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Profile: Wescor manufactures & markets instrumentation & other products for medicine, science and industry. Our unique vapor pressure and colloid osmometers, automatic slide stainers, cytocentrifuges & diagnostic systems represent cutting-edge technologies. The monitoring of serum colloid osmotic pressure after heart surgery allows prediction of pulmonary edema formation. Our Colloid Osmometer delivers this vital information & guides the administration of colloid therapy when it is used to control edema. Our Nanoduct is a complete, integrated system for inducing and analyzing sweat for cystic fibrosis (CF) diagnosis that produces a result while attached to the patient. It simplifies the CF sweat test. Our Cytopro® cyctocentrifuge sets the standard for consistent performance and convenience in a cytocentrifuge.

The company was founded in 1970, has revenues of USD 10-25 Million, has ~100 employees and is ISO, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1717966

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• Analyte Specific Reagents, Asr Reagents (FDA Code: MVU / 864.4020)
Analyte specific reagents (ASR's) are antibodies, both polyclonal and monoclonal, specific receptor proteins, ligands, nucleic acid sequences, and similar reagents which, through specific binding or chemical reaction with substances in a specimen, are intended for use in a diagnostic application for identification and quantification of an individual chemical substance or ligand in biological specimens. ASR's that otherwise fall within this definition are not within the scope of subpart E of this part when they are sold to:
• Assayed and Unassayed Single (Specified) Analyte Controls (FDA Code: JJX / 862.1660)
A quality control material (assayed and unassayed) for clinical chemistry is a device intended for medical purposes for use in a test system to estimate test precision and to detect systematic analytical deviations that may arise from reagent or analytical instrument variation. A quality control material (assayed and unassayed) may be used for proficiency testing in interlaboratory surveys. This generic type of device includes controls (assayed and unassayed) for blood gases, electrolytes, enzymes, multianalytes (all kinds), single (specified) analytes, or urinalysis controls.
• Ast/Sgot Nadh Oxidation/Nad Reduction (FDA Code: CIT / 862.1100)
An aspartate amino transferase (AST/SGOT) test system is a device intended to measure the activity of the enzyme aspartate amino transferase (AST) (also known as a serum glutamic oxaloacetic transferase or SGOT) in serum and plasma. Aspartate amino transferase measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of certain types of liver and heart disease.
• Automated Hematology Slide Stainer
• Automated Slide Stainer (FDA Code: KPA / 864.3800)
An automated slide stainer is a device used to stain histology, cytology, and hematology slides for diagnosis.
• Chloride Ion Specific Electrode (FDA Code: CGZ / 862.1170)
A chloride test system is a device intended to measure the level of chloride in plasma, serum, sweat, and urine. Chloride measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of electrolyte and metabolic disorders such as cystic fibrosis and diabetic acidosis.
• Cystic Fibrosis System
• Cytocentrifuge (FDA Code: IFB / 864.3300)
A cytocentrifuge is a centrifuge used to concentrate cells from biological cell suspensions (e.g., cerebrospinal fluid) and to deposit these cells on a glass microscope slide for cytological examination.
• Cytocentrifuge Rotor for Aerospray
• Discrete Photometric Chemistry Analyzer (FDA Code: JJE / 862.2160)
A discrete photometric chemistry analyzer for clinical use is a device intended to duplicate manual analytical procedures by performing automatically various steps such as pipetting, preparing filtrates, heating, and measuring color intensity. This device is intended for use in conjunction with certain materials to measure a variety of analytes. Different models of the device incorporate various instrumentation such as micro analysis apparatus, double beam, single, or dual channel photometers, and bichromatic 2-wavelength photometers. Some models of the device may include reagent-containing components that may also serve as reaction units.
• General Chemistry Kits
• General Diagnostic Supplies
• General Purpose Reagent (FDA Code: LDT)
• Grams Slide Stainer
• Hematology Slide Stainer
• Hematology Slide Stainer Instruments
• Instruments, Blood Gas & Electrolytes
• Iontophoresis Device (FDA Code: KTB / 890.5525)
An iontophoresis device is a device that is intended to use a direct current to introduce ions of soluble salts or other drugs into the body and induce sweating for use in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis or for other uses if the labeling of the drug intended for use with the device bears adequate directions for the device's use with that drug. When used in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, the sweat is collected and its composition and weight are determined.
• Iontophoresis Equipment
• Iontophoresis Unit
• Laboratory Oncometer
• Microbiology Diagnostic Device (FDA Code: LIB / 866.2660)
A microorganism differentiation and identification device is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of one or more components, such as differential culture media, biochemical reagents, and paper discs or paper strips impregnated with test reagents, that are usually contained in individual compartments and used to differentiate and identify selected microorganisms. The device aids in the diagnosis of disease.
• Microorganism Differentiation Strip and Reagent Disc (FDA Code: JTO / 866.2660)
• Microscope Slides (FDA Code: KEW / 864.3010)
Tissue processing equipment consists of devices used to prepare human tissue specimens for diagnostic histological examination by processing specimens through the various stages of decalcifying, infiltrating, sectioning, and mounting on microscope slides.
• Microscope Slides (FDA Code: KEW / 864.3010)
• Mycoplasma Spp Antiserum (FDA Code: GSA / 866.3375)
• Mycoplasma Spp. DNA-Reagents (FDA Code: LQG / 866.3375)
• Neonatal Sweat Analysis System
• Neurology Instruments
• Not Assay Specific Internal Polymerase Chain Reaction Control (FDA Code: OLD / 862.1660)
• Oncometer
• Osmolality Of Serum & Urine Vapor Pressure (FDA Code: JNA / 862.1540)
An osmolality test system is a device intended to measure ionic and nonionic solute concentration in body fluids, such as serum and urine. Osmolality measurement is used as an adjunct to other tests in the evaluation of a variety of diseases, including kidney diseases (e.g., chronic progressive renal failure), diabetes insipidus, other endocrine and metabolic disorders, and fluid imbalances.
• Osmometer for Clinical Use (FDA Code: JJM / 862.2730)
An osmometer for clinical use is a device intended to measure the osmotic pressure of body fluids. Osmotic pressure is the pressure required to prevent the passage of a solution with a lesser solute concentration into a solution with greater solute concentration when the two solutions are separated by a semipermeable membrane. The concentration of a solution affects its osmotic pressure, freezing point, and other physiochemical properties. Osmometers determine osmotic pressure by methods such as the measurement of the freezing point. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis and treatment of body fluid disorders.
• Plasma Oncometer For Clinical Use (FDA Code: JJK / 862.2720)
A plasma oncometer for clinical use is a device intended to measure plasma oncotic pressure, which is that portion of the total plasma osmotic pressure contributed by protein and other molecules too large to pass through a specified semipermeable membrane. Because variations in plasma oncotic pressure are indications of certain disorders, measurements of the variations are useful in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.
• Programmable Slide Stainers
• Secondary Calibrator (FDA Code: JIT / 862.1150)
A calibrator is a device intended for medical purposes for use in a test system to establish points of reference that are used in the determination of values in the measurement of substances in human specimens. (See also 862.2 in this part.)
• Selective and Non-Differential Culture Media (FDA Code: JSJ / 866.2360)
A selective culture medium is a device that consists primarily of liquid or solid biological materials intended for medical purposes to cultivate and identify certain pathogenic microorganisms. The device contains one or more components that suppress the growth of certain microorganisms while either promoting or not affecting the growth of other microorganisms. The device aids in the diagnosis of disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms and also provides epidemiological information on these diseases.
• Slide Culture Chamber (FDA Code: KIY / 864.2240)
Cell and tissue culture supplies and equipment are devices that are used to examine, propagate, nourish, or grow cells and tissue cultures. These include such articles as slide culture chambers, perfusion and roller apparatus, cell culture suspension systems, and tissue culture flasks, disks, tubes, and roller bottles.
• Slide Stainers
• Staphylococcus Aureus Screening Kit (FDA Code: JWX / 866.2660)
• Sweat Collector
• Sweat Conductivity Analyzer
• Total Protein Biuret Method (FDA Code: CEK / 862.1635)
A total protein test system is a device intended to measure total protein(s) in serum or plasma. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases involving the liver, kidney, or bone marrow as well as other metabolic or nutritional disorders.
• Urine Screening Kit (FDA Code: JXA / 866.2660)
• Vapor Pressure Osmometer
• Water Based Hematology Stainer
• Yeast Identification Kit (FDA Code: JXB / 866.2660)
• Yeast Screening Kit (FDA Code: JXC / 866.2660)

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