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Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis, Heidelberg Systems (1 supplier)
Neocidin Ophthalmic Ointment (1 supplier)
Neocidin ophthalmic ointment is a combination of neomycin, polymyxin B, and bacitracin (ophthalmic) medicines. It is used to treat infections of the eye.
Neosporin Ophthalmic Ointment (1 supplier)
Neosporin ophthalmic ointment consists of three different antibiotics such as bacitracin, neomycin, and polymyxin B. It is used in the prevention and speeding the healing of wounds. Neomycin and polymyxin are effective in killing gram-negative bacteria, while bacitracin targets gram-positive bacteria. Hence, this triple antibiotic ointment covers for a wide range of bacteria, which may infect wounds.
Neonate Scleral Depressor (2 suppliers)
NZYM Broth SOB Media (2 suppliers)
Non -Contact Specular Microscope (28 suppliers)
Non -contact specular microscope is useful for corneal endothelium measurement and corneal thickness measurement. It does not require touching the cornea. This non-contact feature puts the patient at ease, thus allowing an examination to proceed smoothly, while eliminating the fear of infectious germ transmission.
Non Illuminated Stand Magnifiers (3 suppliers)
Non illuminated stand magnifiers is good for longer-term reading. It is to be used while sitting at a table or desk. It can also be used on the lap with a lapboard. The focal length of the stand magnifier is preset and therefore no need to hold it away from the page, which is more comfortable for longer reading. It needs an external light source such as a gooseneck lamp.
Non-contact vitrectomy system (1 supplier)
Non-contact vitrectomy system is designed with a flexible arm for positioning wide angle lenses which easily swings in and out of the surgical field. The clamps attaches to the wrist rest or surgical bed, freeing the surgeon's hands and the assistant to perform tasks other than holding a lens. When used with an upright vitrectomy lens, the system allows the surgeon to work in the vitreous with an upright, non-reversed image under panoramic conditions. It can also hold an indirect lens for use with separate inverter.
Non-Contact Panoramic Wide-Angle Viewing System (1 supplier)
Non-contact panoramic wide-angle viewing system incorporates the principle of indirect ophthalmoscopy in the operating microscope and enables a view of up to 130 degrees of non-contact fundus observation. Under this system, the eye may be rotated freely so that the extreme periphery can be easily viewed. Even surgery through small pupils is possible.
Noninvasive Ankle Distractors (1 supplier)
Noninvasive ankle distractor provides a great approach to non-invasive ankle distraction. It is designed for applications such as ankle arthrodesis, lateral ankle ligament staple repair, ankle arthroscopy, and foot arthroscopy. It facilitates gross distraction within the sterile field.
Neck Collars (20 suppliers)
Non-Slip Exercise Mats (22 suppliers)
Non-slip exercise mats are suitable for use on multiple surfaces including at least one layer of material having a top surface, a bottom surface, and side surfaces. These mats include shock absorbing materials as well as texturized, slip-resistant materia
Neuro Monitoring Or Mapping Intraoperative Evoked Potentials (6 suppliers)
Non-absorbable Suture Anchors (26 suppliers)
Nicotine Lozenges (10 suppliers)
Nicotine lozenge is an oral variety of NRT. The lozenge comes in the form of a hard candy, and releases nicotine as it slowly dissolves in the mouth. It helps people to stop smoking.
Nicorette Nasal Spray (1 supplier)
Nicorette nasal spray is used for the rapid relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms caused by giving up smoking. It contains nicotine. It is a type of medicine known as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and is used to help smokers give up the habit.
Nephrostomy Tract Dilation Sets (2 suppliers)
Nephrostomy Tract Dilation Sets are used to dilate the musculofascial tract, renal capsule and parenchyma during percutaneous procedures. It features radiopaque dilator/sheath assembly, which is fitted to the balloon catheter to allow coaxial placement of the sheath.
Needle Suspension Of The Bladder Neck (1 supplier)
Neonatal Percutaneous Pigtail Nephrostomy Set (1 supplier)
Neonatal Percutaneous Pigtail Nephrostomy Set is used for percutaneous placement of a pigtail catheter in the renal pelvis for nephrostomy drainage in neonatal and pediatric patients.
Non-Rubber Pessaries (2 suppliers)
Nystatin Pessaries (2 suppliers)
Nystatin is an antifungal, which belongs to a group of compounds known as the polyenes. Nystatin is used in the treatment of vaginal thrush and fungal infections of the skin.
Nondeflating Foley Catheter (1 supplier)
Non-Cantilevered Ringed Forceps (51 suppliers)
Needle-free Injection (2 suppliers)
Needle Free Injection systems are novel ways to introduce various medicines into patients without piercing the skin with a conventional needle.
Nanoparticle Drug Delivery (1 supplier)
Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System is designed for brain tumor therapy.
Non-Sterile Gloves (10 suppliers)
Non-sterile Gloves are worn by healthcare workers or caregivers to protect themselves from contamination with blood or body fluids. Non-sterile gloves are used for examinations and other non-surgical procedures.
Nasal Cannulas (61 suppliers)
Nasal Oxygen Catheters (16 suppliers)
Neonatal Nebulizer Kit (1 supplier)
Neonatal Nebulizer Kit includes one ava-neb nebulizer, 12-in. 10 mm corrugated tube, 18 mm nebulizer adaptor, tee adaptor and oxygen supply tubing.
Nebulizer Adaptors (4 suppliers)
Nebulizer adaptors is designed for use with prefilled sterile reservoirs.
Neonatal Ventilator Circuits, Conventional (Non-Heated Wire) (2 suppliers)
Neonatal Ventilator Circuits, Heated-Wire (1 supplier)
Non-Rebreathing Single Limb Systems (1 supplier)
Nebulizer Tee Connector / Sensor Tee Adapter (4 suppliers)
Neonatal Transport System (2 suppliers)
Neonatal Transport System is an infant transport incubator. It provides an environment to support an infant's requirements while being transported. The Neonatal Transport System has a standard infant chamber that circulates warmed air & comes equipped with one main door, one head door and two hand ports. Neonatal Transport System has an accessory module containing protocol vital signs monitor, mine safety appliance oxygen analyzer and impact continuous/intermittent suction. Neonatal Transport System provides medical grade oxygen and air using internal 'Q' size tanks and/or external gas sources.
Natural Supplement from Brown Seaweed Extract (2 suppliers)
Non Toxic Disinfectant (1 supplier)
Novelty Garments (3 suppliers)
Novelty Scrubs (5 suppliers)
Nutritional & Electrolyte Repl (20 suppliers)
Nutritional Food & Drink (12 suppliers)
Nurse Scrubs (28 suppliers)
Non-Surgical Closure, PDA Closure Devices (2 suppliers)
Neck Cooler (2 suppliers)
Neck Cooler is designed to provide comfort and heat stress protection for people with serious cooling needs. It supports the troops overseas who suffer from summertime heat.
Non-Compliant Balloon with Atherotomes (1 supplier)
Non-Compliant Balloon is designed to retain the shape as it generates force against the structure. The non-compliant balloon gently dilates the incised areas resulting in plaque compression & vessel wall expansion, with reduced barotrauma.
Non-Invasive Diagnostic Spirometry (2 suppliers)
Neurovascular Interventions, Detachable Coils (1 supplier)
Needle Catheter (2 suppliers)
Nitrile Examination Disposable Gloves (57 suppliers)
Nasal Fracture Elevator (3 suppliers)
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