TSI Medical Ltd.

Contact: Randal T. Roberts - President
Web: http://www.tsi-medical.com
Address: #105, 47 Athabascan Avenue, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4C8, Canada
Phone: +1-(780)-417-1719, 800-661-7263 | Fax: +1-(780)-417-1757 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: TSI Medical Ltd. specializes in the sales and service of diagnostic medical equipment. Our product range includes equipment for the fields of audiology, cardiology, dentistry, ent, gynaecology, microscopy, occupational health, respiratory, speech & telehealth. Our audiology products include audiometers, sound booths, hearing aid analyzers, COR systems, caloric irrigators, video otoscopes, microscopes, sound field systems and otoscopes. Our cardiology products are resting ECG, treadmills, patient monitors, suction electrode system, ambulatory BP, sleep apnea and cardiac rehab systems. We also stock and source an extensive selection of parts & supplies for our product ranges including earphone cushions, headphone cables, patient response switches, patch cords, audiometric receivers, sound calibrators, ECG carts, tab electrodes, spirettes & spirometer flow tubes.

The company was founded in 1994, has revenues of USD 1-5 Million.

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• Acoustic Test Chamber (FDA Code: EWC / 874.1060)
An acoustic chamber for audiometric testing is a room that is intended for use in conducting diagnostic hearing evaluations and that eliminates sound reflections and provides isolation from outside sounds.
• Air Caloric Irrigator
• Anechoic Chambers
• Assistive Listening Systems
• Audiometer Repair Services
• Audiometers (FDA Code: EWO / 874.1050)
An audiometer or automated audiometer is an electroacoustic device that produces controlled levels of test tones and signals intended for use in conducting diagnostic hearing evaluations and assisting in the diagnosis of possible otologic disorders.
• Audiometers & Accessories
• Audiometric Test Kits
• Audiometric Test Room Service
• Auditory Trainers
• Automatic External Defibrillator (FDA Code: MKJ / 870.5310)
An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a low-energy device with a rhythm recognition detection system that delivers into a 50 ohm test load an electrical shock of a maximum of 360 joules of energy used for defibrillating (restoring normal heart rhythm) the atria or ventricles of the heart. An AED analyzes the patient's electrocardiogram, interprets the cardiac rhythm, and automatically delivers an electrical shock (fully automated AED), or advises the user to deliver the shock (semi-automated or shock advisory AED) to treat ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia.
• Battery Testing Equipment
• Benchtop Steam Sterilizers
• Bicycle Ergometer
• Brainstem Response Devices
• Caloric Air Stimulator (FDA Code: KHH / 874.1800)
An air or water caloric stimulator is a device that delivers a stream of air or water to the ear canal at controlled rates of flow and temperature and that is intended for vestibular function testing of a patient's body balance system. The vestibular stimulation of the semicircular canals produce involuntary eye movements that are measured and recorded by a nystagmograph.
• Caloric Irrigator
• Caloric Water Stimulator (FDA Code: ETP / 874.1800)
• Central Vacuum Systems
• Cerumen Management Kits
• Clinical Middle Ear Analyzers
• Couplers
• Credit & Financial Services
• Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzers
• Diagnostic Test Kits
• Disposable Stethoscopes
• Dri-Heat Sterilizers
• Dry Heat Sterilizers (FDA Code: KMH / 880.6870)
A dry-heat sterilizer is a device that is intended for use by a health care provider to sterilize medical products by means of dry heat.
• Ear Microscope
• Earphones
• Earphones, Audiometric Testing
• ECG Cable/Lead
• Electrocardiograph Electrode (FDA Code: DRX / 870.2360)
An electrocardiograph electrode is the electrical conductor which is applied to the surface of the body to transmit the electrical signal at the body surface to a processor that produces an electrocardiogram or vectorcardiogram.
• ENT Analyzers
• ENT Computer Software
• ENT Examining/Treatment Unit (FDA Code: ETF / 874.5300)
An ear, nose, and throat examination and treatment unit is an AC-powered device intended to support a patient during an otologic examination while providing specialized features for examination and treatment. The unit consists of a patient chair and table, drawers for equipment, suction and blowing apparatus, and receptacles for connection of specialized lights and examining instruments.
• ENT Headlight
• ENT Measurement Systems
• ENT Nystagmograph
• ENT Treatment Cabinet
• Equipment Testing Vehicles
• Evoked Response Simulators
• Evoked Response Testing Systems
• Evoked Response Unit
• Fiberoptic Light Source & Carrier (FDA Code: EQH / 874.4350)
An ear, nose, and throat fiberoptic light source and carrier is an AC-powered device that generates and transmits light through glass of plastic fibers and that is intended to provide illumination at the tip of an ear, nose, or throat endoscope. Endoscopic devices which utilize fiberoptic light sources and carriers include the bronchoscope, esophagoscope, laryngoscope, mediastinoscope, laryngeal-bronchial telescope, and nasopharyngoscope.
• Flexible/Rigid Esophagoscope (FDA Code: EOX / 874.4710)
An esophagoscope (flexible or rigid) and accessories is a tubular endoscopic device with any of a group of accessory devices which attach to the esophagoscope and is intended to examine or treat esophageal malfunction symptoms, esophageal or mediastinal disease, or to remove foreign bodies from the esophagus. When inserted, the device extends from the area of the hypopharynx to the stomach. It is typically used with a fiberoptic light source and carrier to provide illumination. The device is made of materials such as stainless steel or flexible plastic. This generic type of device includes the flexible foreign body claw, flexible biopsy forceps, rigid biopsy curette, flexible biopsy brush, rigid biopsy forceps and flexible biopsy curette, but excludes the fiberoptic light source and carrier.
• Handheld Middle Ear Analyzer
• Hearing Instrument Analyzers
• Hearing Instruments
• Impedance Testing Systems

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