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MEDICAL products beginning with : R
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Roticulating Staplers (3 suppliers)
Radial Microtome Aids (2 suppliers)
Radial Microtomes (3 suppliers)
Rocking Shakers (2 suppliers)
Rocking Shakers feature gentle up and down motion for cultivating cell cultures and staining/destaining gels. It is designed for the homogeneous mixing of substances in flasks, media bottles or large vessels without creating undesirable disturbances. Rocking shakers have ends that alternatingly tilt in a see-saw motion and also producing a simple standing wave.
Rotating Tube Shakers (3 suppliers)
Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuges (7 suppliers)
Refrigerated Floor Centrifuges (6 suppliers)
Real-Time PCR Thermal Cyclers (Thermocyclers) (5 suppliers)
Red Cell Storage (3 suppliers)
Racked Non-Sterile Non-Barrier Pipette Tips (34 suppliers)
Resting Tab EKG Hypoallenic Electrode (1 supplier)
Rectal Clinical Thermometer (3 suppliers)
Rigid Arthroscope (1 supplier)
Round Tip Scissors (1 supplier)
Refurbished CR Cassettes and IP Plates (1 supplier)
Resmed Bipap (2 suppliers)
Resmed Humidifier (2 suppliers)
RTU Multi Enzymatic Cleanser (1 supplier)
Restylaner for Injectable Implants (1 supplier)
Rotating Speculum Anoscope (1 supplier)
Research Stereomicroscope (1 supplier)
Radiopaque Striped Tube (1 supplier)
Real Time Temperature and Humidity Data Logger (6 suppliers)
Reversing Polarized Flippers (1 supplier)
Random Dot E Test (1 supplier)
Radiographic X-Ray Film (23 suppliers)
Radiographic X-Ray Tube (23 suppliers)
Radiology Computer Software (88 suppliers)
Radiation Counter (17 suppliers)
Rehabilitation Supplies (8 suppliers)
Retractors (171 suppliers)
Retractors are designed and handcrafted to meet the unique needs in pediatric surgery. It retracts for patients ranging from neonates to young adults. It is made of finest stainless steel, aluminum and titanium alloys. Its features include Lightweight design reduces trauma to patient and variety of sizes and designs to accommodate most pediatric procedures and patient anaotmy.
Radiobiological Supply (6 suppliers)
Rust Ring Removers (2 suppliers)
Retinoscopes (25 suppliers)
The retinoscope is an instrument used to measure the refraction of the eye. It is used in retinoscopy technique that is used to obtain an objective measurement of the refractive condition of a patient's eye. The examiner uses a retinoscope to shine light into the patient's eye and observes the reflection (reflex) off the patient's retina.
Retinal Forceps (2 suppliers)
Rake Retractors (5 suppliers)
Rake retractors are used to evert the lid margin and tarsal plate. It lifts the edges to reveal the mop ends of the ruptured tendon. It is also now employed to retract the posterior skin flap.
Retinal Brushes (2 suppliers)
Rulers (8 suppliers)
Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (5 suppliers)
Radiation Plaques (3 suppliers)
Remote Controlled Conventional Refractors (6 suppliers)
Red Filters for Dyschromatopsia (3 suppliers)
Red filter is designed to assist patients with red-green color deficiencies in their day-to-day activities. This filter cuts off wavelengths shorter than 582 nm enabling an abnormal color observer to read their most difficult color distinctions. A color anomalous patient can use color contrast to easily determine whether a color is in the longer or shorter end of the visible spectrum.
Refrigerated Centrifuges (11 suppliers)
Retractors & Speculum (8 suppliers)
Rongeurs (15 suppliers)
Rongeurs are strongly constructed instruments with a sharp-edged, scoop-shaped tip. It is used for gouging out bone. It can be used to open a window in bone, often in the skull. It is used in neurosurgery to expose areas for operation.
Rigid (2 suppliers)
Rongeurs Toothed (1 supplier)
Retractor System (17 suppliers)
Radiolucent Spinal Frame (3 suppliers)
Radiolucent spinal frame is designed for use during surgical procedures under fluoroscopy. A very practical unit, the frames superior design eliminates problems associated with imaging. It provides a unique cushion shape that allows for flattening the lordosis of the spine and letting the abdomen hang free.
Resorbable Plating Systems (3 suppliers)
851 to 900 of 1945 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 [18] 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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