Trek Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

Address: 982 Keynote Circle, Suite 6, Cleveland, Ohio 44131, USA
Phone: +1-(216)-351-8735, 800-871-8909 | Fax: +1-(216)-351-5456 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Trek Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is a microbiology company that offers blood culture, identification & susceptibility technologies to provide cost effective improvements in workflow efficiencies, ergonomics & test result performance, resulting in better solutions for patient care. Our alamarblue is an indicator dye, formulated to quantitatively measure the proliferation of a variety of human cells, bacteria, mycobacteria or fungi.

The company was founded in 1999, has ~150 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1530126

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• Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Culture Media (FDA Code: JSO / 866.1700)
A culture medium for antimicrobial susceptibility tests is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of any medium capable of supporting the growth of many of the bacterial pathogens that are subject to antimicrobial susceptibility tests. The medium should be free of components known to be antagonistic to the common agents for which susceptibility tests are performed in the treatment of disease.
• Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Panels (FDA Code: LTT / 866.1640)
An antimicrobial susceptibility test powder is a device that consists of an antimicrobial drug powder packaged in vials in specified amounts and intended for use in clinical laboratories for determining in vitro susceptibility of bacterial pathogens to these therapeutic agents. Test results are used to determine the antimicrobial agent of choice in the treatment of bacterial diseases.
• Antimycobacterial Susceptibility Test Powders (FDA Code: MJA / 866.1640)
• Auto reader & Interpretation of Overnight Susceptiblity Systems (FDA Code: LRG / 866.1640)
• AutoInoculator
• Automated Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test System (FDA Code: LON / 866.1645)
A fully automated short-term incubation cycle antimicrobial susceptibility system is a device that incorporates concentrations of antimicrobial agents into a system for the purpose of determining in vitro susceptibility of bacterial pathogens isolated from clinical specimens. Test results obtained from short-term (less than 16 hours) incubation are used to determine the antimicrobial agent of choice to treat bacterial diseases.
• Blood Culture Instruments
• Blood Culture Test Kits
• Blood Culturing System (FDA Code: MDB / 866.2560)
A microbial growth monitor is a device intended for medical purposes that measures the concentration of bacteria suspended in a liquid medium by measuring changes in light scattering properties, optical density, electrical impedance, or by making direct bacterial counts. The device aids in the diagnosis of disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms.
• Electronic Pipettes
• General Examination Supplies
• Lab Services, Frozen Plates
• Manual Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test System (FDA Code: JWY / 866.1640)
• Microbial Detection Systems
• Microbial Growth Monitor (FDA Code: JTA / 866.2560)
• Microbiological Automated System
• Microbiology Identification Instruments
• Microbiology Identification Test Kits
• Microbiology Kit
• Microbiology Susceptibility Instruments
• Mueller Hinton Agar Broth Culture Media (FDA Code: JTZ / 866.1700)
• Nephelometer (FDA Code: JZW / 866.4540)
Immunonephelometer equipment for clinical use with its electrical power supply is a device that measures light scattering from antigen-antibody complexes. The concentration of these complexes may be measured by means of reflected light. A beam of light passed through a solution is scattered by the particles in suspension. The amount of light is detected by a photodetector, which converts light energy into electrical energy. The amount of electrical energy registers on a readout system such as a digital voltmeter or a recording chart. This electrical readout is called the light-scattering value and is used to measure the concentration of antigen-antibody complexes. This generic type of device includes devices with various kinds of light sources, such as laser equipment.
• Non-Selective and Non-Differential Culture Media (FDA Code: JSG / 866.2300)
A multipurpose culture medium is a device that consists primarily of liquid or solid biological materials intended for medical purposes for the cultivation and identification of several types of pathogenic microorganisms without the need of additional nutritional supplements. Test results aid in the diagnosis of disease and also provide epidemiological information on diseases caused by these microorganisms.
• Software Programs
• Susceptibility Test Kits
• Water-microbiology kit

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