Westmed Inc.

Address: 5580 S. Nogales Hwy., Tucson, Arizona 85706, USA
Phone: +1-(520)-294-7987, 800-975-7987 | Fax: +1-(520)-294-6061 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Westmed Inc. creates, manufactures and markets disposable anesthesia and respiratory medical devices. We supply a wide range of anesthesia circle and co-axial anesthesia breathing circuits & accessories. Our breathing filters and heat moisture exchangers are used for enhancing the effectiveness of any breathing system. We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

The company was founded in 1997, has revenues of USD 5-10 Million, has ~70 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 2028807

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• Adapters & Connectors, Gas Sampling Elbow
• Adapters & Connectors, Norman Mask Elbow
• Adapters & Connectors, Ported Elbow Adaptor
• Adapters & Connectors, Reusable Patient elbow
• Aerosol Therapy Masks
• Aerosol Therapy Masks
• Aerosol Therapy Spacers
• Anesthesia Circuit, Breathing Bags
• Anesthesia Equipment
• Anesthesia Equipment
• Anesthesia Inhalation Breathing Gases Mixer (FDA Code: BZR / 868.5330)
A breathing gas mixer is a device intended for use in conjunction with a respiratory support apparatus to control the mixing of gases that are to be breathed by a patient.
• Anesthesiology Oropharyngeal Airway (FDA Code: CAE / 868.5110)
An oropharyngeal airway is a device inserted into a patient's pharynx through the mouth to provide a patent airway.
• Anesthetic Gas Mask (FDA Code: BSJ / 868.5550)
An anesthetic gas mask is a device, usually made of conductive rubber, that is positioned over a patient's nose or mouth to direct anesthetic gases to the upper airway.
• Arterial Blood Gas Syringe
• Arterial Blood Sampling Kit (FDA Code: CBT / 868.1100)
An arterial blood sampling kit is a device, in kit form, used to obtain arterial blood samples from a patient for blood gas determinations. The kit may include a syringe, needle, cork, and heparin.
• Arterial Catheters
• Blood Collection Systems (FDA Code: JKA / 862.1675)
A blood specimen collection device is a device intended for medical purposes to collect and to handle blood specimens and to separate serum from nonserum (cellular) components prior to further testing. This generic type device may include blood collection tubes, vials, systems, serum separators, blood collection trays, or vacuum sample tubes.
• Bone Clamp (FDA Code: HXD / 878.4800)
A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated device, either reusable or disposable, intended to be used in various general surgical procedures. The device includes the applicator, clip applier, biopsy brush, manual dermabrasion brush, scrub brush, cannula, ligature carrier, chisel, clamp, contractor, curette, cutter, dissector, elevator, skin graft expander, file, forceps, gouge, instrument guide, needle guide, hammer, hemostat, amputation hook, ligature passing and knot-tying instrument, knife, blood lancet, mallet, disposable or reusable aspiration and injection needle, disposable or reusable suturing needle, osteotome, pliers, rasp, retainer, retractor, saw, scalpel blade, scalpel handle, one-piece scalpel, snare, spatula, stapler, disposable or reusable stripper, stylet, suturing apparatus for the stomach and intestine, measuring tape, and calipers. A surgical instrument that has specialized uses in a specific medical specialty is classified in separate regulations in parts 868 through 892.
• Breathing Circuit Bacterial Filter (FDA Code: CAH / 868.5260)
A breathing circuit bacterial filter is a device that is intended to remove microbiological and particulate matter from the gases in the breathing circuit.
• Breathing System with/without Controller (FDA Code: BZE / 868.5270)
A breathing system heater is a device that is intended to warm breathing gases before they enter a patient's airway. The device may include a temperature controller.
• Bubble Humidifier-dry
• Bubble Humidifiers
• Cannulas
• Catheters
• Cylinder/Pipeline Gas Pressure Gauge (FDA Code: BXH / 868.2610)
A gas pressure gauge (e.g., bourdon tube pressure gauge) is a device intended for medical purposes that is used to measure gas pressure in a medical gas delivery system.
• Direct Patient Interface Nebulizer (FDA Code: CAF / 868.5630)
A nebulizer is a device intended to spray liquids in aerosol form into gases that are delivered directly to the patient for breathing. Heated, ultrasonic, gas, venturi, and refillable nebulizers are included in this generic type of device.
• Direct Patient Interface Respiratory Gas Humidifier (FDA Code: BTT / 868.5450)
A respiratory gas humidifier is a device that is intended to add moisture to, and sometimes to warm, the breathing gases for administration to a patient. Cascade, gas, heated, and prefilled humidifiers are included in this generic type of device.
• Elbow Adapters & Connectors
• Expiratory Resistance Kits
• Extension Airway Connector (FDA Code: BZA / 868.5810)
An airway connector is a device intended to connect a breathing gas source to a tracheal tube, tracheostomy tube, or mask.
• Gas Sampling Lines
• Gaseous Phase Carbon-Dioxide Gas Analyzer (FDA Code: CCK / 868.1400)
A carbon dioxide gas analyzer is a device intended to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in a gas mixture to aid in determining the patient's ventilatory, circulatory, and metabolic status. The device may use techniques such as chemical titration, absorption of infrared radiation, gas chromatography, or mass spectrometry.
• Heat and Moisture Exchanger
• Humidification System
• Hyperinflation Bags
• Hyperinflation System
• Manual Emergency Ventilator/Resuscitator (FDA Code: BTM / 868.5915)
A manual emergency ventilator is a device, usually incorporating a bag and valve, intended to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or a tube inserted into a patient's airway.
• Nebulizers
• Non Dental Irrigating Syringe (FDA Code: KYZ / 880.6960)
An irrigating syringe is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a bulb or a piston syringe with an integral or a detachable tube. The device is used to irrigate, withdraw fluid from, or instill fluid into, a body cavity or wound.
• Non-Direct Patient Interface Humidifier (FDA Code: KFZ / 868.5460)
A therapeutic humidifier for home use is a device that adds water vapor to breathing gases and that is intended for respiratory therapy or other medical purposes. The vapor produced by the device pervades the area surrounding the patient, who breathes the vapor during normal respiration.
• Non-Rebreather Mask
• Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask (FDA Code: KGB / 868.5570)
A nonrebreathing mask is a device fitting over a patient's face to administer oxygen. It utilizes one-way valves to prevent the patient from rebreathing previously exhaled gases.
• Non-Ventilatory Medicinal Nebulizer/Atomizer (FDA Code: CCQ / 868.5640)
A medicinal nonventilatory nebulizer (atomizer) is a device that is intended to spray liquid medication in aerosol form into the air that a patient will breathe.
• Oxygen Masks (FDA Code: BYG / 868.5580)
An oxygen mask is a device placed over a patient's nose, mouth, or tracheostomy to administer oxygen or aerosols.
• Oxygen Nasal Cannula (FDA Code: CAT / 868.5340)
A nasal oxygen cannula is a two-pronged device used to administer oxygen to a patient through both nostrils.
• Oxygen Therapy Masks
• Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Cannulae
• Oxygen Tubing Kits
• Positive End Expiratory Pressure Breathing Attachment (FDA Code: BYE / 868.5965)
A positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) breathing attachment is a device attached to a ventilator that is used to elevate pressure in a patient's lungs above atmospheric pressure at the end of exhalation.
• Pressure Tubing and Accessories (FDA Code: BYX / 868.5860)
Pressure tubing and accessories are flexible or rigid devices intended to deliver pressurized medical gases.

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