anti-reflux valve and stepped connector. This urinary leg bag is lightweight, odor proof and made of heavy gauge material. The urinary leg bag fastens to leg with straps. These leg bags feature an anti-reflux valve, which reduces risk of backflow and danger of infection. It protects skin from pressure points by placing leg strap connectors and drain valve away from direct contact with leg.
Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes (23 suppliers)
Uncuffed endotracheal tubes are designed for neonatal and pediatric patient populations, this uncuffed endotracheal tube incorporates a monitoring lumen within the wall of the tube which extends to the distal tip. Luer lock connector bonded to lumen line provides convenient connection for CO2 monitoring, pressure monitoring or syringe irrigation of medication.
Used Surgical Instruments (17 suppliers)
Ultra Sound Devices (3 suppliers)
Ultra Sound Equipment (3 suppliers)
Uterine Sound Devices (30 suppliers)
Uniform Aprons (11 suppliers)
Urinalysis Strips, Bilirubin (3 suppliers)
Urinalysis Strips are dip and quick urine check strips, which are used to qualitatively detect the urine chemical components such as urine glucose & urine bilirubin.
USB Microscope Camera (36 suppliers)
USB Microscope Camera connects to any computer with USB connectivity, desktop or laptop. The camera is completely portable allowing to turn the laptop into a traveling laboratory and comes with software that lets digital microimaging, editing, color adjustment and create both still images & video. It features 1/4? VGA CCD, 310,000-effective pixel picture elements and resolution of up to 12.5 frames/second at 640 x 480 pixels.
Urine Drug Testing Kits (7 suppliers)
Urine Drug Testing is one of the methods of random drug testing for recent drug use. This method detects the presence of drugs in urine for up to 3-4 days, after the drug has entered a person's system. Urine drug testing kits detect the major metabolite of marijuana called THCCOOH.
UV Germicidal Lamp (6 suppliers)
UV Germicidal Lamp sterilizes bacteria, viruses and mold spores by destroying the DNA of the microorganisms as they are trapped on the filters. Its feature includes lamp working voltage of 28V, 42V & 56V and wave length of 254NM. UV germicidal lamp kills bacteria, fungi and molds that grow on air conditioning coil.
UV Germicidal Lamps Filters (4 suppliers)
Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps (5 suppliers)
Urine Glucose Testing Kit (7 suppliers)
Urine HIV Antibody Test (1 supplier)
Urine HIV-1 Test is a painless, non-evasive option for getting an HIV antibody test. This test uses the urine EIA and urine western blot technique to detect HIV antibodies. This test eliminates accidental needle sticks & exposure-related dangers, protecting the patient and healthcare worker.
Ultrasensitive Mouse Insulin kit (12 suppliers)
Ultrasensitive Mouse Insulin Kit is a easy way for determination of mouse insulin in serum, plasma and other biological media. It features ELISA technology, breakable strips and mouse calibrator.
Urine Ketone Test Strip (14 suppliers)
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (12 suppliers)
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers features exceptional value, sensitive & accurate temperature control, double cascade laboratory refrigeration system, space efficient inventory systems and automatic alarm system. Ultra-low temperature freezers are designed and constructed for biological product storage. The ultra-low temperature freezers are equipped with heavy-duty hermetic compressors and gravity flow refrigerant cooling systems to maintain vital operating temperatures of -40°C to -86°C.
Used Laboratory Shaker (2 suppliers)
Used Laboratory Sterilizers (20 suppliers)
Upgradable Multiparameter Monitor (11 suppliers)
UV Monitoring Of PCR Hoods (5 suppliers)
Used Doctor Bags (1 supplier)
Ultra violet Spectrophotometers (10 suppliers)
UV spectrophotometer is a spectrophotometer that measures the transmission or reflectance of ultraviolet light in the 200 to 400 nanometer spectral region. An ultraviolet spectrophotometer typically has a hydrogen lamp and a radiation source and a photo multiplier tube as a detector.
UV Spectrophotometers (10 suppliers)
Used Tongue Depressors (49 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment (18 suppliers)
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